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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Interesting vs Annoying

Tonight I injected my sperm in the accommodating ass of a guy a bit older than me with an unusual face, a huge dick, gigantic hands, and a tiny apartment in the charming, welcoming neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant. It's not what I wanted for myself today; I wanted to have my orgasm in a cute, muscular, sweet-assed thing, preferably at my place in my comfy clean apartment, or perhaps in some glamorous corner of the city I haven't fucked in lately. Fairly early this morning I was hit up by a very muscular, also somewhat older, but reasonably nice-looking guy who was cruising online at the gym, said many annoying things to me like "Meet me naked at the door!" and "Do you have any buddies who can join in!" and "I just like to hang naked!" and "I'm not done yet but will be soon!" I sort of hate how I am-- any one of those things is enough to make the door of frosty rejection begin to swing closed over the gaping doorway of lust, but all of them together just made me ugh. I kept looking at the very attractive meaty bulging body and thinking, why can't I just get over myself? But he just sounded tedious to get with, and wouldn't take me raw anyway, so I guess in his mind we were just gonna "hang naked". So I kinda let him die of benign neglect and searched around a bit more. Of course I got nowhere (and those who are reading closely see that my New Year's Resolution, to take pleasure where I found it, lasted exactly 6 days). Work got busy, my partner came home for lunch, the hottest guys either wanted me to party with them (at 4pm?) or only had a little time left (the internet is full of attractive, horny men who REALLY WANT YOUR DICK IN THEM but JUST DON'T HAVE THE TIME RIGHT NOW HOW ABOUT FRIDAY??). So when I was hit up by this unusual looking dude, I thought, well, I might as well go get my dick sucked, at least, before dinner. He kept refusing to unlock his other photographs, for some insane reason, but said a lot of nice things about sucking me dick until his mouth was sore and drinking everything I could shoot, so I thought, well, let's hop in the car and drive over there and see what we can see. Well, I physically probably would have much more enjoyed rubbing all over the very muscular annoying dude, but this guy was a genuine kind of cool, so I am glad that I ejaculated inside him, instead.

The drive over was misery, and took twice as long as it should have, due to insanely poorly-timed lights and double-parking endemic to the entire neighborhood. I parked the car on a typical Bed-Stuy street, unusually wide-seeming due to the complete lack of trees and relentless, long rows of grim brownstones with towering stoops, baking in the sun or freezing in the cold like eroded bluffs, and braved the insanely cold wind to cross over to his own towering stoop. He met me at the door because his buzzer was broken, and had the kind of mannerisms that made me like him immediately, with only a few words. He had a thick accent that sounded yankee and urban but was hard to place. He led me up two more flights of stairs to his little studio apartment and I pulled off my pants and he sucked my dick. It was pretty no muss no fuss and right to the action. He had craggy, somewhat haggard looks really, like wood that has lost color and detail from many years of exposure to hard weather. But he loved my dick and I cradled his head in my lap as he sucked away at it, and felt the surprisingly silky, short-buzzed hair on the sides and back of his head, a sharp contrast to the very bristly stubble on his cheeks, and the shaggy proto-mohawk on top of his head. Something about the silkiness of his hair and the rough texture of his ears and his rough cheeks and his closed eyes as he greedily gobbled at my meat was very endearing to me. His hands, as I mentioned, were extremely big and finely-shaped-- I kind of have a fetish for a dude's hands, I think they are incredibly sexy when they are like this-- and when he put them on my thigh and stroked the hair on my skin in rhythm to his sucking, completely unconsciously (it was clear he was deeply lost in the pleasure of cocksucking), I got extremely turned on, and felt my dickhead swell and harden in his mouth. He wasn't the best cocksucker in the world in terms of technique, but he made up for it in genuine enthusiasm and that face, long, craggy, tough and also gentle at the same time. I just sat there admiring him and feeling rather tender towards him.

