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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Nice Save

Today I took the day off and actually wasn't bothered by work for once. I had some errands to run in another neighborhood, and wanted to relax and read in a new coffee shop somewhere over there, and maybe plow and seed a nice ass-- a little intra-Brooklyn mini vacation. But the day quickly began unreeling as one of those ridiculous days when nothing works out. But in the end an unlikely second chance was offered to me, and I successfully planted my load in a very nice bottom in Jackson Heights. I drove home feeling that awesome all-over fatigued-but-energized feeling I get after a long intense fuck. Ah!

The place I hiked to for the errand, with a piece of furniture in tow to do a color match, turned out to be closed; then my car was blocked in by a huge double-parked truck. I sat in the car waiting to be freed, and also hoping maybe the shop keeper would show and return my call. I waited over half an hour, cruising on my phone all the while. A guy I've tried to hook up with repeatedly who lives in Jackson Heights was on bbrt, and he was game. He has a very nice muscular little body but lists his height as 5'5. Verrrrry nice! As we set up the plans I began to worry I would cum in him right away-- the combination of good body and small stature is a huge turnon and already had my dick tingling in my pants.

I was still blocked by the truck, however, and then the little dude called me instead of just texting the address. I understand some guys want to hear your voice first but I felt it was already a kind of bad sign somehow. He didn't try to talk ultra-sexy at all-- honestly that's a big turnoff. But he did want to know if I had poppers (why don't bottoms who want poppers ever have their own??) and if I *liked* poppers and yadda yadda. The truck suddenly rumbled to life and drove off. The guy seemed to accept my voice and promised to text the address and soon I was on my way.

The traffic was light but it took 15 minutes to find a parking space. As I looked he texted me the dreaded "I will leave the door locked and you come in and find me ready blablabla." Sigh-- the scene is so tiresome to me. But I found a spot, and got to the place, and then I was in his apartment.

He had a bunch of candles burning, which I really liked, but on the big tv was a loud bareback fuck scene. Ugh. Weirdly, the guy wasn't in the bed ass up. He was standing by the couch lighting more candles. Ok. But he was wearing a tight t shirt and briefs-- thank god not a jock-- and I quickly had my hands all over him. He kissed great. Things were looking up.

For a bit. Soon he had stripped me and pulled down his briefs and was jerking himself off nonstop, saying over and over, "I want you to fuck me, I want you to fuck me." He had a big pretty dick but I don't believe you should be jerking off before the sex even starts! And the bossiness, forget it.
I stuck my dick in his mouth to quiet him down and he sucked me till I was hard-- he gave very nice head. Not bad. I lifted him up by the armpits from his kneeling position-- he couldn't have really been 5'5, I think he was barely 5'2 really, I wanted to toss him all around the room and couldn't wait to fuck him. But I wanted to enjoy his little body. I put him on the bed and ground my humongous-feeling body into his tiny one, and he wrapped himself around me for a while, but soon began begging to be fucked again. I flipped him and ate him out-- verrrry sweet little ass but obviously very tight-- and again he submitted for a minute and began hectoring me again: "Fuck me, man. I want you to FUCK me."

Soon he wriggled away, pulled out a bottle of watery silicone-based lube and shoved it in my hand. I was pretty hard and hate silicone but it was clear he needed something to get in that tight hole. So I slicked up my meat and my finger too, and slipped the latter in to try to loosen him up a bit before I put it in.

He was really enjoying my probing his gland. And I was getting harder and harder. But then, well, a huge jet of water squirted out of him. It shocked me-- it was a lot! This had never happened before! I kinda paused. It just shot out as I probed.

There was no smell. My finger was clean. I was like, uhhhhhh. Clearly he had been cleaning himself out verrrry deeply but some of the water was still trapped inside. And then I released it with my probing.

I kinda recovered. Nothing was amiss, so I stuck my dick in him and fucked.

His little body looked fantastic with my meat sliding in and out of him. I thought ok, this is good. He kept jerking his dick way too much, but I loved looking at him.

And then I noticed the side of the bed. It was soaked, and there were, uh, crumbs of some sort.
I began to lose it. I pulled out and put my body on his again, trying to ignore what had happened-- still no smell or mess, except over there. But he was oblivious-- and annoyed. "I want you to FUCK me, man. FUCK me."

