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Friday, November 2, 2012

Cute and Sweet and Covered in Cum

Today I broke a long dry spell with a rather atypical experience for me. I'd been saving up a big load last week to give to Ultra Meat, who, as I mentioned, would get my sap rising periodically while I was stuck on the jury by texting me and asking to suck my dick. During breaks we'd trade banter about how next time we got together I'd make sure I was really pent up so he could get me off over and over. He said he would go as long as I wanted, all day if I wanted, he just wanted my dick in his mouth and cum down his throat. So I obliged by going all last week without getting off (not too hard with jury all day and work at night). I expected to see him Monday or Tuesday, and spend a few hours with him, seeing if he could get me off three times in a row or more (honestly no one has ever done it more than twice, and even when I was a kid my record was maybe four times in a day). I really wanted this to happen. But of course it didn't happen; instead, Sandy happened. Ultra Meat is trapped all week in Philadelpia, and the subways aren't running, and my partner has been home all week, going out of his mind and needing close attention at night after a long day of climbing the walls while I work remotely, as usual. So I've gone almost two weeks without getting off. And today I really would have accepted just about anything; my husband braved the crowds taking the lone train from this side of the river into Manhattan. For several days, I'd exchanged some witty banter with a cute but a little too nerdy-looking guy on Scruff who lives in my neighborhood, and things eventually got kinda sexual, though that site seems less sex-focused than Manhunt or Adam4Adam so I kinda don't push it there. We'd talked idly about meeting for a drink or something to check each other out before "possible shenanigans", which seems hopelessly quaint to me at this point, given my habits and my usual precoital sweet-talk of "how about I stick my tongue up your ass while I squirt my spooge down your throat". But today I decided to bluntly ask him to suck my dick, and he was game, and gave me his address, but nestled in more witty banter. Whatever, I needed my nuts drained, so I went down there, wondering what to expect.

He buzzed me in but met me in the stairwell, smoking a cigarette and holding a gin and tonic. In a text while I was heading over, he told me his roommate had just come home, though she was "cool and apprised of the situation." "Apprised that a strange man is coming over to ejaculate all over you?" I wrote back, and he said, "Yup!" He kinda wanted to sit in the windowsill on the landing to smoke first and, I assume, get used to the idea of sucking me off after ten or twelve IMs on Scruff. I don't think he does this kinda thing too often. He was certainly shaking as he smoked, which I found kind of arousing and certainly charming. He was much, MUCH cuter than his picture-- very slightly built, pitch-black short hair cut close to his head, slightly beaky nose, deep eyes, very very cute somewhat Jewy-looking guy (not sure if he was actually jewish to be honest). The gin and tonic tasted pretty good and we went a few more rounds of joking back and forth before the drink was drink, the butt was smoked, and it was time to pay the piper.

We went to his room and I thought he might be awkward, but after closing the door he pretty much lunged at me and we did some serious making out. "Oh yeah, we can just do this all day," I said when we came up for air, and I meant it. I felt him up and down and put my hands between his legs and his motor was going on full throttle.

He laid back on the bed and I bent over to make out with him and I guess I felt a little tripped up. The situation here was a lot like I remember in my 20s, when I was dating, before I turned into a big whore who gets express service from admitted and unashamed cumgobblers and holemonkeys. He had a big fuzzy sweater on, and sexy swirlie indie rock was playing. I love sensual sex but this all felt a little on the romantic side and something in my gears was seizing up. I certainly wasn't gonna ask this sweet little fella to guzzle my spooge. But he *was* very cute and I *did* have two weeks worth of cum in my nuts, so I was determined to make it work out. Just then my cell phone started buzzing, though, and I thought it might be work, so I had to stop making out with him to check it; that put even more of a damper on my arousal. This was stressing me out a little. I didn't think I could do much other than whip out my tool and let him suck it. So I did. I stood up and pulled down my zipper and revealed my wang.

He didn't seem shy here either, and went to town on me. And it felt nice, but I just wasn't getting hard, and the angle was awkward with him lying down and me standing to his side. He didn't seem daunted, but just kept at me. This was a good sign. A lot of guys would freak out after about 90 seconds of blowing someone without them getting hard, and totally give up. So I figured I'd try to calm down and go with it.

We were both getting too overheated so I relieved him of his itchy sweater first. He pulled off another shirt under that to reveal a white tee that clung to his tight little body. He wasn't built and was quite thin but I liked it. I laid back and let him have full access to my groin and he feasted on me. He was a trooper-- not as skilled as some cocksuckers I've had but he did good and I got thick, but still too rubbery to really enjoy it. Ugh! And then I leaned too hard against a window shade that came crashing down all over me. We both laughed, and he apologized and nervously put it back up, but everything seemed intent on killing this groove.

So I stood back up again, pulled my pants of, pulled off my shirt, and pulled off his skinny jeans, to reveal a pair of briefs stuffed to overflowing with what looked like an 8" tool oozing precum like crazy. He seemed weirdly embarrassed but it was really a sight to see on his slender 5'9 frame. I ran my hands over the underpants a bit but pulled them off too and just this monster schlong sprang free. Things were looking up.

