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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Friday night I got an awesome delayed Christmas present from the Gods of Fucking who watch over me so well. After a long week and a half of running around buying presents, driving way down south to where my family is, entertaining my mother, driving all over that goddamn city for vast distances to do minor things, spending Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas Day treating everyone to Chinese food, Friday day taking my partner around to thrift stores in the ghetto, and Friday evening treating a couple of nephews to pizza, I found myself with a few hours of free time that night, as my partner was hanging out with a friend he has in the area. After going an entire week without lightening the load on my poor, ever-more-cum-laden testicles, I was very much in the mood to have my meat serviced and my ejaculate swallowed by some diligent lover of dick and semen. But it was Friday night in a small southern city full of closeted, largely unattractive men… the odds didn't look good. Nonetheless, I sat in my car in the parking lot of the pizza place, signed on to apps and websites, and cast out my line to see what I could reel in. On Scruff I hit on a tight, muscular, prettily handsome black kid, 29 years old, who confessed a love of heavy ejaculators, with no expectation that my ability to squirt five foot jets of sperm would trump my 46-year-old body and graying beard. I waited for his reply, fully expecting to be dragging a pair of heavy, still-spooge-swollen nuts back to my mother's house after an hour or two of wasted time. But no! It was Christmas! He replied fairly quickly, and within a half an hour, I was at his place, praising to the skies my fantastic luck at getting my dick and my sexual fluid inside beautiful men.

He lived in a fancy new condo in an artsy-ish area of town-- as artsy as it gets down there, anyway. I buzzed in, rode the elevator, wandered around till I found his place, knocked, and was greeted by him, fully naked, black skin tight and gleaming over his wiry muscles, with a huge dong swinging between his legs-- I had seen his ass in photos on Scruff but he did not prominently feature this amazing appendage, I guess to keep other bottoms away-- and a toothbrush in his mouth. His complete insouciance about being stark naked in the doorway of his hallway gave me a little thrill, but mostly it was the idea that this amazingly-built dude was going to be sucking my dick and getting me off that made my meat stir in my pants. I breezed past him into the little studio apartment-- huge by NYC standards but small by southern ones-- and put one hand on his taut stomach and let another slide down to the shelf of his meaty, extremely round ass, and nuzzled his neck as a hello. He mouthed through the foam around his toothbrush, "Make yourself comfortable," with a very heavy west indian accent.

I practically whistled and swaggered over to the bed-- the only piece of furniture in the place; he had said he just recently moved in-- and pulled my shoes and socks off, feeling like the luckiest bastard in the world. He finished cleaning up and came back over to me, and I stood up, still mostly clothed, looked him in the eye briefly, and then sucked on his lips a bit. He sharply inhaled my breath-- a sort of sexual tic he had, it was rather interesting and he kept doing it throughout our encounter-- and then sucked on my tongue in return, and I felt that big thick piece of meat rise in one rapid motion from dangling position to pointing straight at me, filling the space between us like a spinster chaperone at a high school dance. This instant erection was extremely exciting to me, and I quickly shed my clothes and he ran his hands all over my hairy body, exclaiming quietly how nice he found my schlubby middle-agedness. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction. But there was no fretting or doubting that he wanted my dick, wanted to please me. So I was very happy.

Pretty quickly I was lying back on the bed with my legs open and this guy between them, sniffing around in my pubes. "Go slow, don't suck me yet, tease me a little," I said, and he obliged, lavishing attention on my hairy nuts and inner thighs before sucking on my dickhead and giving me a fantastic thrill. I was hard as a rock myself in no time.

His body had those phantasmagorical proportions some black dudes' bodies seem to have unlike any other race's-- impossibly wide shoulders, flat wide torso, impossibly narrow waist, thick thighs, extremely round and prominent ass. He was almost like a Tom of Finland drawing, if Tom were actually Tom of, say, Nigeria. His face was extremely symmetrical, with clear smooth skin, and he looked like a mix of every type of human together, with skin made almost black as coal. The whites of his eyes were brilliant and flawless against his dark skin. His dick, as I mentioned, was huge, long, fat, and hard as a rock the entire time. He sucked my whole dick with a greed and desire that was complete and real. In return I flipped him over and ate his ass with just as much hunger and admiration. He moaned, as I licked him between his nut sack and his thigh, "God the way you eat my ass, God…." and slowly moved his torso this way and that. It was pretty much on.