Finally I was like, "sorry man, I don't think you were completely ready." He asked what I meant and I showed him. His face fell. "Oh. Yeah. That's a turnoff."

I told him I thought it would be ok if he just cleaned up a little more and let me get back into the mood. He said ok, covered up the spot with a cloth, went off to the bathroom, and left me there with the porn.
I was seriously deflating. I've come back from much worse, but his attitude was bad. He was pushy and impatient. He returned and said he didn't see anything amiss but had cleaned up a bit more, and lay next to me, and kissed me a few times. I really wanted to enjoy his little body, and tried to reach a zen place. And then he said, "I only have 20 minutes."

Well, fuck it. I'd spent longer than that driving over. I sat up, smiled wryly, and said, "maybe another day." A little shocked, he said, "why??" I told him I hate being rushed. The porn actors sawed away at each other on screen while I dressed in silence. And then slipped out with a quick thanks and "Sorry it didn't work out too well."

Honestly his behavior in general was worse than the mishap. I left in a very dark mood. I couldn't do my errand and couldn't get off. I could just go to the coffee shop. But that frustrating experience left me wanting to make it right somehow. I fired up the apps and the websites on my phone, sitting in the car again.

A muscular dude with a hot ass was very close on a4a and wanted raw dick. He said he loved sucking dick as well. In fact Jackson heights seemed to be crawling with slutty bottoms; I never knew! The guy replied to my interest right away. He loved my cumshots. He was maybe five blocks away. I told him I would come right over. And then he asked, "Ok if I'm blindfolded? The door will be unlocked you just walk in yadda yadda."

Ugh! Again! But I thought, let's give it a try.


He clearly was not the guy in the pictures, who was very meaty and handsome and clearly out of my league. But he looked just fine, really-- at least his body. The face was covered not just with any blindfold, but a real, 1979 Tehran hostage treatment: big white cloth wrapped around his face and tied in the back. A little alarming.

But he sucked really nice and had a big long dick that stayed hard as a rock while I ate his ass and my dick slid into his hole in one smooth stroke with no lube. I fucked him for 20 minutes from behind, holding that long rigid rod of his against his leg the whole time, while he whimpered like a little girl, saying "That feels SO GOOD. I need this SO BAD." And I felt the same.

And I flipped him and fucked him for 15 minutes more face to face, or anyway, face to blindfold. He held my body close to his and kissed me with hungry lips and began to beg for my cum. I could have fucked his velvety hole for another half hour but he began pulling my ass down hard, keeping my dick deep inside, and massaging me with his interior bottomy muscles. "Please cum in me," he begged in a very whiny voice. "You want my cum?" I asked rhetorically. "Please. Please cum in me."

So I fucked him hard till I was unloading my nuts in him, depositing it deep, while he squeezed all his muscles around my entire length. It was everything I needed.

I was sweaty and spent but even after I was done squirting in him, he held me inside. He began jerking his long sweet dick and soon was dripping thick gray gobs of orgasm into his belly.

We paused for a bit and then I pulled my dick out of him. I was still very hard. It felt so good to really get off. And kinda nice to have made it into two sweet bodies with my bare bone within an hour. Not bad. Not bad.

Surprisingly, he took his blindfold right off. I kept trying to look at him in the gloomy apartment, just to see what he *really* looked like. He seemed uncomfortable with the attention; I don't know if he still thought the pix were real but I just wanted to know who I just ejaculated inside. But he only gave me oblique views and kept turning away.

So I dressed in silence, kissed him one last time on the cheek, and left. After a traffic-clogged drive home I made it to a coffee shop in time to read for two hours or so before making dinner. Not a complete waste of a day. The earlier mishap is already long forgotten! Nice fuck in the end!


  1. For some reason this part made me laugh out loud: "The face was covered not just with any blindfold, but a real, 1979 Tehran hostage treatment: big white cloth wrapped around his face and tied in the back. A little alarming." Hysterical.

    1. Thanks, unwritten! I put sentences like that in there to see who's reading closely :^] The blindfold and the high quality of the fuck were both unexpected!