web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Cockworship

Friday, February 22, 2013


Tonight I experienced the ultimate in cock worship. I'm still down south in the last couple of days handling some family issues, and had a night off. I'd spoken to a fairly handsome-looking older guy on Manhunt last night who sounded *ok*, not fantastic, but this visit has been fairly slim pickings when I go online (not that I have much opportunity to hook up, much as I'd like to). I really wanted to fuck, not get sucked, but all I found on that front was a guy with incredible pix who said all the right things and turned out to be a pricktease. So I figured I'd take what I could get-- I was already getting too pent up to fuck anyone properly anyway after not unloading since Monday. But then Apparently Handsome tells me he's not actually free till today. Which was iffy. But I decided to lie to my family, tell them I was having drinks with an old friend from High School, and get my dick sucked. I didn't know what to expect-- he didn't talk like the cock-crazy cum-gobbler I typically go for. And he wanted me to have my nuts shaved which made me think he was high-maintenance (I did trim my prodigious thicket for him a bit but I like being a hairy dude). But he texted me all day saying he was thinking about my dick, which was a good sign. So at 8 I went out into the gross cold rain and took my chances.

And boy, was I rewarded.

He lived in a modest little house in a once-decent, now fairly crappy part of town. He opened the door and looked more or less like his pictures, but not built like them-- they must have been from his mid-forties and now he is fifty with a basketball gut and rather spindly limbs. I had actually lined up another prospect, younger and cuter but much further away, in case Apparently Handsome didn't work out. I could have turned and left. But I guess all the texts lured me in. I thought eesh, what a position to be put in. He led me upstairs to his bedroom, which was dark except for a bunch of candles lit all around the room. After this stressful week, this seemed inviting. He had a giant bed waiting. I thought well, let's get my dick in his mouth. If he sucks bad I'll go up to young and cute. I told him to get on his knees and pulled out my Wang. He sucked.

And all my reservations drained away.

I don't know why no hot guy ever can suck me quite like this. It was perfect. There is something in the tongue, in the pressure, the touch, that conveys an utter love of dick and utter willingness to satisfy. He passed the audition so I tossed my clothes off and hopped on the bed and let him do his thing.

It doesn't hurt that even tubby guys look pretty good flat on their stomachs with their asses in the air. And the low lighting probably made us both look a lot more attractive. But more than anything, it was the reverence he had for my hard tool they kept me excited. For and hour and forty-five minutes he gave me nonstop oral attention, with only the briefest breaks to make out. I didn't really touch him much except on the face and shoulders and hands. I didn't try to eat his (actually quite shapely) ass. All attention in the room was on my cock. Through the lens of his worship it became a thing of awesome beauty even to me, and I periodically stroked its hard length up and down with my fingers as he sucked on the knob, marveling at this amazing cum-delivery machine of mine. Occasionally he stopped sucking and just held it in his hands and admiring it with wonder, or holding it at the tip and shaking it back and forth lightly, transfixed by its heft and turgidity as it bounced in my groin. He rubbed it all over his face. He put my balls in his mouth and just inhaled my sex. He genuinely worshipped me, and I let him for as long as I could stand it.

Outside a gentle cold rain was falling, tapping comfortingly against the windows. The firelight flickered. There was no other sound except my incoherent moans and urgings and his occasional overwhelmed whimper. He got me close over and over and knew exactly how and when to pull back. But finally I needed to cum in him. I gave a lot of rapid-fire commands about where and how to lick and to slow down and just letw cum, not make me cum. And he did, and I felt everything turn to liquid and I was firing jet after jet into his throat. He was squealing like a stuck pig and I was genuinely shouting my ecstasy. I came about as hard as you can imagine a dude cumming after having his tool expertly tongued by someone whose religion is cock.

For several minutes after he suckled at me with utter bliss in his face. As I shriveled to nothing he released me and said "I love sucking on soft dick, too." "It shrivels down to nothing," I apologized. He lifted me gently with two fingers, examined it with tenderness, and let it plop heavily back down against my balls. "It looks fantastic to me right now," he said. I was still a little engorged.

We lay in silence a bit, flat on our backs, with him stroking the hair on my belly. Slowly we began to talks bout our lives and our families. He had sons who sound a lot like my nephews. He seemed like a very decent guy who was a little disappointed at where he ended up at 50, but was positive. I'm not sure what I sounded like; at one point, listening to my response to some question, he broke in, saying "You've just said 'I don't know' four times." And no... I really don't know.

But I got my dick sucked! And honestly... Isn't dick-- your own or another man's-- the most beautiful thing in this earth? Sometime I fantasize that the homosexual taboo exists because even straight men adore dick-- their own and others'-- and would spend all day trading head if they weren't threatened with violence for it. But of course that is a fantasy; maybe with a grain of truth. Because anyone with a cock knows that four billion years of evolution was all directed at this ideal work of art. And it must be worshipped!


  1. I am down in rainy Alabama and wish I had anywhere near your worship experience man. Very hot - you've actually had some pretty amazing sex there.

    1. I did do pretty well this time, I'll say, despite it being a stressful time. Never been to Alabama, but if my hometown in the "shallow" south is the closeted nutfest I know it to be, I can only imagine what the deep south is like! I feel for ya; good luck.