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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Tonight I shot my first wasted load of 2013, all over the dark body of an extremely sensual Arab kid, still in college, maybe 21 years old. But I honestly didn't mind. He'd chased me all week on Scruff, wanting a "passionate fuck" from me, but I kept having to blow him off over and over as family issues interfered. He was in fact last night's backup plan. Tonight was my last night here in my hometown and I took everyone out for a hilarious birthday dinner for my mom, then was supposed to go bowling with my nephews. Dinner ran very late, and then every bowling alley in the city had an hour wait for a lane except one, which we sped over to desperately, only to find that a thousand people showed up in the intervening twenty minutes and now there was an hour waiting list there, too. I apologized to my nephews and took them home, hugged them and lectured them briefly, and decided it was time to reward the Patient Arab with a hard thick bone in his ass. We hadn't talked about raw or wrapped. I felt almost satanic thinking I would try to insinuate my bare cock into a young kid's vulnerable innards, despite my recent clean bill of health.  But I wanted a reward after a stressful week of filial duty. And if he wanted a "passionate" fuck, I knew he was ripe for seduction with my masterful ways. I felt somehow confident I could work my way into him skin on skin.  In the end it was not to be, but what I got was almost as good.

It took a while for him to respond to my texts, during which I cruised for other ass shamelessly in the parking lot of a gas station down the street from my nephews' house. Eventually he replied and said I could come over; he was just coming home from campus. He lives way on the other side of town but I could make it in half an hour. A thick fog had descended over the city and barreling through the dark countryside felt vaguely dangerous. Few people were on the road with me but they wanted to race. I won. I had an ass to plug after all. I passed them all and made it to the kids place in great time.

I traipsed up the stairs to his apartment as knocked and waited. Nothing! I texted him "I'm here." Nothing! I called and he didn't answer. Wtf! I couldn't believe this. Dudes are idiots in this town as it is, but I began to wonder if an Arab kid was the best choice of sex partner. I began to feel had. I waited a little longer then went back to my car. Finally he replied, just as I was about to leave. Whew! I went back up and this time he had the door open and was standing in it looking sheepish. He was very cute just like in his pictures. I went in.  He apologized and kissed me, rather hungrily and ineptly. I kissed back properly, and he instantly switched gears, realizing how I wanted it, and have me his mouth sensually and intensely. That was more like it. I went to take a quick leak and when I came back he was half-reclined on the couch. I leaned over him and kissed his mouth some more, very slowly lowering my body over his. He strained up to meet me and as I sank down hitched his legs over mine and clasped my back fiercely, sliding his tongue along mine all the while. When the full weight of my body was pressed into his he began pumping up against me, and I felt his hard young dick straining rather hugely in his shorts against my rapidly swelling meat. I stoked his neck with my beard, hugely coarse and overgrown after a week here with no trimming tools to keep it under control. He was responding to my advances like a sensitive musical instrument and the kissing was fuckin heaven. This was a good old-fashioned make out and grinding session, like something I would have done in high school. I loved it and savored it. His neck and ear were exquisitely sensitive. But when I bit his neck he hissed "Be careful, no hickies," in a rather syrupy Arabic accent.

I growled into his ear, "Can we go to your bed," and he nodded his head against my neck, languorous and drunk with pleasure.  I stood up and held out my hand to pull him along with me. Once in his room I ripped off all my clothes, wanting to feel free, and he stroked my dick and still-trimmed balls in a way that made me thrill. We fell into bed, him still clothed, and made out and groped each other still more. Finally he was naked too and I was on top of him with my dick between his legs and my dickhead massaged beautifully by his very thick meaty deep-cleft buttocks. I fucked my body against his feeling enveloped in his flesh even though I wasn't penetrating him and he was all over me, writhing with all the pleasure any bottom would feel with my hard tool raw and hot inside his guts, pressing against the prostate. There was an amazing connection between us, though I did notice his sweat had a fruity, pungent smell that was exactly like my own pheromone-laden armpit sweat, when I am excited. It wasnt in fact mine-- it was clearly coming from his body-- but I found it a slight turn-off to be grinding into someone who smelled exactly like me. That was weird. Everything else was fucking perfect.

