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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Today I was going out of my mind with the need to ejaculate. I've spent a week on a jury, with another to go, having to work at night. During breaks on the jury I'll check my phone-- shamelessly using the free wi-fi in the courthouse to check out Scruff and Grindr to see who's downtown-- and have found that Ultra Meat has taken to sending me almost daily reports of how he's currently beating off looking at my pictures, or is now constantly fantasizing about swallowing my cum (he hasn't even let me cum in his mouth yet), telling me I'm hot as fuck and better than my pictures, yadda yadda. So several times a day during the grind I'm exchanging dirty texts that get my precum flowing, with a guy whose mere phone number is giving me a semi lately. And meanwhile, every minute my clueless nuts are churning out more useless cum that I can't find the proper ass or mouth for, clogging my ducts and practically backing up into my brain. Couple that with the crisp fall weather, which always makes me want to fuck nonstop, and pretty much every male ass that walks by looks like a shining beacon of pleasure to me. My family guests are back this weekend for a few days, but I have a lot of catch-up work to do, so I sent them out on their own. While working I cruised a bit for someone to cum in without any avail-- it's a beautiful day here so everyone is certainly out enjoying it, and Saturdays are hard anyway. And then during a lunch break on Grindr I saw a cocksucker I've been with a few times here in NYC who is always game to help me out. He lives in the neighborhood, though on the other side, so it was maximally easy to go over, get off, and come back and work.

This guy precums like a faucet when he blows me, even if he's not hard-- and he's not always hard the whole time, but he's clearly having the time of his life, going into a kind of religious trance. He's very responsive. If I touch both sides of his face simultaneously, or his ears, or flick his nipples, his whole body goes slack, he moans, and a stream of clear nectar runs out of his dick-- it's very entertaining for a top to have such a sensitive bottom. His body is really not that great, though; he's very soft and while he's cute enough he's not much of a looker. But he's a good guy and I like his beard and his dark hair and his love of dick. I forgot that he doesn't swallow, though. I'd promised him a big load and that's exactly what he got-- I came like crazy in his mouth, and I thought I was giving him plenty of warning that I was close-- and who can ignore those signs of the cock that somehow grows an extra quarter inch, is pushing out its veins in a rigid excited network, is slippery with fluid from the prostate, and has a hole that is suddenly gaping and ready? He must have been deep in his trance, because I felt like my dick was going to shoot off like a bottle rocket. But he gagged when I started unloading, and seemed a little freaked, and after four big jets he spat me out in a rather unsightly gelatinous white glob plastered all over my own pubes. I jerked myself to get the rest out, apologizing profusely. "It's OK, I was just surprised," he said, looking a little queasy and scared, and then he looked at my thick load with an appraising, wary eye, and said "Wow, you really *did* cum a lot."

I cleaned up and we chatted a bit; he was in a new apartment that is huge but narrow, and no longer has roommates. I pretty much had to go, so there was only a bit of chitchat while I got dressed. I wish I could have found a new guy to cum in today, but if I'd held this in through next week too I would be out of my fucking mind.

Ultra Meat says he wants to try to get me to cum three times in a row though-- he wants me to "dump my load over and over" in his own paraphrased words... I just might turn him into a cum freak yet.

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