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Friday, December 13, 2013

Why I'm Promiscuous: A Reminder

Today I didn't really want to hook up; I figured I'd save up a bit of a load tomorrow for Handsome Fuckboy, who has been trading texts with me ever since we hooked up about fucking again, but it never works out. Some guy on Scruff got me all worked up about coming over, though, and then had a typical bottom's laundry list of things we had to do including "and then I just walk in and you're beating off" and "can I serve daddy please I like to lick daddy's balls" and blablabla, and asked for detailed information about how to get here, including "how do I find the subway to you" (good lord, he was 5 blocks from it), and then disappeared on me anyway. He was hot, though, and suddenly I really wanted to fuck. I figured it was OK that no one else seemed available-- I feel like I do have a sure thing for tomorrow and being extra randy would only make it better, but I've thought that before and been disappointed, of course. Suddenly Double Scorpio texted me, wanting to fool around. How convenient! I fucking love the dude's body, so I invited him over and he showed up about a half hour later. And I realize I'm just not cut out for lots of quick-repeat encounters with dudes. I think I'm a sucker for the get-to-know, the slow buildup with someone new, the discovery, the variety, the novelty. Like a lot of guys on the second time, Double Scorpio came in, quickly threw off all his clothes and hopped up on the bed and stuck his ass in my face. I think this would appeal to a lot of dudes, but I am not that dude. It kinda all went downhill.

Basically, I'm like a chick sometimes. I talk a good talk but in the end you kinda gotta get me going. His dick was instantly huge and hard, a sexy Gibraltar jutting out between his legs. I just can't compete! We kissed roughly a bunch but that was it. I figured well, let's get to work on what he brought over. And I started to get hard, but then he wanted to suck me before I was at full mast, and he's just kinda rough and scattershot with the head; if I was very hard it would be enough to be inside his handsome head, but when I'm trying to warm up a lot of chickenhead movement kinda turns me off. I lost the erection I was slowly growing! So we tried all kinds of things. I ate more ass tonight than I have since Arbor Day. But it just wasn't working.

To his credit, he didn't just give up. Most guys woulda been out of there after ten minutes. But he stuck around for a truly valiant amount of time. Nothing kills a buzz like a limp dick, so soon his was limp. But we kinda kept it up. Finally he said he wanted a rest, and I told him it was fine, saying, "I have no idea what is up with my harden." He was breezy and really didn't seem upset. He lay face down on the bed and I took out a bottle of lube and stroked myself and just admired his beautiful, beautiful little body. I told him to relax and just let me touch him. His legs are swollen with muscle and his balls are so big, the looked very inviting peeking out from between, in their nest of dark hair. I just stroked his meaty thighs and his round balls while I slowly worked on my slippery meat. I especially loved touching the small of his back, where his muscles got very tight and then erupted into those gorgeous ass mounds; right at the spot where concave deliciously turned to convex, there was a patch of invisible hair that was very exciting to touch. And gripping his narrow hipbones definitely did something to me. He seemed extremely relaxed and we were quiet through all this, but he did finally say, "That feels really nice." It did. My dick was getting hard finally, and I thwacked it against his thigh to let him know. He was smart enough not to jump up and try to suck it or whatever; it had been skittish enough in appearing so he let me do what I wanted. I slid it all over his leg and bounced it off his ass. And it got really hard.

And we kissed and then he laid on his back, hitched his legs around my waist, and I humped his sweet, sweet tattooed body. His dick was now hard as a rock too-- just as nothing makes you limp like a limp dick, nothing makes you hard like a hard one. He held my neck very hard with his hand and we sucked face…

…and I fucking popped all over him, with barely any time to croak, "fuck, I'm gonna cum" before he felt the liquid coursing out. He scooped some up and vigorously fisted himself, saying, "well that was…. fast", and I held his balls and touched his pubes and bit his neck while he tried to make himself shoot. But he couldn't.

"Come down here," he said, and I slid up beside him, and he stroked my back hair. "You didn't get off?" I asked, thinking maybe he had, and he said no. "I needed just a little bit of warning," he said, and I said "That was about all the warning *I* had. There's definitely something wrong with me today." Of course the only thing wrong with me is I'm a big dirty whore who always needs a new dude. Or, if you're a repeat, you gotta push all my buttons just right. "Sometimes, I'm like a chick, goddamn it," I said, and he laughed and laughed. "Sometimes I just gotta start slow I guess." He held my body and fisted himself hard a few more times, and then said, "It's OK, I can cum later, with my head full of thoughts." He is an unusually cool dude. But I think another problem is I just like my guys more submissive. He has a very toppy energy, although he kept saying, "You're going to fuck me next time, yeah? You gotta fuck me." I dunno about that. I'd love to get my dick in that body but if we do this again it's gonna have to be after a long break.

He cleaned up a little and I gave him some water. He praised our insanely overdecorated Christmas tree, featuring some hand-made geometric ornaments and rather lurid colors. And he stood up and gave me a hug and I said, leading him out the door, "Well *I* had fun! *I* got off!" He laughed and gave me a handsome look and said "Good for you," and trotted out. It's a little frustrating that I can't just fucking get hard with a handsome guy with a rocking body and great personality like that. All this other shit gets in the way.

Now I'm a little curious about how tomorrow will go with Handsome Fuckboy. He gives amazing head and is tiny and takes my raw dick with no questions, though, so if it happens it's gotta be good. Right??

Egad, I'm a mess.

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