web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Easing In

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Easing In

This morning my nuts felt very full from a lot of sexy chat with an extremely cute guy on Scruff last night that went nowhere. I logged on to all the sites and apps and was hit up pretty quickly by a guy on Mister who is apparently normally top but really wanted me to fuck him. He was a little tall and bulky looking, so I wasn't feeling it. My profile is short and sweet on that app, and pretty much only talks about how I'm going to fuck everybody, so I felt I had to explain that I pretty much like fucking smaller guys. But when I proposed he service my unit long and slow and edge me till I popped, he expressed enthusiasm. He was only a block away. Who can argue? It was nice and early in the day so I could get my ejaculation over with and focus on work with a light, cum-free nutsack. He was only one subway stop away, so he was here pretty quick. His pictures online had what I think of as "gay face"-- a certain bone structure, a certain clarity to the eyes, a certain intensity I associate with homos, especially rather piggish ones. He also looked a little Southern in the face in his photos-- not a look that turns me on much, a little too pretty. But in person, he was a big strapping muscular guy, with a booming deep voice, and while he was indeed very pretty, he was also extremely manly, with a thick neck, a salt and pepper beard that was darkest along the line of his firm chin and over his lip, huge shoulders, hands like slabs of steak. The pictures made him look a little fey but in person he was about the dudeliest guy I've been with in years. So of course an hour and a half later he was on his back, whimpering out of control because of the magic I was working on his nips, getting drilled up the rear by my diamond-hard fuckrod, asking me to shoot on his body but taking the first few squirts of extreme high-pressure cum inside that big beefy body. But it took some time to get to this utterly fantastic point!

The doorman for whatever reason didn't buzz him up, so he appeared a little unexpectedly knocking at my door. I opened it and his extreme handsomeness and that panty-melting voice of his seriously took me off guard in a way that made me feel almost like a teenager. We shared one verrrry nice kiss and I said "Let's just go to the bedroom," and he followed me, and I pulled off my shorts and pulled off my t-shirt and hopped in the bed-- very uncharacteristic for me-- and I said "How about you just get to work." He started taking off his clothes, revealing a big solid frame, with a bit of extra padding around the middle that wasn't out of control, and huge thighs. He had on a pair of dark cotton briefs which I stopped him from pulling down. "Leave those on for a bit for me," I said, "but take off the rest." He complied and clambered up on the bed, eyeing my vastly inferior body like it was some kind of exotic, expensive cupcake. He put his head between my legs, letting my balls rest on his forehead, and just inhaled. He rather reeked of man stink, which is the one thing I regretted about the encounter-- it just doesn't turn me on; a little is fine but not that day-old stuff-- but whatever well-scrubbed scent was wafting off my pubes snaked into his nostrils and made him drunk. His big hands-- really big hot sexy oh my fucking God hands-- gripped the thickest part of my thighs and then loosened, sliding down past my knees, over my biggish calves, down to my ankles, and over the soles of my feet. My dick was flopping around as horny blood coursed into it but he was not touching it; he was just enjoying a prolonged visit to Crotchland. I let him, it was exciting.

He finally sucked my meat into his handsome mouth and had me wanting to cum almost instantly. His technique was rather static-- he was a big fan of just getting completely impaled down the throat with my prong and holding it there in that moist warm place, grazing my balls with his stubbly beard, which was a very nice sensation, but I wasn't sure he would ever be able to make me cum with the things he was doing. He seemed a little uncomfortable with how intensely I was starting at his very, very, unexpectedly handsome face and kept wanting to kiss to obliterate my gaze, but when he sucked me I made sure to position us so I could see my dick disappearing into that amazing sight.

The best thing about the dude was revealed when I casually reached down to tweak the ridiculously big, fleshy nips hanging off his chest as he worked my dick over. His reaction was a little out of control; he had to have the most sensitive nips I ever touched. His body jerked as if electrified. When he had made me feel melty and relaxed from all the sucking, I pushed him onto his back, and climbed on top of him, put our dicks together (his was rather short and had a strong downward curve to it, but I did the best I could), pressed my hips against his, and then slooooowly sucked his left nippled into my mouth.

I know how these guys are. You can get a pretty good reaction just from chewing or flicking or whatever. But if you want to drive them out of their mind, keep them guessing. As more and more of the sensitive pink skin slipped into my mouth, his whole body shook and he cried out like an animal. His face was scrunched tight as if he was trying to keep himself from exploding. My tongue made come-here motions, like a crooked finger, up under the nip, licking from the chest into the aureole and then up to the tip in a forceful motion which made him rigid with delight. Two gentle teeth holding the very tip of the nip and very gently pulling it away from his body, then tugging it left and right with calculated motions of the head, had him practically tearing into my shoulders, completely out of control. I did everything I could think of to his chest and he was putty in my hands.

I wanted to put my dick in this. We had not talked about fucking raw, and as I recall on his profile said something that led me to believe he might be a true-believer against doing it (hard to tell, but that's the impression I got). But this guy would clearly let me do whatever I wanted to him at this point. Whenever I would let up and give him a rest, he'd just look at me and shake his head and go, "Holy MOLY." His ass was very meaty and the cleft was very deep; I kept slicking up my tool and sliding it down between them, and just sliding around down there was almost as good as fucking. It was so exciting I almost came twice. I carefully gauged his reaction, looking into his face for clues of how far to push and what reaction I would get. He looked like he was performing a similar but inverse calculation on me, trying to see what I was going to do. I let it go and presented my rigid, pulsing tool to him for more sucking.