I also began to wonder about his ass. His body was kind of oddly shaped in the front, but from behind he had a very nice look to him-- nicely broad shoulders, a back tapering to hips that were narrow, and thick thighs. He got up and tried to pull of his pants, then lay back on the bed, with his head in my lap, struggling to get the second leg out of the fabric, and my slippery wet dick bounced against his cheek and the crook of his neck as he wrestled in a really ridiculous way; I looked away from the spectacle of his veins popping out of his neck and my wet dong wagging all over him to see a big black boot on his foot, surrounded by the fabric of the pants. I laughed, and he laughed, saying it was because of his sprained foot that he couldn't just pull it off easily, and finally he was free of all that, but kept on his army-green briefs. He saw me staring at them with expectation, so he peeled those off, too, hilariously revealing yet another layer of fabric, almost exactly the same shape and size, but black this time. I think I barked at this, saying, "HA! You have, like, layers!" and he smiled, embarrassed; I realized it was a jock strap that he had inexplicably put on under the briefs, and I guess he had done this intending to be sexy, but it just made me think of some kind of Benny Hill skit.

Eventually I got him on his back, pulled off the goofy jockstrap, and revealed a humongous, quite unexpected dick. Very long, very hard, very nice dickhead, very slimy with precum. I pressed mine against it and rubbed them together a bit, then pushed myself down on top of him and ground them together. He listed himself as versatile online but he was very very bottomy, hitching his limbs around me, stroking my back, pressing his face hard into my neck submissively, wordlessly begging me to dick him down and load him up. We kissed deeply-- again I was struck by this intense contrast, looking at him up close like that, between how ruggedly masculine he was, and how meltingly tender he was in the face of another dude's sex-- and this, like his huge, shapely, sensitive hands-- made my dick even harder and so I pushed it into him and I slid in all in one movement and, I think, bottomed out in him. It never ceases to amaze me how different guys can be inside. I couldn't get a very deep stroke into him; it almost felt like I was banging into some impenetrable inner hymen, gossamer but completely immovable. So I fucked him as best I could and his face was full of bliss and submission and greed for me, so I kissed him and we held each other very tight and then I came inside him without any warning or fanfare, just pushed in hard and let it throb. And then fucked him some more in my own goo, and then rested a bit, pushed into him as deep as I could, and then pulled out.

Only when he felt how wet I was did he ask, "Wait, you came?" "I came," I said, matter-of-factly,  "and I liked it." His face broke into a grin. "Ho-o-o-o-ot!" he said, turning around to put his face under my gooey dong, and then fisting that truly impressive member of his own. He licked and sucked the residual cum off my meat while he beat off and whimpered, and then shot high thick hot jets of his own. I was holding his face as he was cumming, and my dick was still snaking into his mouth, and the second big splat hit my hand square in the middle-- he'd shot a good three feet and hit me hard. Exciting except I am a little skeeved out by dudes cumming on me most of the time. So I wiped it on his shoulder and admired his big dick and its ability to shoot hard and far.

We both agreed it had been a most salutary screw and that we felt much refreshed.

Afterward we talked at length about various things. It turns out he had been born in Bed-Stuy, actually, when it was a big Italian neighborhood, and he said in 1976 his family was among the last white families to leave for the bucolic comforts of the suburbs in Pennsylvania. Of course in the following decades it became infamous as a crime-ridden, dangerous place, but is now turning into a magnet for families leaving Manhattan for housing stock of a size they can't get anywhere else in the city that close in, and prices are soaring. Washing his semen off himself at the sink, he said he was the first white guy to move onto his block five years ago, in a tidy symmetry, and now he routinely gets murderous stares from terminally unemployed black men on the street, now that hordes of whites are moving in and driving prices up. The families that owned and stayed through the troubled years are friendly, he says, and their lives are on the upswing. But the cycle is completing. He says he writes sometimes, and has piles of stories about growing up in Brooklyn at this point. His parents met in a jazz club in Greenwich Village in the 50s. He pulled on a pair of black horn rimmed glasses and talked about the death of alternative culture in the city, but he's such a scruffy character, so unpolished in any way.

