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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today I fooled around with the most sensuous guy I think I've ever come across in decades of sex. And I'm tempted to say it's the best sex I've ever had without actually fucking, though I'm prone to hyperbole and I don't want people reading this to think "There he goes again with the oh-my-god-holy-fuck-the-best." But an afternoon flew by with him, and I had to practically pry my face out of his Platonically ideal ass so I could unload in his mouth and get out of there in time for dinner. There is nothing like completely losing yourself in someone else's body for this long. 

It was really just in time to have an experience like this, as it's been slim pickings on the usual sites this week, and yesterday I got teased by a beautifully sculpted, 5'8 black body builder who claimed in his profile he was a top, but hit me up asking to get fucked, and claimed in his profile to be safe only, but was fine with me dicking him raw-- I really wish guys would just say what they wanted instead of playing these games in their profiles. I was ready to bone his huge meaty body good and he was game to come over but would not let me text the address to his cell, which I feel like is the minimum precaution I do to have some link to random dudes I invite over. He said he had "too many bad experiences" so we were at a stalemate, and I told him to forget about it. I was so frustrated last night I beat off to my humongous and infinitely-growing stash of porn (I am pretty sure I could never look at it all before I die, at this point), and pumped out a very impressive, thick, white wad of nutslime onto a pair of dirty boxer briefs. Beautiful to behold, but sadly wasted on the washing machine.

So today, I *had* to get laid, or I would feel utterly distraught. But no one was biting all day, until at the very end, a guy with a wonderfully meaty ass and a firm-looking little body appeared. I hit him up, there was an absolute minimum of time-wastery before I had his address. He seemed anxious about fucking and didn't want to promise it, so I didn't push it though in the pix he looked like the ideal place for me to deposit my neglected day's production of seed. I just put some street clothes on and ran over.

He opened the door and greeted me and looked me up and down and gave an interesting little Mona Lisa-like smile, and with the door still open brought his face up to mine and gave me an electric kiss with excellent promise. His body looked good in his well-fitting t-shirt, showing defined pecs and nice shoulders, though he wasn't conspicuously muscular. I had to feel this cute body up, and we made out with me standing in the hallway and him in the doorway. The chemistry had already started to do its magic. Then we sort of snapped out of it and he invited me in. He was very Jewish looking, with curly black hair (never my favorite) and a short, dark beard, and eyes of an odd green color; not someone I would have picked out of a crowd but his overall aura was having a serious affect on my nads, which were swinging excitedly between my legs in my shorts. We went straight to the bedroom and made out some more. He was about 5'9, maybe a little shorter, but he had so much ass in his pants that my head began to spin while I cupped it in my hands... and it was extremely firm, as were his thick thighs. I dropped my shorts and he held my swollen meat reverently while we kissed. And then he pulled up his shirt to just above nipple level to reveal a lightly hairy region across his pecs, and when I stroked it and lightly brushed my thumb across his nipple, he jolted. And I thought, bingo. I lightly moved the very tips of his nips in opposing circles with my fingertip and his entire body shook involuntarily and he whimpered. My dick jumped instantly in his had and gorged itself with blood. He sighed when he felt that and dropped to his knees and sucked me with gliding slippery movements till I was stiff as a steel rod.

We got undressed completely and tumbled into his king size bed and the afternoon just slipped away in an intense, slow-moving bliss that made me feel like I was stoned on my own cock. For a long time lay on his side and rested his head on my thigh so he could suckle my meat with his eyes closed while slowly grinding his precum-slippery dick against my calf. When I flipped him on his back to grind my body into his, he was all over me, gripping my back or my knees while I pounded my body into his. I licked up the length of his neck from collabone to ear and his entire body shook again with alarmingly intense tremors of pleasure. He would arch his back and I would feel those huge round buttocks swelling out from the small, muscular lower back, and lose my breath. I flipped him over and spent God knows how long worshipping the most wonderful ass I've ever put my face in, ever. He had more sensitive spots between his legs-- if I sucked down his balls he shook; if I stroked my beard along his inner thigh he quaked; if I rubbed my nose and tongue along his perineum he shivered and yelped. I could not get my face out of there; the firmness of the muscle, the light abrasion of the hair on all those curves, the clean taste of his taut skin down there had my dick hard as a rock and precumming freely in a way I never do. I stood up and slid my slippery dickhead all up and down his asscrack and he looked over his shoulder at me, and said "You want to fuck me, don't you," and I said "Shyeah!" and he smirked, and I said, "I'm having plenty of fun doing what we're doing, we don't have to fuck, I don't want to stop this now." And he melted back into the bedclothes while I turned him to jelly with my tongue in his asshole.

