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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hot and Fast and NOW

Today I sexed up and cum-glazed the sweet hairy little body of a very cute latin dude in an intense session that was just ridiculously fun. While most guys clearly expend considerable efforts making their online photos as attractive as possible (me included), this guy was definitely underplaying what he had to offer, except for the big fat upward-curved, rock-hard dick in one of the pictures. I've been very cocksucky lately, and really just wanted to get off this today, so when he hit me up really early this morning, I thought hm, at the very least I can suck that pretty monster a while. I knew we'd talked some over the past year or two, verrrry occasionally, and he didn't have "Safe only" marked on his profile, so I thought maybe I could fuck his hairy, average-lookin body too-- I couldn't remember what we'd ever talked about and he wasn't buddy listed. I noticed he said in his profile he was a double Scorpio. I'm a Scorpio myself, and always find it weirdly arousing to fuck my own sign, although in general I find a lot of Scorpio dudes to be a little annoyingly over-demonstrative sexually, as if they believe their own press a little too much. But of course astrology is a bunch of crap, so I threw caution to the wind, not knowing exactly what to expect, and told him I would be free sometime in the afternoon if he wanted to suck me off, and asked for a number to text. He complied, saying maybe he'd be free at 4:30. It all depended on my partner's schedule-- I rarely hook up on Sundays-- but I said I'd try. As it turned out, I have a foot problem that has be stuck pretty local for a week, and my partner had a ton of errands to run, so once he'd left on his way, I texted Double Scorpio, expecting not to hear from him at all. Surprisingly he replied instantly, saying he was in Chinatown and could be here in an hour. I told him sooner was better, and he said ok, 35/45 minutes. And he showed up just when he said he would. That's service! And wow, he was cute!

He sort of did live up to about what I'd expect from a Latino double Scorpio-- he devoured my face and gripped me all over and all that. But I kinda liked it. There was something a little more toppy about his behavior than I typically like, but longtime readers know I will put up with absolutely anything for a handsome face. And he was just ridiculously cute, barely recognizable from his very average, almost homely photographs. He's clearly not photogenic. But man I wanted to put my dick in him!

Pretty quickly we quit the kissing and groping and just both took our clothes off. His body was much nicer than in his photographs as well, hairy, a beautiful brown color, covered with elaborate tattoos, including, I'm pretty sure, Jesus with outspread arms in all his glory across the front of his torso. I felt Jesus up and just whistled silently at the delectable curves of this guy's body. He was not built or muscular but just had the perfect tone and form to his flesh. When he bent over to pull off his (very cute) long johns, and first showed me his ass, I almost fell over. It hadn't felt like too much through his pants, but set free in the fresh air, it was… oh man. ASS, fuckin ASS, so sweet, so desirable. We made out more, very hungrily, sucking each other's lips, looking into each other's face, laughing. He was so much better looking than me, I don't know what he saw when he looked at me, but he seemed to be as happy as I was to be hooking up.

He got to his knees and sucked me rather inelegantly and slobberingly, and my partner decided to choose this point to send me text after text about gold wrapping paper. I adore my partner and occasionally apologized and stopped to reply a bit, then claimed my mom had called to quell the texts a bit. This did nothing for my erection. So… I flipped him onto the bed, and had to whistle again; not sure this one was silent, though.

We need new words, new vocabulary, a whole new grammar to talk about how ass can look to a horny top. The kind of ass that you don't just see when you look at it. Its curves, its color, the pattern of the hair, the temperature, the shape, everything comes to you in a synaesthetic jumble when you look at it; you feel how it will feel in your hands, against your face, how it will smell and taste, how it will sound as you lick and slap it. One glance at a perfect ass and all your nerves are on fire with anticipation and sexual understanding. Like a pianist recognizing how a Steinway will feel before he sits down to play the nocturne, the top in me knew exactly how it would be to play this ass.

I played that fuckin ass! He moaned and moaned and expressed great surprise at my apparent skill. Biting his thigh, I got a "Oh my god that feels good too," and licking behind his nuts was some kind of revelation to him; sucking down the balls and the licking up to the hole made him arch his back and turn his head to look at me with excitement, wanting to see me work on his rear, wanting to be closer. The curve in his back and the fullness of the ass in my face was overwhelming; I could have cum right on the floor right then and there.

We did other stuff. He sucked my dick some more, maybe a little hard for me. He liked to stroke my dick, also too hard, and look at me, and kiss me, saying, "I like to tease a dick, let me tease your dick like this, close to you." It was very sweet and nice. I like to meet another boy who, even if his technique is a little alien to me, so clearly loves sex, so clearly has his pleasures and is so purely gratified to get to enjoy them; it is a feeling of carnal brotherhood, kindred spirits trapped in lustful bodies. This is the kind of sex that makes you laugh and smile a little, and get a laugh and a smile in return. God, he was cute.

But no matter what else we did to each other-- humping, 69ing (and man it was awesome having my gullet full of his hard fat meat while he licked my dickhead all over), rubbing cocks, whatever-- he kept coming back to, "Will you eat my ass some more?" Such an earnest heartfelt request. I told him I never wanted to stop, he could have all he wanted. He wanted a lot. I wish my face was still in that ass now.

He kept asking if I wanted to cum, if we should cum on each other, then telling me not to cum. "I'm a big shooter too," he promised. "But don't cum yet." A man after my own heart! He got me close over and over, just looking at that hairy body straining its muscles with pleasure as he fisted his dick or shoved his ass in my face straddled above me made me want to unload my nuts all over the goddamn place. But I held it together and we just kept having fun. "Will you slide your dick all over my ass?" he asked at one point. He was like a kid asking for a cookie. I stood beside the bed and planted my dick right at his wet slippery asshole and gyrated my hips, not pushing in, but sending a clear message that was clearly received. It looked incredible. He liked it, but I know he didn't want to fuck today. So I slid my dick away from his asshole and up behind his nuts and mounted him and banged my body into his, looking into his face, sucking his ear, showing him what it would be like to get fucked by me. His eyes were closed and he was deep in the thought-free regions of Sexland. "GOD that feels good," he said. "Let me taste my ass," he said, finally opening his eyes, turning his head to me, looking me in the eye, kissing me. I kept reaming away until I was sure I'd gotten the point across. Maybe if there's a next time he'll be wanting the real thing. I got off and we tussled around on the bed.

And then he was straddling me and beating off and this sight of his body and face there naked before me was too much and I splattered all over him, five or six thick jets-- not as hard as I sometimes shoot, maybe because it was only about 35 minutes of fun, maybe because it got too heavy too soon-- but he liked it and fisted himself harder. To help him cum I reached up under him and tickled him behind his nuts, which were quickly rising into his body-- very hot. And he popped all over himself, leaning back, and he did shoot might nice, very pretty hard shots of cum. He was soaked with our mingled pleasure at the end and just flopped back on the bed.

"Lay behind me for a minute," he said, and I did, feeling the thick natural muscle under his hairy skin running all along his bones. But it was chilly in the room and I knew our love juice was going to turn from thick and appetizing to runny and cold pretty quickly. He opted to hop in the shower, and then I got him some water. We talked enthusiastically about nothing, occasionally letting each other know again how much fun we'd just had. He got dressed and bundled up and we awkwardly shook hands, then I pulled him to me and he kissed me enthusiastically, and said he hoped we'd see each other again.

If he doesn't run off when I ask to put it in him raw, he's got a deal! Man, I'd like to fuck this dude.

Ah, sometimes the cosmos is generous with us! How awesome!

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