web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Begging

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Perhaps reliably, last night's marathon fuckfest uptown didn't happen. All afternoon we exchanged little texts about the assignation. He told me the general block he lives on so I could gauge how long it would take to get there. But we'd talked about me calling him after I was done with a volunteer stint in midtown. When I was done, I texted and called, and got no response. I waited around in the noirish drizzle in Midtown-- there's nothing going on there at night, and with the huge skyscrapers all around lit up with spotlights, their height disappearing into the foggy sky, I felt like I was in some kind of sinister thriller. I gave him 20 minutes and decided to go get something to eat, sticking around the area in case he came through-- he lives in Harlem. An hour later I was eating some mediocre lasagna in Hell's Kitchen and seeing who was around on Scruff and Grindr-- no one talks to me there, do people talk? And then, an hour after I was supposed to be fucking him, he calls and texts with the address, asking if I could also pick up some cigarettes on the way! I told him it was too late, I had already left and was eating (a small lie, but nothing is a bigger turnoff than flakiness). First he claimed he'd sent me the address and confirmed in the afternoon (he hadn't), then claimed he was "in a meeting" when I called him and didn't hear the phone-- who has meetings at 8:45pm?? I think he must do a lot of drugs. He seemed normal the times we talked on the phone and texted-- actually like a smart, cool person. But he was clearly making shit up. He finally said, "Another time, I hope," but I don't think so. This was doubly frustrating for me, because on and off all day I'd been involved in an extended dad/son fantasy chat on Manhunt with a very handsome young man, which left my pants gooey inside and my hands shaking. I was really looking forward to taking all that pent up horniness out on Flaky Harlem Muscle Guy, but it wasn't meant to be. Today, My Son hit me up yet again, looking for more nasty chat about my cum. I've got him begging me to cum inside him now, but I'm not sure if this is just fantasy or not-- he definitely sounds like other guys who have started out chaste and safe and end up begging me to ejaculate in them until it's coming out of their ears, so I'm optimistic it might turn into reality. But another day of chat with this extremely cute hairy guy was not helping my concentration any. And absolutely no one was biting today. So when I was hit up by UltraMeat-- with the very efficient msg "Service?"-- first I told him, "I'm really looking to fuck today." He said, "Aww please? I'll let you cum in my mouth." Something he didn't do last time. I decided it is insane that I let a guy like that beg and beg and turn him away, with a body like that, with a face like that, so beautifully sensual and eager-to-please. So I told him to come over now, and let me eat his ass this time. He showered quickly and was here in about 10 minutes.

While I was sitting back against the pillows, watching this perfectly-built creature nurse away at my big fat dong, I was overwhelmed with temptation to photograph him with my meat in his mouth. It turns out he is black and puerto rican, with the best of both. But his nose is long and straight, actually rather sharp, which is one of my favorite facial traits-- a nose like that is like having a dick on your face, and it mesmerizes me, and neither blacks nor Latinos typically have it. Together with those sharp black eyebrows and the scruff on the chin and the clear brown skin, contrasting my pale wet dick in his thick lips, it was an overwhelmingly exciting sight-- his profile is fucking fantastic. The shades were down and it's gloomy today, so the room was dark, but the bedside lamp was on, turned down low, and his head was resting on the meat of my thigh as he suckled away, brightly illuminated in the cone of light. The ridge of muscle swelling from his neck and shoulder was flexed as he moved his head up and down. The long expanse of his body sloped away from my meat, down that muscular, ripe chest, and that flat meaty belly, to that hard fat dick oozing a free stream of clear precum, and then those massive thighs and calves tapering off into the gloom. I am kicking myself now for not taking the picture, but I know he has a boyfriend, and he might have gotten uptight at the suggestion, and what we were doing was too good to interrupt with a question like that. But fuck, I wish I had a picture.

I got to eat his ass this time-- it's really almost too big, but the chemistry between us is so intense that I got lost in it, burying my face in it, humping the bed while I chewed and licked away, and he made small noises of pleasure. He only whispers in bed, and is pretty soft-spoken when upright and clothed as well, but at one point I held his steely dick while I bit into his buttocks, and I felt it throb and strain, and I knew he felt as good as I did. His body spoke louder than he did.

I mounted him, and he hooked his huge thighs around my waist and pressed himself into me, and I let my slippery dick slide down between his cheeks and against his wet asshole, and mock-fucked him, hard, while looking him straight in the eye. He whimpered over and over quietly about what a good top I was, how much he wanted my dick in him, "and you want it raw too, it would be in me raw," he kept saying. I smiled at him knowingly and pulled it away, putting it against his own precummy dick and fucking that next.

I could have kept this up for hours, but he kept looking at the clock nervously. After about 40 minutes he said, "Can I get your load, man? I have to go to work!" He'd told me he needed to be in midtown at 6:30... time was flying. I told him sure. "And you want me to cum in your mouth?" He smiled like a little kid caught in a lie. "You don't want me to, do you?" I said tauntingly. "I want it, man! I'm just scared." I patted his belly and said I don't make anyone do anything they don't want to do. "Yeah, but then you won't let me come back," he whined. This is just too fucking much! You really have to see this guy, he's fucking incredible, and he's whimpering about getting together with the likes of ME again. Unbelievable. "You can come back, man, don't worry about it. I can cum on you like last time." He looked relieved, and I mounted him again, and rubbed against his amazing muscular body. I was close to cumming just from the contact; his body is just too exciting. Looking into his eyes, I said, "Just let me hang on the edge here a little longer," and he murmured little things about how good my body feels and how much he wanted to see my cum, while holding my body and pushing up against me, and I moved slowly, as my sight grew fuzzier and fuzzier with sexual intoxication. And then it came, just like before, huge thick jets across his body. He stuck his tongue out like he wanted to catch it; this was clearly just for show as I was not cumming that far at that point. When I was done, I took one hand and reached up and put his tongue back in his mouth. "It's OK man, you don't have to," I said. "No, put your dick in my mouth," he said, jerking his bone. He began to smell extremely musky as I clambered up on my knees and complied, and flexed the muscles between my legs so it would swell and drip in his mouth. And when he felt that, a look of indescribable, mind-erasing bliss came over his face-- his eyes were closed, every muscle in his face went slack, but every muscle in his body was tense, and he came all over my calf muscle. He kept my dickhead on his tongue until he was done, then opened his mouth to gasp for air, and I slid out.

I cleaned him up and he had to hurry and dress-- he teaches some class at one of the fancier gyms here in NYC. I'm sure half the dudes and half the women in the class want him to plow the fuck out of them-- he's a 6'2 warrior with a powerful body barely containable in his clothes. But all he wants is to come suck my dick every day. He hits me up constantly. It's fantastic.

But I'm a dirty whore and I need new meat. So he will have to wait for the next time a bit more. But I'm gonna keep after this one. I think I might be able to get my raw dick in him one day, if I'm patient. And that's gonna be fucking amazing when it happens.


  1. I hope to read soon how you finally bred this boy! Don't reply with an answer and ruin the suspense!

    1. Heh you like being teased just as much as I do, don't you? OK, I won't say anything.

  2. More than you know! But unlike you, I only like to be teased when I'm on bottom. As I top, I do the teasing!

  3. "Together with those sharp black eyebrows and the scruff on the chin and the clear brown skin, contrasting my pale wet dick in his thick lips, it was an overwhelmingly exciting sight" This is onr the main reasons I love connecting with guys of other ethnicities is the contrast. Thanks for a hot post.