And we 69ed-- his dick was two inches longer than mine easily, ramrod straight, with a chiseled wide dickhead hard as marble as only a 21-year-old's can be. I easily fit the whole thing in my thoat because of the intense desire he ignited in me. He was making my own dick feel incredible.

And I ate his ass out while he moaned like crazy, hungrily reacting to my tongue thrusting into his hole, which was beautifully firm and slit-like deep in his ass cleft. I positioned my dick there and pushed and he pushed back, clearly wanting me au naturel. But he was too tight. I gently tongued and fingered him and he moaned and moaned. And I tried to push in again with my tool. I was gonna fuck the stuffing out of this incredibly sexy kid.

But then he said, "I may not be completely clean. I didn't expect you tonight." Foiled! I wanted it so fucking bad. "I could go clean for you now," he offered magnanimously. But I slid back down beside him, saying "Don't worry, let's not interrupt our rhythm." He smiled and drew close to me as if by magnetism. We fit together beautifully. I admired his curly lips, his firm nose, and intensely manly Arabic eyebrows. And felt our thick meaty dicks sliding and oozing against each other. He finally asked me to cum. I said, "ok... Kiss me while I cum." And he did, and just that intense pleasure of body against hungry body drew the sperm out of my nuts. I let it flow with my body pressed against his at first but then reared up to jerk out the rest and give him a nice fireworks show. The sight of my white manly emission spurting all over him made him let out a kind of falsetto gasp and he squirted his own juice out all over himself. His torso was soaked with liquid pleasure.

He didn't kick me out. He didn't jump up to wash. For about an hour we lay beside each other, talking about school, family, Saudi Arabia, science, subways, sex, work. I did most of the talking; he egged me on and drew me out expertly for such a young kid. But his own comments were very interesting and I didn't want to stop talking and stroking his body. But it got too late. I had to get up. We thanked each other about five times, following each round with more kissing and wrapping of body around body. I could barely pull away. But finally I did and went out into the white foggy night.

What a wonderful unexpected experience.

On the drive back to my sister's I saw an old-timely military bus-like vehicle painted with a cool logo advertising a clothing company I never heard of, which I assumed was a local creation. My partner, I imagined, would be filled with excitement seeing that, wanting to see the clothes and find out about the company. I suddenly deeply missed him. Paradoxically, fantastic freeing sex with strange mem only makes me feel more happiness and fulfillment with my partner, and an excitement to be at his side again. It's very strange. But I need to go home to him now. I need to.be home in New York.


  1. Damn! Now I want to try some Arab meat. Nice story.

    1. I've actually been with a few Arabs, Jack, and one thing I can say: they have big, gorgeous dicks. And they're very, very sensuous and open in bed. Definitely go try for yourself. There must be at least one Arab in Utah!

  2. I know what you mean about the sensual aroma of many Arabs...woof. And, they certainly "get" man2man sex.

    1. He was awesome. Funny you mention aroma... like all Arab dudes, he had on a pretty nice cologne, but unlike most of them, he kept it to a minimum. It was kind of nice. The no-cologne mafia is in its ascendancy and by and large I agree with it, but sometimes it's nice when a guy has a smell he's picked out... it's sort of another way to connect with who he is.

  3. Sending good thoughts to you on those family issues. I hope everything is ok. And a Happy Birthday to you mom.
    Best to you.

    1. Aw thanks, Victor! There are some small signs that one of my nephews is waking up a bit since I dressed him down last week-- he honestly looked like he was going to puke the entire time I was talking to him, and he ran home and burst into tears in his mom's room when I left-- but who knows how long that will last. All I can do is hope. The whole situation with my sister and her kids is pretty awful... so hard to watch.