web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Roses

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Today I got the kind of head I wish everyone could give-- silky, firm, focused, enveloping, constant, eager, incredible head, making every inch of my dick feel like the only fucking dick in the world, pulling my nuts tight up against my body with the ache of pleasure. Who gave me this beautiful, duct-flooding sensation? Why, the Second String Cocksucker, who I led on and then dissed yesterday. He seemed so crestfallen that I wouldn't let him suck my dick yesterday that I told him he could come over today. My partner was scheduled to work and I figured I could give him some of my afternoon. But this morning my partner's boss told him everything was cancelled due to the snow. We thought we had a nice bright, not too cold day to do whatever we wanted together. We had a nice lunch, during which the chain was yanked again and he was called into work anyway. I was a little depressed at this point and not at all horny, but I thought, well, at least I don't have to blow this guy off again; how hard can it be to lay back and let him get his fill of dick, even if I don't feel into it? Turned out not to be hard at all, though I certainly didn't just lay back with him.

The guy is pretty young, in his mid/late twenties I believe, and showed up looking a little less cute that his picture-- his skin was a little sallow and blotchy-- but still a nice-lookin kid. He seemed rather shy and laughed nervously as he came in, apropos of nothing. I asked if everything was cool, wondering if he was not into it or something, but he said it was OK. He went to the bathroom and when he came out we got down to business pretty quickly. We kissed a bit, rather perfunctorily, I thought, and his hands were all over my crotch. I figured let me unzip and let him have what he wants already.

Some guys just really fucking know what to do with a dick. Damn.

When I got on the bed he came up beside me, with his pants pulled down partway, laying his torso across the bed and his legs dangling off the side, a beautifully smooth, creamy ass gleaming roundly at the edge. I could stroke his back and cup his buttocks as he expertly, expertly ran his mouth up and down my tool, applying particular pressure on the out stroke, which is definitely my favorite-- it's as if the mouth cannot let go of my bone even as it is sliding away. It feels fucking awesome. His body was fairly lean and taut. There is just nothing like young skin-- I forget about it every time, but when my hands are on it, there is no mistaking the sensation. He let go of my dick long enough to pull his pants and shoes all the way off-- he'd been sucking me with them on up till that point-- and positioned himself between my thighs, where I could admire the long arabesque of his back, his thick thighs bent to the side just so, that perfectly sexual angle of a man lax with sexual submission, that fucking ASS. My dick was hard as a rock. His hair was buzzed on the side but long and floppy on top-- I'm liking this haircut all the kids have; it gives me both the feeling of very short hair that I find a turnon, but also a silky mop to grab onto while his head is in my lap making my dick sing. I noticed him fiddling a lot with his nipples, and reached into his shirt to tug them as he sucked me, and his whole body radiated pleasure. His nips were big, bead-like, thicker in the middle and end than where they connected to his body, and rolled effortlessly in my hands in a way that made his hips grind against the mattress. Nice.

I tried to pull his shirt off but he was not going to let go of my tool. Instead he kept sucking and raised one arm to let me pass it through the arm-hole. Then the other arm, with the shirt bunched around his neck, and still he would not stop sucking. He loved my dick and I loved what he was doing. He just bopped off it for an instant and pushed the shirt away completely and clamped back down on me. I barely missed the presence of his tongue on all the best hot spots.

God, what fantastic cocksucking!

I let my body go limp with fascination at his skill, helpless in apprehension of his beautiful young body, but I couldn't submit to it for too long-- I had to feel his body against me, I had to stick my face in that ass!

I pushed his head up out of my lap and kissed him, then guided him onto his back and climbed on top of him. His body was long and pale, very lightly hairy, taut, with a Mayan tattoo on one shoulder and an anchor on the other. His balls were ample and his dick respectable. I pushed my body into his and he wrapped himself around me deliciously; I felt his legs hook around mine hard, felt him hungrily pull me into his embrace. He seemed to have slathered himself with some kind of lotion which smelt faintly of roses, which was very weird-- compared with how smooth and taut his skin was, it reminded me of fucking women, which was oddly arousing. Although even the women I've fucked wouldn't slather themselves with rose-scented lotion!

I just can't tell you how sensual and exciting it was being on top of him. And when I flipped him and ate his ass-- the texture, the taste, the tautness and suppleness of the flesh! I ate and ate and ate. And I positioned my dick on his hole and he wiggled and I popped in briefly-- I wanted to fuck this body so bad I could have cried. But he seemed a little tentative about this, and I popped out as easily as I popped in. Not wanting to ruin the groove we had going with a negotiation about fucking and possibly rubbers, I decided to save it. Although I could have fucked him all goddamn day. God... that body, that ass was made for fucking.

Instead I flipped him on his back, lay on top of him, and slid my dick down between his meaty buttocks, and with all my precum and the slickness I'd made between his cheeks, just thrusting against his muscle and bone, and feeling my dick slide against his flesh was heaven. And I pulled up and fucked his face, admiring his tool which was now hard as a rock. I had to taste that too. I turned so we had our dicks in each other's face, and we sucked each other and groped each other's body. His dick lengthened in my mouth amazingly-- he had seemed rather small at first but was now probably longer than me, though I am thicker. I took him down to the rough, hairy base, staring at his ass cheeks and balls laid bare before me, and gripping his hips as my eyes watered and I pistoned into his head, somewhere far below me. That tongue kept swiping expertly at all my hot spots as I bucked against him. His bone felt perfect in my throat. I just kept fucking his face, harder and harder, and just sucking and sucking on that tool with my whole throat, until I felt myself unloading everything my nuts had made into him. He lapped at me expertly and kept me cumming for what felt like twice as long as usual, and I never let up on his dick, either, tasting copious precum. I am honestly not sure I've ever cum into a guy with his dick inside me like that. I almost wish he had been cumming into me at the same instant. I can't imagine how exciting that would be-- to swallow and be swallowed at the same time. I can count on one hand the number of dudes I've swallowed. A rose-scented semitwink is not one I would have expected to want that with. But man, I wanted it.

Instead, I let go of his dick, and laughed with joy and release. He was fisting his tool and flicking his nips. I took over his chest, running my hand back and forth and back and forth from nipple to nipple, stroking under his balls with the other hand. He came thick gobs all over my wrist.

We rested a bit and this time we were both laughing. It was very fun, we both agreed. I got another t-shirt off the floor for him to clean up with-- getting to be a skanky habit. We talked and touched a little bit more. He was born in Mexico though his parents were both white. We talked a bit about the country, which I've been to and liked, and about New York and other American cities. He was a fairly interesting, intelligent person, though as we got dressed I felt him get a little more guarded with each passing minute. I had to walk to the subway to go into town myself, so I followed him out of the apartment, which seemed to make him even more uncomfortable, though we kept chatting a bit. At the subway he begged off, saying he needed to call a friend. So I left him on the street, with a weird handshake. Hm.

If he hits me up again, I gotta get my dick in his ass. I don't know if he'd take me raw or not. But if he did, he would be one awesome fuck. Stay tuned... we'll see.


  1. Please please give me his number so I can have him give my husband lessons! He's gives head like he doesn't own a dick himself.

    1. This is one of those guys who I see a few times on line, fuck around with once, and then never ever see again. I really liked him and would get with him again in an instant. But I never saw him again. That's one bad thing about those gps-based systems, I guess... he lived way uptown, and I'm not sure how he found me, and since I never made him a favorite or a buddy or whatever, he just slipped through my fingers. I wonder whose dick he's sucking now?

  2. If only it could be my dick. I live way uptown, too... The hunt begins.