I'm finding this one hard to really describe in any more detail because it was all just an intense haze of pleasure that we were swimming through, incredibly attuned to each other's bodies. His apartment was full of exotic bric-a-brac, vaguely near-asian, all very tranquil; I wondered if he was some kind of tantric guru. We were precumming all over each other; the smell of the pleasure oozing out of our dickholes was enough to make you dizzy in that room. He would growl a bit when I humped his body, which I was doing pretty hard now, making the bed slam against the wall and having him holding on to me for dear life as I thrust my dickhead through the length of the deep cleft in his buttocks beneath his hungry little body. When I took a break he said, "I bet you're a fantastic top," and this time, I smirked. I knew if I put my dick in him now I would pop instantly; we'd have to keep up this slow-burning pleasuring. There were periods where I would just stroke his nipples and watch him shake with pleasure while my balls tightened up in their sac with vicarious excitement. I've never met anyone so sensitive and demonstrative.

I do remember him hopping on top of me, with his ass in my face, while he sucked my dick. And I turned us on our sides and took his (fairly small but rock-hard) dick down my throat, with my lips in his pubes, and kneaded his ass cheeks like bread dough with a prime view of his balls, taint, and thighs, while I rammed my dick into his face somewhere down there, unseen against my groin. And I ate his ass some more, helplessly oozing precum and whimpering that I didn't want this to end. "The journey is the destination," he said serenely, "so we don't have to." But I knew I had to be home for dinner at some point. I had no idea what time it was but I knew a lot of time had passed. "There are no clocks in here," he teased me when I looked around, "so don't even try." I felt like I was trapped in some kind of ass-sweat-scented opium den. I went back down to his body and swam in the pleasure of him for another lap. And finally my nuts were aching and I had to cum in him. He was on his back jerking his cock. I saw his whole body spread out in front of me. I fucked his face until the tension was too much and I spurted in him, hard. He was not moving his head at all, just lightly tonguing through my goo with a look of ecstasy on his face; his turgid dick was visibly straining against the tendons attaching it to his groin, looking like it wanted to blast off from the excitement. I needed more sensation to get me through this orgasm, so I jerked myself and felt myself cumming some more, bigger spurts forming all over again and shooting into him. Then he came all over himself, a respectable load of his own; he seemed blacked out with pleasure for a minute or two. And then I heard him spitting, and saw my own load spill out down his chin and into the hollow between his pecs. It was about twice what he had shot. I said, "You spit me out!" with a certain indignation. "I wanted to see how much you shot," he said, and he admired it slowly. "That's a lot of spooge. Usually I'm the one who cums a lot." And he played with it a bit; there was a huge gob of it still attached to the edge of his lip and running down his neck; he wiped it off and flicked it into the pool. He shook his head at his body. "I'm really covered with a lot of cum." And he was.

I flopped back on the pillows and rested a bit, and we talked some about personal things. He seemed disappointed but unsurprised that I had a partner. "I had pretty much given up on Manhunt," he said. "I'm glad I didn't. I actually had you buddy listed, for some reason." I didn't remember ever talking to him, but with that ass, I'm sure I would have hit him up if I'd seen him. We took a shower together, mostly talking, but I did take some time to caress his beautiful, awesome bottom. He showed me some renovations in his apartment, and told me again he wanted me to come back and fuck him. "You felt pretty tight in there," I said, and he said "Oh yeah." So I'm not sure how well it will work out. This kind of thing is very hard to repeat. But I can only imagine how a fuck with this guy's body would be. He's the perfect bottom-- meaty, sensuous, extremely tactile and reactive, with a ROCKIN ASS. We'll see.

I left his apartment and looked at my watch and saw I'd lost a couple hours of my day with him. I had to rush home. I was starving. But I was also full. God, that was good.

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