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Friday, December 5, 2014


This stressful, intense year continues to build in stress and intensity. I fucked a dude on Monday and haven't even had time to write a little blog post about it! I haven't had time to fuck anyone else! My job is eating my brain, and to add to it, my mother spent most of the week in the hospital for a very nail-biting stay. I toyed with letting the blog go for now, but as things calm down, I find myself wanting to keep recording my experiences, even if it's five days later. So read on to find out about who I fucked my sperm into on Monday!

His pictures didn't show any body, and his stats were eh. But his face looked on the pretty side of masculine, with very dark skin-- he listed himself as Latino but to me he looked like he was from Sri Lanka, almost-- and I was mostly struck by his mouth. His lips. God, he had sexy lips. He has hit me up repeatedly in the past, asking me to fuck him, but his profile says safe only and longtime readers know I typically have ridiculously high standards for the bodies I fuck, unless I am so horny I have cum oozing out of my ears. So I put him off.

Monday, of course, I was both intensely stressed and also had pretty full nuts, from going almost a week over the holidays with no release. So when he hit me up again, that mouth really drew me in. All I need is a handsome face to get my dick sucked. He wasn't pushing the fucking thing. So I asked him over, and he came quick.

In his pix, he had a shaved head, and as I said, was on the pretty side of masculine, but pretty masculine. In person, he had longish wavy hair, a very fey mannerism, and really just not a very nice build. But there were those lips. And I needed to be sucked off. So we commenced.


I fuckin loved his fuckin lips. He knew how to kiss with them, too, and that old paradox kicked in-- the best chemistry is with guys I have the least physical attraction to. I held the back of his head and kissed him deeply, and his hair was curly and thick and I felt rather like I might be kissing Andie MacDowell. But the lips.

I can surprise myself sometimes with my ability to dissociate. A really weird looking guy has an amazing ass. Or hands. Or neck. And I can zero in on the ass, or the hands, or the neck, and feel my meat get warm and thick. Just from a body part.

When that body part is against mine, and my eyes are closed and the room is dim and my nuts are heavy and replete with straining sexual fluids, it makes my dick hard, very hard. And as we made out, and I felt him grow excited from kissing me, my dick became hard as a rock.

He also gave very good head. Despite the overall prettiness of his face, his brows had a manly cast to them, and watching him pleasure my ramrod-straight tool was a real delight. I could have done without the hair. But again, this was all about his mouth, and my dick. He had stripped off his clothes to reveal a very shapeless body, really not the kind of guy I would get into fucking; there was really not much ass to speak of. But he was working wonders on my dick, and when I pulled him up to kiss me, those lips made my dick even harder. And when he climbed up on my body and clasped my dick between his legs, sending a clear message, I received it.

I pushed him on his back, and he rapped his limbs around me, and we kissed more as I ground my dick into his body. I bit his neck and he whimpered and writhed against me with intense desire. He reached down and pulled my erection between his legs and against his hole, and "safe only" be damned, I sat up, slicked myself with my saliva, and pushed in.

And he really, really wanted it. I bit his neck more, and sucked hard on his perfectly taut, erect nipple. And the reaction from him became more and more intense. As I plunged my fuckstick into him over and over, sucking his nipple into my mouth in a contrasting rhythm, everything about him said, "Fuck me. God, fuck me, just fuck the hell out of me." He was nothing but a pair of lips, a firm neck, a taut nipple, and a warm hole to me, and I moved the light of my attention from part to part, bringing it into clear focus, and over all knew I was with a complete bottom whose only desire was to give himself to a top and take his dick and cum. And there is no more intense pleasure in life that these few things.

I had a friend once who was very into the top/bottom dichotomy. I told him I never saw anything I liked at Pottery Barn, and preferred to shop at Crate and Barrel. "That's because you're a top," he would say matter-of-factly. "Pottery Barn is for bottoms. Crate and Barrel is for tops." His whole world was divided up this way, and it was amusing and a little titillating when he would go on like this. But when you're a top, chewing on the neck of a total bottom while you deep dick the fuck out of him, you feel that basic construction of the universe, somehow. I am a top and I'm fucking you, bottom, and it's all you care about right now. And now I'm going to cum in you. And you are going to melt even more completely than you have in my arms so far, you're going to completely lose yourself and think of nothing but my nuts pumping hot thick male sexual fluid into your body, and you're going to take it and take it and wish there was even more.

All because of a pair of lips!

If only the hottest dudes I get with were so happy to bottom, and knew so well how to kiss and please my cock. Imagine!


  1. That's exactly now I know feel about my blog. I want to keeping recording my experiences on my gay journey. I can hardly believe some of the things I did and wrote about when I look several years on my blog.

    Just write when you and and you feel like it! I hope your mother gets better soon!

    1. Thanks Buddy. As this is largely a diary, a sexual memoir, I feel like I want to keep it complete. But life surely does intrude sometimes… Thanks for the good wishes-- my mom is much better and home again.

  2. Great Post! Sorry for what is going on with Mom and work, glad your Mom is doing better.... I appreciate your commitment to all of us out here...

    1. Thanks Anonymous! I'm glad you enjoy reading about my experiences.

  3. I hope your mother is feeling better. Safe 'adventures' to you lol