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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stud Service

Today I wasn't particular interested in fucking, though I had some time free-- my partner wanted to go do stuff in Manhattan but the trip there is so arduous with the subways under the river still flooded that I begged off, instead spending the early afternoon running around to discount stores and buying up about $300 worth of cleaning supplies, diapers, baby wipes, and tampons (can't forget the ladies) to dump on Staten Island and the Rockaways, which were harder hit than Manhattan but seem to be getting less attention. I dropped this all off at a surf shop inexplicably located on the East River that was running a collection drive, garnering a nice hearty thank you from the volunteers who grew ever more goggle-eyed as I kept bringing more and more bags from my car. Then I came back home to yack on the phone and relax a little. But habit had me logging back in to Manhunt and Adam4Adam and BBRT just for background entertainment, and I was propositioned by a bunch of hot guys who were completely unreachable on their separate little island. But when I was about to sign off and go read I was buttonholed by Flip Stud, who hits on me like every three weeks, and who I love plowing and spooging in, but who really is too insistent. I have come close to making plans with him twice since I last juiced him up and then backed out, and felt like if I didn't go fuck him again soon he'd go away for good. And I *really* like his body; just thinking about its thick musculature is making my dick hard as I write this. But honestly I wasn't even all that horny. I wavered back and forth but he said he hadn't been fucked since the last time I did him, and I felt almost obligated to go inseminate him. Stud service, if you will. Sighing with the heavy responsibility of tophood, I got in the car and drove up to Queens to do my duty.

I got up there fairly quickly, and parked near his place, only to see a text he'd sent while I was parking that he was just now getting in the shower. It was cold out and there's not a lot of interesting street life where he is in Queens, so I was just basically wandering around in the wind waiting for him to get done cleaning up and let me in to his place. By the time he got back to me I'd been there almost a half an hour and wanted to leave, feeling very cranky; I don't know why he waited 20 minutes to get in the shower after I told him I was coming over. "You said you thought traffic would be bad," he said as we went up the stairs to his place. And I had... but it turned out the highway was almost empty, though all the surface streets in Brooklyn and Queens are totally clogged with lines of cars waiting in line to have fistfights at the pump over nonexistent gasoline. I worried this mood and my cold limbs would make for bad sex. But as soon as I put my hands on his shapely, firm, meaty body, my dick engorged with blood. Such a contrast to last night with the little nerd, where getting a boner took so much effort. I'm actually more attracted to the nerd in many ways, but a hot body eager to be fucked raw without restraint trumps everything, I guess. I was almost fully hard just from brushing my lips against his, breathing in his ear about how much cum I was going to fuck into him, and running my hands over his ample buttocks. I pulled down my pants, commanded him to his knees, and he sucked my dick with that intense, velvety pressure he knows perfectly how to apply, and I was bone-stiff and throbbing within seconds. I wish everyone knew how to give head like this. Good head is so fuckin beautiful, and bad head is so fuckin useless.

I didn't have a ton of time, as I knew my partner would be ferrying back from midtown within the hour and I didn't want to keep him waiting for me to ejaculate in some kid in Queens. So I turned him around and pushed him over on the bed and tried to work my dick in. "Slow," he reminded me, "I haven't been fucked in so long." And there was no hope of me getting my dick in there. It felt like he'd pre-lubed when I stuck a finger up there, which I wish guys wouldn't do, since I like to eat them out, but his ass is a beauty and that opens him up nicely, so I got down on my haunches and stuck a probing tongue in his cleft. It didn't taste off, so I think maybe he was just somehow magically lubricating for me, which some bottoms seem to do. I lapped away at him and he moaned with pleasure and just crouched there with his ass out and his body immobile, receiving my ministrations in what seemed like rapt attention. My dick was achingly hard in my hand as I ate and ate and ate. He seemed to be loosening nicely around my tongue, but not quite ready. I left him on all fours, ass-up, and went around to his face and stuck my bone in his mouth and he sucked and sucked and sucked my head with such skill I was fucking dizzy. His body was as beautiful as ever spread out in it's v-shaped glory between my thighs. I had to get in.

