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Monday, December 29, 2014

Who Makes My Dick Hard

Today I finally snagged a guy who has been evasive on Manhunt for ages-- I was about to write him off, but had a lot of time to myself today, as my boss is out sick and I am largely unmotivated after working a bit over the weekend, so I figured I'd give him one last chance. He's blown off multiple arranged meetings with lame excuses (the last one was of course a Family Emergency). He lives out on Long Island so I assume he is hot for my meat but when he is really facing down coming into Brooklyn to suck it, he decides eh. Today I just hit him up saying, "I want you to come suck my dick and drink my cum," and after about an hour and a half of hemming and hawing, he got into his car and drove over. I fully expected him not to look quite like his picture-- something about the quality made it seem pre-good-cell-phone-camera-era, maybe about 6 years old, and I was right. He'd aged and put on a bit of weight. But damn it if he didn't make my dick so fucking hard that it was almost painful. He sucked me like a champ, swallowed everything, and left me feeling as light and springy as a newly shorn lamb.

Not a lot to tell here-- he showed up seeming less like the good-natured jockish yo yo yo kinda guy his picture showed (with a tight smooth torso) and much more like your typical permanently-annoyed blue-collar NYC cop. (He's actually a hairdresser, but he was the gruffest hairdresser I ever met.) He peeled off his layers-- wool cap, ratty jacket, sweatshirt-- and we got right down to it.

Even just during kissing my bone was more active than usual in my shorts. He just brushed it lightly with his hand through the fabric while we made out. Whether it was his smell, his meaty little body (which while a bit thicker than I expected still felt really nice in my hands), the way he was fondling my dick like an expensive trinket in a store where he couldn't afford anything, or just the phase of the moon, I don't know, but I was responding. He dropped to his knees and I shucked the gym shorts and he slowly explored my tubesteak with his lips and then sucked me down and within seconds I was hard and throbbing.

I really wanted to fuck him. He sucked me so good I wanted to cum right away, but he kept at it with just the right amount of intensity to keep me on the edge but not push me over, and as he sucked he handled my hairy, cum-filled nuts with the most beautiful, warm caress that I felt like every part of my body had evaporated except my genitals. Very fine cocksucker. Finally I flipped him on his back and climbed on him and whaled away at his meaty body with my own, pummeling him into the mattress with one hand clamped to a big round meaty buttock, another clamped to the back of his skull, and my granite erection oozing precum all over his equally hard but much smaller cock between us. I licked my hand, slicked up my dickhead, and let it slide down between his meaty buttocks and resumed ramming against him, letting him feel my bone at the entrance to his fuckhole and imagine what it would be like to take all my inches inside bare, hot, and slippery. He hitched all his limbs around my body and held on for dear life, whimpering a bit when I bit his neck, stroking the hair on my back and pulling me close, eyes closed tight, full of the pleasure of being on the bottom of a bigger hairier man.

I knew if I stuck it in him I would pop instantly, and I wanted to feel more pleasure the way he knew how to dish it out, so I stopped mock-plowing him and grunted in his ear, "Next time I'm fucking the hell out of you," and he said, "YES," and then pushed me back against the pillows, installed himself between my thighs again, and resumed worshipping my pole with very real intensity.

I just lay there with limbs splayed, enjoying being the possessor of this extremely desirable rigid staff of meat that he was thoroughly pleasuring, and felt I really had to fuck him. So I pushed him to his back again, and mounted him, and put my dick at the hole, and began to prepare to enter, and he said, "I think you need to cum," and I stopped and looked him in the eye. The sighing, wilting bottom was gone and the cranky cop was back. "You want me to cum?" I asked like a kitten who just had his ball of string taken away on its birthday. "I gotta get outta here before traffic picks up again!" he said, in a very no-nonsense, unsexy way. It was three o'clock. If he hadn't dicked around all morning, I wanted to say, we could have spent a couple of hours at this. But I felt for him-- traffic coming out of the city is pretty miserable, and he did do a beautiful job on my unit, so I just laughed, got off him, left the hole alone, and lay back again, legs open, ready to me milked, saying, "Suck me slow, don't try too hard, you can make me cum pretty easy but I want to feel you just a little more." He obeyed perfectly, sucked me just right, with utter love of my manhood-- this guy truly truly loves dick, and you can't fake that. You feel it in every move a good cocksucker makes. He got me there, and got me over, and I was unloading hard and hot into his mouth, and my feet clamped against his waist while I fired my cumgun into him, and his whole body wagged back and forth as he tasted the hot salty pulses of my orgasm inside him. He moaned and greedily sucked me down, wagging and wagging his tail like a dog with excitement and being flooded, and making exclaiming noises as the orgasm and wet jets of virility kept coming into him. It was really fucking nice.

When I was done squirting, he let me go, got up on his knees, jerked his hard little dick vigorously, barked, "Play with my hole," which I did, and then he leaned over my thigh and spooged on me rather matter-of-factly. And he went to clean up. Yankee efficiency.

When he came back and got dressed I saw his body a little more appraisingly, in the cold cruel light of post-orgasmic clarity, and decided I really wasn't that into the idea of fucking him after all. In the moment, it would have been pretty awesome. But wow, do things look different when you have a sac full of semen.

But I remember the hard dick and the intense shooting of my load and I take my hat off to him. He knows what to do to get a dude off. I salute you, eternally cranky hairdresser. Thanks for the orgasm.


  1. He must have been hella good to tell him "Next time" on fucking him. I know your not really a seconds kind of guy. I've read a good amount of your stories and you often describe your body as as big and hairy although i don't see it from your profile pic. Your body type seem slim with vice arms and shoulders Looks like you would have a nice chest as well.

    The Male Casting Couch

    1. He was good for sure. The heat of that is already fading a bit though… really on to greener pastures in my mind :^] He got me off really hard though, I salute him!

      I wear my weight pretty well I guess, especially depending on what I'm dressed in. I'm definitely not slim: 5'11, maybe 210. Even when I worked out 4 times a week in my 20s and got a bit of muscle, my chest was useless. Definitely not the most appealing part of my body, I'm sad to say, and my shoulders are not very broad. Dudes like my legs and my face and my dick when they are attracted to me, basically. But thanks for having a hot fantasy of me!

  2. I think I'll always vision you as hot, as I am sure you are. Unfortunately we ALL tend to compare ourselves to these highly photo shopped porn stars and feel we fall short. One of these days I would love to see what you look like. You had a profile pic up once with you spread eagle in your tighty whiteys. Gave me an instant hard on. Wish I bookmarked which blog I saw that on.

    1. Well thanks for the vote of confidence, Mark! I don't think I ever took a picture like the one you are describing-- I haven't owned tighty whiteys since I was a kid-- but if you want to picture whoever that was doing all the stuff I do, you have my blessing :^]

    2. There was a person that posted comments on various blogs that had a profile name very similar to yours He had a very nice profile pic of him in white briefs. It was another person. My mistake. Your still hot in my book. :-) Sorry for the mix up

    3. No worries, Mark! If you read this post:


      you'll see I spent half an hour balls-deep in a dude that I thought was someone else! If I can be that up-close and personal with someone and mix him up with someone else, I'm sure it's very easy with blogs and comment sections!