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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today I had another go-round with Ultra Meat, who I guess has been really busy lately-- I haven't seen him online at all, and the time or two I asked him to come blow me he was out of town. Today he asked to come suck me and our schedules barely lined up for about 45 minutes in the afternoon, so he came over then. Honestly, I wasn't even horny today, preoccupied with work, some family stuff, and a general free-floating angst. On the one hand, he's so fucking hot I feel like saying no to him is some kind of hubris. But once he was on his way, I was like, I really just kinda don't care about getting off right now. And I started worrying this was going to be the first nail in the coffin with him or something, because I just wasn't that excited, and often a bad or lackluster experience with a regular is what sends thing to a slow, final heat-death. So what happened, Dear Reader? Taking bets now before it's revealed!

He showed up and things were weirdly awkward between us, setting me up for a script of disappointment. He was extremely sweaty-- when I put my arms around and felt it, I pulled away and asked if he just came from the gym, but he said no, he was just overdressed and had been in a hurry to get to me. It's unusually warm out today, so I could see that, but he was really just kinda grossly wet. He peeled off his clothes while I kicked off my pants. We'd kissed a bit but my mood had not really lifted. He crouched at my feet and suckled at me and whimpered about how much he missed my dick. But my heart was a stone! A stone! (And my dick was decidedly not a stone-- his sucking, as always, felt awesome, but the meat was not stirring.)

I told him I was preoccupied and had been stressed lately, which is true, and said I needed to get comfortable in the bed. He got between my legs and sucked me with that amazing skill he has, and pressed my only very slowly thickening meat to his face, praising my dick to the skies. I just relaxed and decided I didn't care what happened; I'd just let him suck me all he wanted. And I guess that's all I needed, because soon I was stiff and down his throat.

It didn't hurt that his insanely beautiful body was spread out before me, humping the bed like crazy while he blew me. His back was immensely meaty and his lats covered with small black hairs. His ass was straining against his tight gray briefs. I asked if I could eat it, and he looked at me shyly and said he hadn't showered. I wonder if he often says this to keep me away from it so I don't get him so hot he asks me to slide in him raw. My proclivities seem to loom large in his psyche, because as my slowly dick did get hard, he kept saying he wished I could fuck him raw, fuck him raw, shoot that load inside, yaddayadda. But so far the gate is closed to all traffic.

I flipped him on his bck and admired his body and clambered on top and the feeling of our dicks pressed side by side between our bodies was all the excitement I needed to be fully hard and electrically turned on. Our dicks are almost exactly the same size and a very similar shape. He precums more than me. He oozed all over my dickhead as I ground into him. As soon as he felt the full weight of my body on his, he grasped my back hard with his arms, hitched his legs around mine, and said, "I've missed you so much."

And then it was just a steady stream of comments about how one day I'm gonna fuck the hell out of his ass, he's gonna feel the heat of my bare dick inside him, I'm gonna feel his slick, hot insides, and he's gonna take my load and keep it deep within him. His face was a mask of frustrated pleasure. "You're so good in bed," he moaned, "I bet all those bottoms love you fucking them with your raw dick." And they do! But I said, rather cornily, "You're the only bottom for me right now." Then-- cuz it was true-- "You always make my dick feel so good, man. You make me forget everything but my dick and your body when we're together." And he liked hearing that, hitching himself to me tighter and going into orbit.

In the end, I came all over his body. "Do you want me to cum in your mouth?" I had asked, and he said yes. And then he looked shy again, and said, "Well, on my face. Cum on my chest and my face." So I reared up, and planted the first big jet along the whole length of his torso. Then, aiming high from between his legs, I let another squirt go. And bull's eye! It landed in a long stripe from his eyebrow, down his nose, over his lips, along his neck, and ending at his left pectoral. He gasped in amazement, his eyes practically bugging out of his head, and scooped up some of the cum on his body and beat himself off furiously in it, making squicky jerkoff sounds. I emptied more of my cum on him and he cried, "Put it in my mouth! Put it in my mouth!" So I did, and he sucked the last remaining drops out of me, popping all over himself as he tasted me. He was fairly well plastered all over.

There was a little more awkwardness after as he cleaned up and got dressed. I asked some questions but he seemed a little shy for some reason. Not sure what's up with that.

I'm not sure this strategy of spinning him up with tales of how I want to fuck him is going to pay off. It's definitely taking a lot of patience. It's not hard to wait because he really has an amazing body and a really wonderful sexual manner. But I know myself... before too long if I can't get my dick in him I'm going to lose interest. And that will be a sad thing. I guess I gotta just enjoy it while it lasts.


  1. My guess: it ended up being so hot, not only did he blow you, you also got in his ass bb?

    1. Heh... well I assume you read the rest. However, there is a small coda. Apparently while he was cleaning up in the bathroom, he saw a bottle of medicine I'm taking for an intractable case of jock-itch. He didn't mention it, but I'd noticed he was cold and weird before he left. The next day he texted me, asking if I was poz. I told him no, and that he might have noticed the band-aid on my arm, as I'd just had another HIV test a few hours before he blew me. He said he'd seen the medicine and looked it up and it was for poz people. I told him no, I really wasn't poz as far as I knew, and that I'd get him a copy of my results when they came in. I sent him pictures of them two days later-- negative again-- and he was thankful. But I wonder if he's spooked now and won't be back. Or, maybe, knowing I just tested neg, he'll come back right away, looking for cum up his ass. Who knows? The whole thing was quite ironic. Not sure what the future holds for me and Ultra Meat.