It is interesting to me to talk to native New Yorkers of his age… they are pretty rare, seems like, and don't often talk like him, with that accent, with his brusque but also gentle manner. So much of the city is blandly cosmopolitan; even the quirky types are like quirky types anywhere else, and genuine native culture is being smothered by endless sameness. I've fucked hundreds of guys in NYC at this point, and vanishingly few are like this guy. He didn't have the hottest body in the world, or the handsomest face, but I am glad he's the one I gave my dick to tonight. He was happy too, and pointedly asked my name again as I pulled my coat on to leave, and wanted to shake my hand, and tell me it was fun, and he hoped we would do it again. I'd really like to get a drink with him sometime, I think. I wonder if I should ask.

When I got home, I saw he had finally opened his pix on Adam4Adam. They were good!


  1. Funny, I like your meditations on your sexual conquests just as much as your meditations on things like NYC's increasingly sanitized/commodified landscape.

    It seems so alien that at one time Greenwich Village was a place where normal shlubs could afford a place and go to cool cafes and listen to awesome music. No boutiques or pressed juiceries etc etc. To be fair, it seems that there are larger trends that make all places less interesting, like how the internet democratizes knowledge and therefore alternative culture. How original can anyone be in today's world when there are ten thousand people online just as creative and quirky as you?

    1. Are you the guy I fucked, Anonymous?? He said almost exactly the same thing about digital culture vs real-life alternative culture. I will agree that everywhere I go is depressingly similar. Everyone wears almost exactly the same clothes everywhere, especially. On a trip to Barcelona I bought a CD at random in a ratty record store in the Raval just because of the cover, and it turned out to be an indie-style record by some guys from Mallorca. It was an interesting take on that sort of music, in a way-- not in a distinctly Spanish way, but I did like it-- but I'm like, why does a Spanish woman decide to be a backup singer in an indie band playing music like you'd get in the US?

      Anyway thanks for reading about all the things I do with my dick and saying nice things about it!

  2. Ha no I live on the west coast so we've never met, but it does seem that a favorite recent topic of conversation amongst cultural elites is to lament the loss of NYC's distinctiveness.

    I really cherish your blog because it primarily helps me understand my own sexuality more... yes I get a boner here and there when you describe one of your conquests, but as I young guy who's trying to figure out what I like and don't like about men and women, you point out some really insightful observations that have helped me grown as a person and understand my own desires in a far more nuanced way. Although you might find your blog as a nice little side project, I am sure you've helped dozens of people like myself grow and and become more complete beings. That, I think, is a huge accomplishment that requires recognition and applause, so thank you! P.S. I wish you posted an email address somewhere where conversations like this could be more fleshed out.

    1. Everything is getting indistinct in our culture, really. Even my nephews would talk horrifyingly about how everyone in their high school was basically the same-- it seemed like the only distinguishing criteria among kids any more is how much money their families have and how good-looking they are. No endlessly diversified cliques in terms of music and dress and attitude and slang like when I was in school. Very weird, everyone just wants to be the same nowadays.

      I am happy to hear my blog is somehow instructive to someone out there-- I try to have something interesting to say in most of my entries, but I'm not like some other guys out there who really seem insightful. I just love to fuck, really. If you want to write me, I'm niftytop@yahoo.com. I don't plaster it everywhere, but it's not a huge secret, so feel free to write me if you like.

  3. Being a bareback top, I always admire guys that want my seeds blown deep into them. No questions ask, some are on Prep. But I love the feelings of thrusting hard, my cock pulsating it cum load into a hot bottom. What are your feelings on guys that always want the cum load injected deep inside them? I prefer it since it less messy, no rubber to deal with.

    1. Well I think the blog should make it clear that I find guys who want my semen inside me to be almost holy in a way; that transfer feels intensely ecstatic to me, and nothing gets me going like a guy who wants my cum inside him (especially if he's not just a cum collector). It also does feel less messy and more natural, as you say; I feel the same way about guys who swallow. I do get off watching myself plaster a cute bottom in the face or torso with a big load sometimes, but mostly I like a guy who will dispose of it for me inside himself.

      It's interesting getting the occasional comment on here still, long after I shut this blog down. I remember this guy pretty well, but had forgotten about the underpants and the writing he does and his horn-rimmed glasses and beautiful hands. It was fun to re-read and re-live it. Thanks for commenting and bringing me back.