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Monday, January 5, 2015

The First Fuck

Well, the six days of seminal fluid I had accumulated in my testicles since my last orgasm just left in the (actually very pretty) hindquarters of a dorkishly attractive but doughy, unskilled, extremely trembly, sweaty, and ultimately unsatisfying bottom. The only thing worth writing about here was his final, intense greed with respect to my cock. I was done squirting in him and wanted to pull out, but he latched onto me, surprisingly hard, with his interior muscles clamped down on my meat and his thighs and calves locked around mine-- I was mounted on him from behind, since I figured the best thing to be looking at while I drilled him would be his pretty, creamy ass rather than his not-very-appealing torso-- and he held me inside him quite against my will, slowly pulsing inside as if to slowly milk the small drops of semen that some deep hidden duct might excrete a few minutes to late to join in the explosive first jets. This was amusing, so I let him tug at my meat like this, sometimes slowly moving to pull out just to see how tightly he would suck me back in or clamp down on me anew. I admit I like a bottom who wants my dick this much. But it was a lackluster fuck in the end, and it almost overlapped with an emergency trip my partner took back home because some toxic cloud of fumes was emitted in his office in the industrial part of Brooklyn-- they missed each other by mere minutes, and the bottom completely disregarded my call and texts to warn me before he buzzed. This being my first fuck of the year, I feel a little superstitious that it will somehow set a tone for the rest of the year. Since I've been blogging my fucks for a few years now, I decided to look back and see if the first fuck of the year was somehow significant considering how the rest of the year went. And what did I find?

Pretty much none of my first sexual experiences for the year turn out well; most are pretty awful! That's interesting. The first year, I couldn't hook up for weeks because a guy sucked my dick black and blue at the end of December (though he came in his own pants in the process, which was rather exciting), and then the very first guy I hooked up with after that was useless as a sexual object. (The guy I fucked later that day was beautiful and I still see him around sometimes and could easily fall in love with him, he's so handsome.) The next year a really gross guy used fake pictures to lure me to a far-off corner of Queens and I let him suck me off because there is clearly something wrong with me. That terrible experience was also saved by the next one-- I got blown in the back of an antiques shop in Georgetown in DC by a super cute, sweet guy. Hm. A pattern! Last year I had a fantastic fuck on New Year's Day with a very cute guy who lives up here now and who I have fucked again a couple of times. But this year I'm back to a bleh experience at the open of the year. So I guess it doesn't mean much, really-- I've had good years and bad years since I started this blog and the quality of my inaugural sexual experience means absolutely nothing. However, it would be fun if I kept up the tradition of a terrible sexual experience followed by one with a guy who I would consider out of my league! Keep your fingers crossed for me, for next time!


  1. Best of luck and Happy New Year man. Keep up posted.

  2. Here's to 2015 filled with more sweet ass than you can handle!

    1. Thanks, Jack! Seems like all I ever do is work these days… don't my bosses know I need to fuck??