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Saturday, October 13, 2012


I don't often hook up this much, but today was three for three this week; after last night's disappointment I really wanted to throw a good raw fuck with a full seeding finish. I'm gonna be out of commission for the next couple of weeks as I'm stuck on a jury all day and evenings belong to my partner, so I couldn't let that be my last hookup until after that all blows over. I found a little round-assed Italian guy on BBRTS-- a site that is largely useless for finding bareback sex, truth be told; there's a lot more everywhere else-- who liked my schlubby body shot and asked me to come to him in Tribeca to eat him out and drill him good. He's 5'7, perfect ass, cute little body, much too pretty in the face for my tastes but you can do worse than that. I hopped on the train and he buzzed me up to an insanely huge, fancy apartment full of classic high modernist furniture. This kid is 29 or so... something seemed fishy that he was in a place like this, but who knows, maybe he inherited it. There were pictures of him on the wall in the bedroom. His little body looked great in his clothes. His hair was laquered just so. It was time to fuck.

He asked how long I had once we were in the bedroom. I said "As much time as you have," and he said he only had a half an hour. I wasn't sure if this was a kind of blowoff, so I asked if everything was cool, and he said, "It's more than cool, it's great." He had a vaguely abstracted air, though, and I wondered if he was high. We made out and I felt his sweet mounds through his pants and knew this was gonna be good. Unfortunately, he had some seriously rectal halitosis. Not strong, but definitely scented sourly. I bit into his neck and sucked his earlobe and realized it was his general pheromone chemistry. Some guys just have a body scent that to me smells realllly bacterial, even if they are clean. And he was one of them. But he was so hot, I tried to look past it. He pulled his pants down while I kneaded his lats and when I put my hands back on the buns, they were uncovered, warm, soft, and covered with short, light hairs. He moaned and moaned as I rubbed them and ran my hand down his thighs.

I whipped out my tool and put him on his knees, and he sucked me till I was hard, with quite good skill, but didn't seem hugely into giving head. And I wasn't really there to get head anyway, I've had plenty of that; I wanted the ass. So I pulled him up and pushed him over the side of the bed; he was wearing a jockstrap that framed him nicely but didn't need it (I actually find jockstraps ridiculous, but I admit he looked mighty fine in it). I ate the fuck out of his ass, and halfway through he moaned "I *love* getting eaten out," and I kept gasping how much I loved it and how beautiful it was and how much I needed it. I honestly could have spent all day with my face down there.

But I also had to get my dick in-- I didn't want to get myself too hot from the ass-eating to fuck him properly. So I stood up at the edge of the bed and put it at the hole, and he leaned back into me, and I slid right in. It was perfect inside, slick and warm, and I realized maybe I should have opted for a little more head, a little grinding maybe, to desensitize my dick a little. Because I wanted to cum right then and there; fucking a little guy like that with all those curves and bulges just makes my nerves scream and my brain pump hormones to my balls and make every cell in my body cry out for orgasm. So I pulled out, then gave him a few more slow deep full-length penetrations, all the way in and all the way out, and knelt back down to eat him out some more. My tongue fit in his hole now that I'd opened it, and his erection was gone-- bottoms, what is up with that? I ate him out some more while I reached up under him and tugged his nipples and he groaned and groaned. It was firing on all cylinders, he had me so turned on.

I put it back in him, then fucked him onto the middle of the bed, and bent his right leg with my right knee, so our thighs were together, and his ass was cocked a little to the side, and I could watch my tool slide in and out while my hand rested in the flesh of his beautiful globular ass cheek. He looked back at me and down at my body and squired to indicate he wanted to be on his back. We turned him over without letting me pop out, and he pulled a pillow up under his ass with one hand, and I plowed him hard, resting all my body weight through my arms and hands onto his chest, then holding his hips and drilling and drilling. The body scent was a little overpowering, and he had an extremely noisy ass; the sounds of my dick slicing in and out were obscenely juicy. I felt my dick start to cum, so I stopped moving and kissed him, and felt some high-pressure goo force its way out in a stream. But the feeling passed, and I hoped I could fuck him good with the pressure off. But once I got back into a rhythm, I felt like I had to cum again. I had only been there maybe 15 minutes; this was pathetic. His body was built for fucking, and I couldn't last longer than the subway ride to get to him! But it had to be, I was gonna cum and there was nothing I could do about it, so I just plowed my way through it, slamming into him as I painted his insides with my genetic slime. I started laughing a little, but kept plowing away and he arched his back to let me, but then I felt myself going soft. So I slowed it down, and he looked in my eyes and said "Did it feel good?" and I said "Hell yeah it did." And laughed again and pulled out.

I cleaned up a bit and was out fairly quickly. We only talked a little bit about what it's like to live in Tribeca-- which would be way too quiet for me. At the door I told him if I came back to fuck him I could last longer, and he said sure, and I patted his tight little belly and trotted down the stairs, still a little in mourning for the ass I could have enjoyed a bit longer.

Did I mention I fucking love ass? God, I love ass. I love it.

Anyway, hopefully this will entertain you till I'm back. Or maybe I'll fuck someone on the jury! There's two cute guys...


  1. Today's catch phrase boys and girls; "rectal halitosis."

    Try to use it at least three times in your daily conversation!

    Hahahaaa. Maybe you can say it in court.

  2. You KNOW you'll meet someone man -- the minute you've resigned yourself to no action is exactly the time when someone will hit on you.

    1. I actually got chatted up on Scruff during a break today by another guy somewhere in the courthouse also doing jury duty (I'm ashamed to admit I was using the Kings County courthouse's free wifi to cruise for ass-- Manhunt and Adam4Adam seem to be blocked, but apps like Grindr were OK). I was hugely tempted to ask him if he wanted to blow me in a bathroom just so I could say someone swallowed my cum during a break at jury duty, but I refrained.