I laid on top of him and we made out furiously; he hitched his legs around me and held my back and I ground my dick into his groin, which was very slick with the copious precum he was oozing, and my dick stiffened completely within seconds. This was really all I needed. And once it was hard, everything changed-- the energy was fiercely sexual and he was even hungrier for me than before, and I for him. I felt around for his ass while I humped him and found it to be little, fuzzy, and round. Very nice. I slid my fingers up into the cleft and felt a very hard thick penis root, matching his crazy huge tool, and a nicely filled out scrotum. His breath quickened noticeably as I stroked his taint and he pressed against me and shook a bit. This excited me even more and I felt my bone harden like steel alongside his. He clearly wanted to suck my dick more so he got back down there on hands and knees and I got to see his smooth back spread out before me with those fuzzy asscheeks at the end. He looked pretty good for a skinny little guy-- awesome v-shape to his torso. I told him to stay like that and moved around to put my face in his ass. And he went nuts. I didn't know how bottomy he was exactly before we ever talked, but he responded beautifully, though he seemed very tight down there. I just ate the hell out of him, holding that prize of a cock in one hand, feeling his precum flow freely all over my fingers. He would be serious fun to fuck. I let go of the schlong and held both hips in my hands, pushing up against the bones to pull his hole to my face, and he seemed extremely excited to be treated this way. I toyed with fooling around down there with my dick to see if he'd push back on me and let me in. But again I was inhibited a little by how we'd talked before we met. It really felt like two worlds colliding, somehow.

We fooled around pretty intensely in a mist for at least an hour; my nuts were aching to unload. The music had run out long before, and he said he wanted to put on more. I made a joke about how he must not have thought I could last but he was wrong, and he laughed and put the sexy indie back on repeat. As he bent over his computer I sidled up behind him and ate his ass some more; he just leaned on his desk and took it and moaned a little, rather demurely. Then he knelt before me and sucked me some more, looking up at me for approval. I led him back to the bed; all I wanted to do was pound my body against his. Something about the cigarettes and gin mixed in his breath, coupled with an overall soapy wholesome cleanliness to him, was driving me crazy. I got back on him. His face was red. I was soaked with sweat. I stuck my dick between his cheeks and pounded, and he held my ass tight, the most awesome thing a bottom can do to a top. I put my dick on his and fucked it. I pressed my whole weight against him and pounded. I sucked his collarbone, chewed his neck. And then moaned out "Oh no" as I started cumming all over him. I reared up a bit to fist my tool and he watched me defile his tight smooth body with my thick goo. "Kiss me while I cum," I said, and he did. He started beating off but couldn't seem to quite get there, and just kept looking at my cum. To help him along I touched the side of his body, the inside of his thighs, cupped his balls, but it's when I ran my fingers between his cheeks again, along the hard fuzzy bulging taint, that he let loose his own gelatinous load. We kind of stayed frozen in place, with him on his back and me panting over him, supported by one arm, until the room came back int focus.

"OK well that's it, goodbye," he deadpanned, and I laughed. Then looking mock-serious and dissed, I said, "Where's my two hundred dollars?" He got us towels and I took a shower, and when I got back to the room he was in a fresh pair of tightie whities. We talked a bit about his books, the job he recently lost, and his desire to learn to program computers. I gave him a little advice, and he was just ridiculously cute in general.

When I got home there was a nice message for me on Scruff saying he'd had fun. Always nice to see something like that. I wonder how often he hooks up? I wonder what he'd think if he knew I was such a big dirty whore?


  1. Great stuff. I was right there with you in the room! (and have a boner to prove it!)

    If only you had a photo to share! I wish there were more skinny "jewey looking guys" here in the land of Zion.

    1. Thanks Jack! Glad the energy of my sex life is spreading across the country to you!

      He's super, super cute, and his Scruff picture barely looks like him-- he's definitely playing up the nerdiness there, wearing "ironic" (at least I hope they're ironic) big round glasses, and taken with a lens that kinda fish-eyes his nose and eyes, making him look like an un-cute nerd instead of a cute one. So even if I posted the picture you wouldn't get the idea.

      His hair was so, so black. That makes my dick so, so hard.

  2. This one sounded like so much fun! I miss those encounters with slightly innocent guys who just want an excuse to be defiled.

    1. It was pretty fun, though I think in the end my taste is for guys who are just big whores like me and happy about it. I like being able to let my hair down, so to speak.

  3. I have to agree with the others that your encounter sounds like so much fun. I, too, was imaging myself in the room sucking his dick while you feasted on his ass. Thanks for another hot entry (pun intended).

    1. Oh wow, Jack… your working through my old posts is making me revisit all these old experiences. I really kinda miss that guy-- he was really witty and fun to talk to on Scruff after we hooked up. I feel like at some point I said kind of the wrong thing-- I can make pretty stupid jokes-- and he quit replying, and then vanished completely. The neighborhood has gotten so expensive that I can only assume he moved to a cheaper place. Not a lot of guys are that interesting or witty or funny to me… so I really kinda miss him, even though we just hooked up once and chatted for a month or so after.