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Friday, March 14, 2014

Come N Get It

A 22 year old Turkish kid with a rather sexy beard hit me up ceaselessly on Mister, Grindr, *and* Scruff for weeks, but said he would never fuck raw, and was after me again today, and the big hairy bottom ape in town who said he wanted to fuck today was AWOL, and it's a pretty day, and I like guys who are very into my dick, and any day is a good day to get off, and Fridays are hard to hook up on anyway, and he lives in the neighborhood, so I said, what the hell, come over and make me cum, and he came over, and I ate his ass and he sucked my dick and I humped his young little body and I started cumming so I grabbed my dick and watched it drip a trail of frustrated, held-back first spurts of my orgasm all over his body as I lumbered mindlessly to his head, and I stuck it in his mouth, and he sucked the head, and I ejaculated the rest down his throat and he swallowed it and I went AAAAAH. That is all.

Well, not totally. He' said online he had a foot fetish, and guys with fetishes often make me wary because I feel like they're more into the fetish than anything else, but he seemed cool about it. He did not go for my feet when he got here, but he liked it when I grabbed his while I was on top of him. And after he swallowed all my goo, proclaiming it delicious, he asked me for some lube to jerk off with. I gave him some and he worked at himself a good bit-- he had never gotten fully hard to be honest-- while I lay beside him licking his nip and sticking my finger up his hole. I really wanted him to be happy and get off too, but it looked like this wasn't going to work, despite his yelps and my strategic poking at his gland. So all I did was put my foot on his, and slowly slide it up his calf to his thigh, and suddenly I felt his prostate swell like crazy-- that was very entertaining-- and he moaned and moaned and shot cum all over himself. Nice! I suppose fetishes come in handy sometimes.

Ridiculously, he wouldn't let me fuck him raw, but he let me stick my cummy finger in him to massage his gland and make him cum. In fact he forced it in there. Oh well, who among us sex-crazed nut-jobs is rational.

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