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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ultra Meat

Fuck, I love Ultra Meat!

He came over today, a couple of hours after I slipped over the edge from a normal, sexually sated person to completely dismayed at my endlessly swelling nutsack, increasingly full of cum relentlessly pumped out by my mindless balls, every second of every day since I last got off. When I felt my hormones cross that threshold, I texted him to come over and see how many times he could get me off. And it went unanswered for hours, leaving me scrambling for other relief vectors and being prickteased by a very cute little cub in Fort Greene who seemed spooked at my intense insistence on his ability to suck me for as long as I wanted. And just as I was about to give up, the big guy texts back, asking if I'm still free, and I have an hour and so does he, and he comes over dressed in tight blue jeans, a black leather jacket, and a black wool cap pulled down over his brow. His powerful legs stretch the denim in his pants to the point that anyone would look at him and spontaneously think, SEX. Before he was even through the door I had my hand between those thick thighs, groping at his cunt. He bent over to untie his shoes and I stood behind him, admiring the protruding ass and then pulling his hips back to mine. He has an easy, good-humored manner, and he laughed and pushed back into me, and I let go, saying, "Let me let you concentrate on untying your shoes." He laughed again, squatting down this time, flipping his laces all around, saying "I have tied them into knots trying to pull them off too fast." He then stood up to full, majestic height, threw the jacket and skull cap on the couch, and we went back to the bedroom.

I brought my face up to his and held it close, without touching, and his breath hissed out with excitement. He brushed his thick lips against mine and then held them a few millimeters apart. I stroked his hard, muscular torso up and down, saying "So fucking beautiful, so fucking beautiful," and he said, "I'm so fucking hot for you." I ran my hands up his lats, fingered the deep ridge in his back muscles down to those huge buttocks, then slid my hands over his already hard meat. And he ran his hands over mine, which this slow tease had made harder and harder with each heartbeat; it was now a painful steel rod waiting to spring free. I bit into his neck and his breath trembled, his knees shook. "Please swallow my cum today," I cooed into his ear. He started a little, then weakened. I knew he was still shy about it, despite all his claims he would drink me down. "I'm so hot for your dick, you have the perfect dick, I need your dick," he whispered. "Take it out, man," I whispered back. And he did.

That velvety tongue. That suction. That handsome face, slack with the pleasure of worshiping another man's sex, worshiping his own sex, worshiping pleasure itself. His skin is so smooth, his body is so perfect, and all he cares about is making my dick feel good when we are together. An unbelievable gift. My feet were ice-cold but he said, "Put them on me," and I did, wrapping my thighs around his massive torso and putting my feet on the small of his back just above the swelling of his assmeat. Being enveloped in me only made him suck me more intensely, more desperate for the pleasure of contact and penetration. I reared up and he joined me, and we knelt in front of each other, taking turns with one of us holding our dicks together and stroking them as a pair, and the other running his hands over the other's body. "You feel so good," he cooed as I stroked him, and I pushed my mouth against his and we sucked each other's lips as I closed my eyes and just felt the shapes of his muscles mold my sliding hands.

He's fucking unbelievable.

I pushed him on his back and pressed my body into his, and it was just too much, too much, I hadn't felt that good in so long. I circled one hand under the small of his back and pulled him up to me, grinding my oozing dick against his, and with the free hand reached under and stroked his asshole. "I want inside there," I growled, full of desire. "I want you in me raw," he whimpered, and I believed him but knew he wouldn't go that far. I slid my dick down into the deep cleft of his ample ass and rubbed all over the hole so he could imagine what it would be like to be fucked by me, so close to the real thing. "You would fuck me so good with your raw dick, it would be so good," he whined, slapping his hands behind my neck and pulling my head against his neck while I ground away. "I wish you were my man," he said, almost to himself. "I wish you could fuck me every day."

Intense desire and pleasure inside this amazingly formed sensual beast.

In the end, I just came all over him again, a huge series of long jets that covered his entire, perfectly muscled torso. He positioned his head under my dick after I was done shooting and licked my cumhole with the most tentative of tiny tongue motions. I stroked his face and neck and smiled indulgently but let him do this for a good while-- for a dick that is typically way oversensitive after cumming like mine, this was actually very nice treatment, but if he wanted to get me off again, he'd have to do a little more than that. Finally I said, "You don't have to, I can tell you're still shy." And he opened his eyes and looked at me. "Shy?" he balked. And he defiantly sucked my whole half-soft, half-hard dick down into his silky mouth, rolling it over his tongue. I asked if he wanted me to clean the cum off his body. He shook his head no. He stroked his thick bone while I fed my rubbery dick to him. Then I lay back and cradled his head on my thigh as he suckled away like a baby for five minutes or so. I occasionally hardened up a bit and every time he felt this it drove him wild. But I knew we had limited time, and most of the hour was up already. I wasn't going to cum again. I put my free thigh along the length of his body, stroking my foot through his rough pubes, getting it slick with my thinning cum. He pulled my foot up to his face and sucked my big toe, and licked the arch of my foot till I started laughing. "I'm too ticklish for that," I said, and he smiled that good-natured, cool smile, and sucked my dick a little more, then grew so excited he suddenly came, sucking away at my meat the entire time. As soon as he shot his last shot, he popped me out and lay there panting.

I stroked his chest and heck and head for a long time after that; he seemed to start to fall asleep. Then he woke up with a start and asked what time it was. He had about fifteen minutes to clean up and get home. We chatted a bit about open relationships-- he has a boyfriend too but was not terribly forthcoming about their arrangement. I was frank about mine, saying I was free to do as I like when my partner is too busy to be with me. "Good for me," he said earnestly, as he pulled the skull cap back on and pushed his way out of the apartment.

Sometimes it's good to enjoy the same pleasures over and over. As long as they're packaged in a body like Ultra Meat's.


  1. Once in my lifetime I would love to be described like that by someone who desired me as much as you desired him. It's a shame you don't fuck your readers, many of them would be incredibly flattered by what you say about them.

    1. I think many of them might not be, too :^] If you're reading everything you know a decent fraction of my hookups aren't so great. But this guy is definitely in a class by himself...

  2. I could be wrong but, I certainly understand why you would be hesitant in fucking your readers. You tend to tell it like it is and that might be a little bit much for some to handle. But...you sound like you would be sooooo much fun!

    1. Right, Jack… knowing someone would run right back here to see what I said about him would completely put a damper on the sex. (I've had guys who recognized me from the blog on hookup sites say they didn't care what I said, they just wanted to get me off, but *I* would no feel comfortable about it. I like to lose myself in sex completely, and I don't think I could do that with a reader.)

      As for whether or not I'm fun… well, you'd have to get with me for real to know, and then write about me on YOUR blog!