We had only discussed him sucking my dick and drinking my cum, but this body was clearly mine for the night. He was jelly in my hands as I stuck my tongue in his hole and sucked down his balls. He let me eat him out as long as I wanted, and my dick was hard enough to cut diamonds at this point, so I simply mounted his perfect ass, clamping my thighs outside his, and slid my fat fleshy dickhead into his open hole, and sank in all the way, pulling his tight torso up against me hard, and slowly sinking my teeth into his neck as I penetrated him. He moaned his approval and took me up to my balls and we were fucking. I put him on his back and he spread his legs wide to accommodate me, like a sexual gymnast, and I put my hands on the tight tendons on his inner thigh, exposed up to me, and watched my white dick sink into his black body, gripping him close to the action, tips of my thumbs brushing my steely shaft as I went in and out, eyes transfixed on the sight of myself disappearing into him with intense pleasure.

I don't know how I lasted inside him, I was so pent up and he was so hot. I told him how long it had been since I had cum, I told him I had to fuck him slow, but again, it was a Christmas miracle. Somehow I was able to plow him properly-- not hard and fast, that would have made me lose it-- but deeply and vigorously, for almost as long as I wanted to, at least an hour, with breaks to eat his ass more, or lay back and let him service my meat with his mouth, or press our bodies together, my dick sliding up against his long black monster. We went through an entire Kama Sutra of positions-- a handful of his calf down there, a handful of his skull there, a foot on my shoulder, a foot in the crook of my arm, limbs tangled all over the place. At one point he sat me in a folding chair, and crouched there at my feet, beautiful limbs straining all their muscles in an attempt to swallow all of my length and girth, and then he climbed on top of me, lowered his body onto my prick, and raised and lowered his perfect body along my bone, giving me a fantastic show. But then I had him back on the bed, drilling my inches into him, feeling like the king of the world.

The only bad point was that his bed was inflatable-- if I had a real mattress to fuck him on, he would have really felt it. As it was I just couldn't get the right leverage. But there is a way to fuck a bottom to show him you mean business, even on a bouncy castle-- your limbs are rigid, you hold your torso with an unwavering solidity up above him, while your hips ensure every inch of your dick sinks in and comes out, fuck him with all you have, with economic movements that are still generous; no jackrabbit bouncing. but serious fucking. And he felt it and reacted like a kitten being carried by the scruff of his neck, and let me stab his perfect body over and over with my oozing fuckstick until my brain and spine were melting into my nuts. I wanted to cum so bad over and over, right away, couldn't stand to hold back any more, but at the same time, I never wanted to cum ever ever, just wanted the fucking to go on and on.

Finally I knew I wasn't going to win the fight with my testicles-- they would revolt and squirt their payload in the end-- so I gruffly barked into his ear, "Do you want me to cum in your ass or down your throat?" and he opened his glittering eyes and looked at me sharply, those black striking eyebrows lowering and showing me his need, and he said, "Down me t'roat, mon, cum down me t'roat" and I could barely focus on his words-- I felt my tubes and ducts swell with the fluid of climax, pulled out of him fast, trailing a long stream of clear precum as I tried to position my groin at his face on the unstable bed, and then I was jizzing like crazy into his mouth, shouting incoherently about how good I felt, how much I needed him to suck it all out of me, how I was still cumming, how I didn't want him to stop, Ohohohohoh cum cum cum, and he drank me all down. And then when I was done, he licked my shaft clean, and lay there beneath me, idly stroking his own erection, looking at me half-drunk on my spooge, saying, "Beautiful, mon, you're beautiful."

I have no idea how I keep getting my dick in these creatures. God, it's good to be a top.

I was soaked with sweat from the long fuck and asked to clean up. We chatted the whole time; he's a flight attendant with a mother from Barbados and a father from the Dominican Republic, lives in Atlanta, is studying to be an anesthesiologist. I loved how he talked and behaved; he was a truly classy, beautiful guy. As I got dressed we talked a bit about where I am from, and he admired my glasses. I told them he should try them on-- they are rather big, vaguely hipsterish glasses made out of unusual plastic-- and he laughed and balked, saying they were too big for his head. But I egged him on, and he tried them on, and looked fantastic-- he'd probably look good in anything, but the dorkiness of the frames against the elegance of his face was awesome to me. I wanted to fuck more cum into him while he wore them. He shook his head and took them off, saying, "Ah, Brooklyn… and you're a total B K mon!" We kissed and I groped him more and thanked him copiously for giving me his body like that. And then I had to go home and work for two hours.

My muscles were sore and tired as I sat at the computer in the dark. My dick sighed and dreamt in my pants. By husband came home and we cuddled each other to sleep. I woke up still sore and tired in all my fucking muscles, feeling very, very happy.

I asked him for what I wanted and he gave it to me, just like that. What a beautiful thing.


  1. Hot encounter and great writing. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks big guy! A great fuck from a great guy inspires great writing. Happy New Year to you, too!