He just curled up beside me, draping his arm, shoulder, and big back over my body and taking all my length into him and suckling slowly. All I could see was his back, his beautiful thick neck, the swirl of hair on the crown of his head, the back of his ears, his tattoos; I felt a silky nonstop lapping at my invisible dick. I just let him enjoy. But soon I was back working on this nips, fooling around near his ass, and we calculated and calculated. He clenched his ass cheeks often, he barred my entry… but then seemed to invite it despite himself. It was clear we were psyching each other out. It was sort of funny.

At least an hour went by like this. During one break, when he was lying beside me and we kissed while I stroked my verrrry happy erection, I told him, "Now I REALLY want to fuck you!" He laughed and said, "Against house rules?" I said no, that I felt like if I put it in I would pop instantly. This is an avenue where certain bottoms go HELL YES DO IT, but he was not that bottom. But he liked being told he was so handsome and meaty that I just wanted to fuck the holy hell out of him. And slowly he presented his rear, and I climbed on top, and slowly slowly slowly eased it in.

He kept saying "EASY EASY EASY" even with the most minor penetration, so I guess he really was typically a top. Finally I got my body in a good sort of base position, holding my tool rock-solid still at the perfect angle to go into him, letting him wiggle and creep back onto me. It took several minutes of coaxing, but I was finally in, and it was mighty fine. He turned that handsome face back to look at me, his raw top, and kiss me, and just take it. He looked extremely tentative, though; I almost felt bad, as if I were violating him. I turned him on his back and looked for another sign of what to do. I would hate to really enjoy fucking him if he felt like we were going too far. And almost imperceptibly, he smelled his hand, which he had used to spread his cheeks while I was on his back. So THAT was it! He just wasn't sure he was clean! The poor guy. I guess he was a dirty barebacker anyway; he just didn't want any embarrassment. The things we homos have to deal with...

Having seen all I needed to see, and detecting no problem myself, I hoisted back those gigantic legs, and drilled in, got some more "EASY EASY EASY" and then I was in him deep, and pumping into him like an oil derrick. And I sucked his nips and got another "Holy MOLY" and we fucked and fucked but he was pulsing too hard inside and I said, "You are going to make me cum man," and he stared at me in the eye and pulsed more and I said "Do you want me to cum?" and he said, almost comically feebly, "Will you cum all over me?" at the very instant I felt three hot wet pulses disappear into his warm heaving insides. I held myself as still as I could, willing my cum-muscles to stop, and somehow they did. He looked at me expectantly, and I said, "Just let me get past this, just wait…" and I felt the need to cum more pass, and I really reamed him then, and within thirty seconds I was ready to cum for real, so I pulled out and splatted him with the four or so smaller jets that were left in my testicles after the ones he took inside. And he beat himself into a frenzy and popped all over himself too, leaving his belly utterly slimed with our mingled, mutual pleasures.

He laughed. "OK then!" he said. "THAT is what a good time looks like." He pointed to the pool of gunk on his body. I slapped his thigh, told him he made me feel really good, and went to get a wet towel for him to clean up with.

We lolled around a bit and talked. He said, "I don't do that often"-- not sure if "that" was take big fat raw dicks or get fucked at all, but I got the picture-- "and I wasn't really prepared. I thought I was just going to suck your dick." "Well, I wasn't expecting that either, but you are a really good looking man," I explained. "And I love fucking handsome men." He beamed and said, "So you usually like smaller guys?" And I said yes, and yammered a bunch about sex in a way I probably shouldn't have, and at one point compared fucking bigger guys to sticking my dick in a brick wall. "Well!" he said, "I will certainly beat off later thinking of that compliment." I tried to laugh it off but I think I made an ass out of myself even further. He was rather cool and that voice had a very grown-up, authoritative air to it; I felt like a weird yammering geek even though I had basically just reduced him to jelly and reamed him. We talked more about where he's from, the city, and our work as he got dressed. He seemed pretty happy. "When you shoot three squirts more than you usually do, you know you had a good time!" he said. I still didn't reveal that I'd shot MY three best squirts inside him. I guess that'll be my secret.

I closed the door and looked at the clock. We'd been at it for almost two hours. And it still felt so brief! I can barely imagine his face now; everything is a hot blur. So much time spent working my way into him, and it still seems so brief and fleeting….


  1. I love having my way with a smaller dude. Just love wrapping them up and folding myself all around them, but at the same time, it's a huge turn on psychologically reducing a big guy to a whimpering mess. Holy moly! Ha!

    1. I love *looking* at big guys. So I love having them suck my dick, which is at least half a visual experience for me. But even when it's pretty hot, like with this guy, all that MASS just kind of gets in the way. I could barely reach around this guy's ass, his thighs were so big. He was seriously meaty. Just kinda too much!

  2. Holy MOLY! That was fucking hot. And I love that he got a little spunk inside as well as out. That was such a hot story, it made my cock real hard too :)

    Loving this blog, dude, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks man! If I'm gonna cum in a dude I always want to really feel it as a completely uninhibited release, so just getting a few squirts in is not ideal for me, but I know a lot of my readers wanna hear that I'm getting my cum in as many dudes as possible, so I am sure to let them know, even if the bottom himself doesn't quite know :^]

      Looks like you've just started your blog over there, eh? I'll have to keep an eye on it! Thanks for saying hello.