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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick Relief

Today I went to Soho to get some quick relief. I was out of town for the long weekend and have family visiting now, so I haven't gotten off since last week. On Monday I got a note from a guy I used to fuck the living hell out of in the town I used to live in-- once I plowed him for two hours straight, until we were both dizzy and exhausted with pleasure, until I finally unloaded down his throat. He was really the ideal bottom for me-- short, average looking in the face but very muscular and tight, hairy, huge dick for a little guy, ass that would make you cry, and able to take a pounding like a champ. Absolutely velvety and slick inside; the relentless desire to continue the in-and-out with him would almost drive me crazy, but I couldn't stop and never wanted to cum because the fucking was too good. He said he was going to be in town for a couple of days and wanted me in him again for old time's sake. It was very nice to hear from him after all these years, so of course I wanted to get with him, but timing was tricky with the visitors. As it turned out the only time I had free, Wednesday afternoon, his phone went out and he wasn't getting reception. So I missed out on prime ass-- I can't stress how awesome a bottom this guy is-- and it left me insanely horny with no outlet that day. Ultra Meat hit me up again while I was waiting to hear from Ideal Bottom but I put him off. (I'm pretty thrilled to have this stud constantly after my tool, but I can't do him every week; I just can't.) The very rough bottom from a while back suddenly favorited me on Daddyhunt yesterday, so I sent him a quick little jokey note asking why I wasn't his favorite before. He wrote back a rather bitchy reply-- the last time he hit me up for more dick, I'd honestly told him I would like to get together again sometime, but I'm a bad fuck buddy, just a big whore, and I like to space out repeats. He took great offense at this (I wasn't calling *him* a whore!) but I thought maybe he forgot about it and was signalling a desire to get together again. Apparently not. This time he told me he didn't appreciate what I'd said before, that I was extremely rude, and then asked if I wanted him to paint my apartment as he was hurting for work. Dudes be crazy! I was out of my mind with a week's worth of cum backing up to my eyeballs and could not take this. So today I felt fortunate to be hit up right away in the morning by a really handsome Arab with a sweet slender body covered with soft, straight hair who wanted to suck all the cum out of me. I should have been working-- I have jury duty tomorrow and am *always* picked, it's a curse, so I have a lot to do before I vanish for however long-- but honestly at that point all I cared about was getting sucked off and cumming in someone hot. So I abandoned work and ran over.

He was even more handsome in person, very warm and open face, but his kisses were a little wooden so the chemistry was a bit off. He seemed to genuinely want to suck me though, so I whipped it out soft and he got on his knees and had me hard right away-- this was a beautiful silky mouth with an intelligent tongue. I pulled my pants off and kicked back on his bed and he positioned himself between my legs like a praying supplicant and beautifully serviced me; I repeatedly had to tell him to slow down so I wouldn't cum too fast. I had him take his clothes off and his waist was very thin, his back a graceful arching arabesque, and his haunches thick and meaty, though his shoulders were rather narrow. He had a neat Arabic tattoo on his neck and some symbols going up his arm. I cradled his closely buzzed head while he luxuriated in my groin. He was a real beauty, a natural, nut-brown body with thick protruding nips; a nice change from the big meaty guys I've been getting with lately. He was very into my dick and loved it when I pulled it out and pushed its full length up against his face, with the balls on his chin and the head against his eyes. But when I pushed him back and mounted him to grind against him, he didn't respond physically-- he kept beating off, a behavior I don't like much in a bottom, and his kissing was lackluster, though he made a lot of excited grunting noises, and I felt a little disappointed, and my erection deflated a bit. So I sat back and got him back on point-- no sense in making him do other stuff than what he clearly wanted to focus on. I have this weird thing where if I am sucked too well while I'm not fully hard, it actually makes me cum faster than if I'm steely and throbbing. It felt so fucking good in his mouth that I felt the cum rising even though I had shrunk down to rubbery. I fought back the pleasure and felt my pole stiffen because of the closeness of the orgasm, but I couldn't will myself away from the edge completely, and as I was hardening and starting to throb, cum came shooting out with no way to stop it. He loved it and whimpered and sucked, delighting in each spurt on his tongue and never letting up on my dickhead. It was a huge load and he'd only been at me for maybe 20 minutes.

He pulled off and ran to the bathroom-- I guess he wasn't the swallower he claimed to be! It's a little sad to hear my sweet babynectar being spat into a sink across the room, but I'd gotten what I needed, in the end, and was really irresponsible for playing hooky like this on a busy day just to get my fuckin rocks off. So I dressed while he cleaned up. "That was a HUGE load," he said admiringly, and I laughed and told him, "I don't lie." He seemed pretty happy. His apartment was very nice, a little studio with exposed brick and very spare furnishings, very tidy. I wish the chemistry had been a bit better. It's a beautiful day and I love walking in soho, but as I hurried back to the subway I felt a little disappointed. But sometimes you just need some quick relief. 


  1. A twenty minute blow job is "quick releif?" I feel almost ashamed if I make someone work 20 minutes for my cum, and on the ocasions where I suck dick, I'm afraid 20 minutes is the upper end of my endurance level.

    As far as cumming quickly when your cock is a little soft and rubbery, I love it when a dick is in the semi state, hard enough to suck, yet malleable enough to have fun with it in my mouth.

    My favorite phrases in this post:
    praying supplicant and wooden kisses.

    1. Well Jack, you know I love long-lasting sex... whenever a guy asks to suck me off, I always ask if he's got stamina, and tell him I like guys who can suck me for as long as I say without getting bored or tired. This elicits one of two responses: "Uh, how long are we talkin here?" (BZZZT, wrong answer) and "Don't worry, I love cock and can't get enough" (DINGDINGDING!) Honestly, there are guys out there who love that I want to be edged and don't cum fast, and who will literally suck me for hours if I lasted that long (I don't). The best cocksuckers just want your dick for as long as they can have it. Verbal encouragement and making out/eating their ass/body contact breaks help make things last. 20 minutes from hello to clothes back on is a little disappointing for me.

      I love feeling my dick get hard in a guy's mouth. A lot of guys are scared of flaccid dicks, though, and expect you to have a boner just because you walked through their door. That's a little tiresome. I like a guy who is willing to make me hard and get me off and like the whole process.

      Always good to hear from ya!

  2. You and I have the same thoughts on sucking cock. I'm willing to stay on take until the guy is satisfied. I will occasionally stop for sweet kisses but will quickly get back to the take on hand.

    I also prefer a guy to be soft when "I"unzip his pants to haul out his meat. That gets me horned beyond belief.

    1. You sound like a good cocksucker, Jack. I can't tell you how many guys are scared away by a dick that isn't hard just because I walked into the room with them. Someone who has as much sex as me isn't even necessarily gonna get hard just from making out or touching, no matter how hot the dude is. I would think it would always be cool to feel a dude harden in your mouth because of your attention. But especially with younger guys, they can really panic if you aren't hard.