I flipped him on his back and he pulled back his legs all the way to make himself flat and open for my assault. I pushed myself in, hard. I sank in most of the way, but he grimaced and asked for lube. I like it natural with nothing more than spit and body fluid, but I wanted him to enjoy it too, so I slicked myself up and pushed back in, pulled out to use a bit more, repeating three or four times till we had just the right combination of slickness and viscosity to give him the ideal pistoning. I pushed in up to my balls and felt a tightness around my dickhead somewhere deep inside him, then pushed even harder, and he winced. I thought I'd hurt him again, but when I pulled out and fucked him more shallowly, he said, "Deeper, go deep," almost with anguish in his voice, so I forced it in deep again, till my balls were against his body, and growled into his ear, "Is this what you need?" He nodded, face still a contorted mask of something I've clearly never felt before. And so I reamed him hard, wrestling his limbs and putting all my weight behind the thrusts.

I deep-dicked him like this, face to face, dripping with sweat, for about twenty minutes, nonstop in and out. My dick never softened or got tired of the sensation. His face never relaxed. But then I needed a rest, so I pulled out and laid my vein-popping choad along his belly, and laid flat on top of him. He wrapped legs around my waist, and then his arms around my back, and it felt like heaven. Then he pulled his arms away, but I whispered in his ear, "No, touch my body," and he put his hands back on me, lightly stroking the hair on my back up and down (sorry dudes, I got a hairy back). This is actually something my partner usually does when we are cuddling, and typically feeling anything reserved for my partner during sex with random dudes makes me recoil. But I was so hard and so excited by his body and breathing his breath that it just made my dick throb harder and swell up even more, like it would burst. I just held myself against him like that, dick oozing, brain spinning, and let the tingling pleasure wash over me.

I had to get back in. So I aimed the missile at his hole and pushed again. And resumed pounding him, making the bed slam into the wall. About this time I heard someone come in to the main room and sneeze repeatedly. I kept plowing anyway, thinking about how absurd sex is, with the moist sucking sounds of his hole alternating with the sneezing. I know his roommate doesn't know he's gay, but he had to be hearing this racket. I didn't care. I kept pounding with my whole dick, the meat of my body slapping wetly against his. I wanted to fuck him for another hour, I didn't ever want to cum. This was really fuckin nice.

Then he began stroking the hair on my back again. And I instantly blew my fuckin wad, over and over, fucking it into him, moaning with pleasure. I haven't cum that hard in a long time. Jet after jet after forceful jet deep into the warmth of his body.

I lay atop him panting, with my dick still inside him, for at least another two minutes. He would pulse his muscles around my dickhead, milking out the last drops, and I would pulse my shaft, making my meat swell inside him, and we alternated back and forth. It was sloshing a bit in my mess. "Oh my God... You have me so wet inside," he said with wonder, "so much cum inside me." My urethra actually stung a little inside from the force of it. My dick was slowly softening but still thick. I pushed it in a little a few times.

The tendons in my groin were starting to ache from the position I was in, and I knew I had to finally pull out of him. His ass had tightened up again and was making it hard to draw out my dickhead. He grimaced again as he had when I first pushed in, but I pulled back till I popped out.

I seriously needed a shower. He looked out into the hall, told me he'd opened the bathroom door and I wouldn't be seen, and gave me a robe. I cleaned up a bit, and went back to the room, dressing. He liked my new sneakers. We chatted about nothing, the hurricane, his latest break-up. When I left I got a glimpse of his roommate sitting on the couch and conspicuously ignoring us; he was tall and gangly but kind of attractive, actually. Flip Stud says he has a girlfriend but fucks a different asian girl every week in his bedroom. What a den of dirty sluts that place is.

He led me downstairs to the door of his building. I patted his juiced-up ass on the way out, and he laughed a little, knowing how loaded up with my seed he was. I'm pretty sure he got just the stud service he needed. And driving back home, in the breathtakingly clear evening, I felt satisfied with the good I've done today.

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