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Monday, November 26, 2012


Today I unloaded an insane amount of spooge into a tall, thin, vaguely hipstery guy in his early 30s. He was 6'2, hairy, and looks like he lost a *ton* of weight fairly recently; his skin was somewhat loose and his musculature was barely there in his arms, though his legs were incongruously meaty and shapely. His dick was one of the smallest I've been with in a long time-- maybe 4 inches max. So why did I go through with this, when I had someone like Ultra Meat suddenly resurfacing, sending me texts begging for my cock all afternoon? That old kicker-- the handsome face. He had pale skin, dark eyes, extremely black hair, a long thin face, intense eyebrows, long straight nose, scruffy beard, nice lips-- I can forgive almost anything for a face like that. He ran over and sucked me absolutely silly for about an hour and a half. My energy is almost completely sapped after this, and my nuts and the ducts connecting them to my dick are seriously aching from the explosive relief of all that pent-up pleasure. I hadn't cum since my last entry almost a week ago. It was just what I needed!

He seriously loved dick and clearly knew his way around one-- the way he worked his tongue against my dickhead was absolutely primo, and his entire face relaxed into blissful pleasure at the sensation of having my bone, which he had managed to get so hard it felt like it was going to fall off, just sliding in and out of his mouth. He put his big, meaty hands on my thighs and just sucked himself into nirvara-- the hands were so manly and shapely that, coupled with his face, he just sent me into a trance, staring at him as he made me feel better and better, tracing the handsome hairline along the edge of his face, stroking his eyebrows and nose, stroking those fingers. He claimed he'd never edged anyone before but he did know exactly how to respond to a top's signals, verbal and nonverbal, without any of the deer-in-the-headlights-type panicking you get from lesser cocksuckers who claim they're great at it but don't know how to handle actual suggestions. His body was seriously doing nothing for me, but after about half an hour of him licking away at my manly sensitive parts, I was basically convinced I was in love with him, and I flipped him on his back and ground myself into him, making out with him intensely the whole time, with breaks only for chewing and licking his beautiful, long, strong neck to his most exquisite delight. We were very, very into each other at this point. When he came over I had really only wanted to lay back and be sucked into oblivion, but he felt so good against me, even though he was tall and gangly and weirdly shaped, that I was overwhelmed with desire to shove my dick in him and fuck him and squirt all my cum in his guts with my tongue down his throat. It was all I wanted; I would have given a million dollars at that point to fuck him. But he was just ridiculously tight-- I could barely get my finger in. He was precumming freely so I wiped up some of it, and ran my newly slippery finger around his asshole and poked it in, essentially using his own precum as lube. He accepted this more easily, perhaps because of the excitement of what I'd done. But trying to get my dick in there was like trying to force an aircraft carrier through a garden hose. I was hard as a battering ram and was pushing my dick against his hole with all my weight behind my hips, pushing his legs further and further back, and pushing rather violently for me, and he wanted it, he said he wanted it, but it was like there was no hole there at all.

Giving up on that, I humped him till I wanted to cum, then laid back and let him lap my dickhead some more. So fucking beautiful. The remainder of an hour passed in a languid haze. I wanted to cum so badly it hurt, but I also wanted more sex. I wanted nonstop eternal sex. "I never want to cum," I cooed into his ear. "I just want to feel this forever." He smiled a huge smile and sucked my face and held my ass down, he wrapped himself all around me and sighed and moaned. It felt so good I couldn't enjoy it for long-- I worried I would cum. So I pushed him off me and we made out more with tongues and lips smacking and sucking and making obscene noises and stroking each other's dick and rubbing our bodies together, more and more and more and more sex. I laid back again; hour and fifteen minutes had gone by spent in dizzying pleasure. I wanted to last longer. More dickhead lapping, holding hands hard, fucking up into his skull, his loose open accepting mouth, his genitals oozing against my hairy calf, our bodies curled together, all about my fucking dick. He had told me about ten times, "Your dick is fantastic, man," and assured me he could suck for as long as I wanted, he wasn't tired. "I really want your dick though, bro," he said. Bro sounded funny coming from him-- his voice was a little on the queeny side when he was really turned on-- but I dug it. I want dudes to want my cum.

So I laid back with my arms and legs splayed wide, and rested his head on my right thigh so I could see his profile with my fat tubesteak running between his lips, and he sucked me to the edge, and kept me there. Five minutes on the edge. I was in pain. My balls were in revolt. I was going to cum. I didn't try. I let him lick me how he wanted. My dick grew tenser and tenser as the seconds went by. I felt some cum run out in a hard stream but it wasn't an orgasm. He tasted it and expressed helpless surprise at the taste of my impending climax. He felt my dick grow hard as marble, get a fraction longer, a fraction thicker on his tongue, he felt the ridges of my dickhead swell out far from my shaft in preparation for firing.

And then the first shot. So hard and copious. A cry from my cocksucker.

And then the second shot. Even harder. He was not ready, he coughed a little, and I felt my own warmth and sliminess rush around my dick in his mouth. He made tiny, tiny tongue motions on my favorite dick spot. To keep me cumming.  To keep me happy.

And then the third shot. They came faster now, that familiar pulsing rhythm. More tiny tongue motions, and my whole body was half tensed, half relaxing. So beautiful to be a man, so beautiful to cum hard.

And the fourth and fifth shot; it was already too much cum for him, and I felt him gulping and he seized up a little, as if I shot down the wrong pipe. The tongue motions stopped so I unconsciously bucked my hips into him to keep cumming. He recovered and licked my dickhead, hard.

This made me fire a sixth hard shot into him. He was getting so much cum. My groin hurt from the exertion. But it kept pulsing.

There were only spasms after that; it didn't feel like my cum tube was being pushed open with more gushes of liquid. Just those last sweet warm throbs of my fertile tool. The orgasm was ebbing away and warm tiredness was creeping into my limbs.

He treated my dick lovingly until it began to soften and stop throbbing. Then he pulled me out. "Not bad at all!" I joked, patting his stomach.

He laid back and paused a long time. Then: "Are you crazy? That was *fantastic*!" I laughed and said again, "Not half bad!" Then I kissed him and said, "I know that was a lot of work." "A lot of work for a big reward," he said. "Definitely worth it." He flopped his arms at his side and snuggled up to me a bit. I worried I would fall asleep.

We laid in the early evening gloom a bit then I offered him some water. We chatted about this and that; he's from Rochester and I babbled a bit about a recent trip my partner and I took to the Finger Lakes, stopping off up there. I think the tenor of the room changed a bit; he might be another one of those dudes who is uptight about the partner thing, I dunno. He scurried out fairly quickly at that point and took my huge load of cum with him.

My balls still ache from that endurance test, but they'll be fine. I know I always say this, but it's great to be gay and have dudes who want nothing more than to spend an hour and a half with their head in your lap, making you feel great just for the pleasure of being close to your dick. It's great to be gay, and it's great to be a top!


  1. I can totally identify with the cocksucker. I love pleasing a top. In regular life I am very alpha, but between a guy's legs I am a total sub. I love being gay because of dick.

    1. I admit I love a beautiful dick too, Jack. My own is nothing much to write home about except for how much it shoots and its apparently perfect thickness (I get that all the time). I am totally not the alpha type in life; I am much more an observer, a confidant, and a lone wolf. But I love how so many men want nothing more than to pleasure my dick. Nothing else in life is like that; people are never happy with what you have to offer, people never give freely what you desire. But a cocksucker or a bottom and I can get together and create a perfect experience, all improbably centered around my meat and my ejaculate. That's almost a miracle. Thanks as always for being a loyal reader