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Monday, March 3, 2014

Perfect Fuck

I just sent a guy home with a rear end so loaded up with a week's worth of my nuts' semen production that he must be sloshing audibly all the way to the subway. I ejaculated so hard I felt like my urethra would burst right through the meat of my penis-- which was harder than it's been since I was 14. This felt like gold-medal olympic fucking-- not marathon, as with this much cum packed into my nuts for a week, it was a nonstop fight to avoid losing it too soon-- but a long hour of sweaty, relentless penile invasion of his body. And what inspired me to these heights of toppinghood? An unassuming little guy-- nice lips, nice teeth, nice sharp stubbled chin, green eyes and dark eyebrows, but not much of a body--  who nonetheless had the best bottomy attitude online. Fun, enthusiastic, in complete lust with my dick pix and earnestly hungry to feel me pulsing out my sperm inside him, not at all put-on. And he knew how to kiss, and how to luxuriantly stroke my dick through my shorts in a way that made it want to lengthen and harden for him, rather than shrink from an over-eager need for a boner. When I opened the door to him, I wasn't sure how it would go. But as soon as my dick was inside his mouth, I knew I had a winner. There is no substitute for a good bottom, no way to pretend when you aren't. And I rewarded his skill with all the thick hard meat and hot, salty semen he needed. I feel completely satisfied… I almost feel reborn.

He hit me up on BBRT, a site where it is almost impossible to hook up for me-- I'm beginning to think it's because for "Drug Use" on there I click "Hell No", and everyone on there is perennially high (I guess this was planted in my mind by Beautiful Rebound the last time I fucked him). His pictures were old, I could tell, but something about his attitude was appealing to me, so I encouraged the conversation. We couldn't hook up last week when he wrote me-- I was just too busy with work really-- and he said he would buddy list me and keep in touch. I know how that usually goes… but today he wrote me a hello, and it was a good point to take a work break, so I invited him over. He was really excited and said he would be right over after a quick rinse. And he was here within half an hour.

He did give awesome head-- not the best I've ever had, as his saliva was not that amazingly slippery copious nectar to my cockhead that some guys have-- but whether it was the head, or pheromones, or his slowly emerging handsomeness when he had my meat in his mouth, he had my dick so hard it stood straight up and throbbed. I lay back on the bed and spread out my arms across all the pillows and let him feast on my genitals all he wanted, feeling like a benevolent king. Some guys look awful when they're sucking your dick: distorted face, hollow cheeks, bulging eyes. He managed to look rather glamorous while hoovering my unit. I cradled his chin in one hand and held his arm with the other one, and just enjoyed being the center of this kind of attention for a good long while. My nuts were thrilled, retracted all the way into my body to be close to the ducts they'd be secreting my load into soon. To calm them down, I pulled my dick out of his mouth, and pushed it aside, exposing the hairy nuts, and commanding him to suck them. He managed to coax them back and and roll them around in his mouth a bit while I pushed my engorged organ up against his face and admired the juxtaposition. Another occasion where I wish I had a camera handy-- we looked pretty awesome together like that. Ah well, you'll just have to imagine it.

Finally I sat up a bit so I could get a better view of his ass and legs, which were bare as he had pulled his pants and underwear off all the way before getting into bed with me. It honestly hadn't felt like much through his pants. But there at the end of his tapering back, his buttocks beckoned to me: smooth, creamy white mounds, perfectly formed, with a deep cleft between them even from his angle, and beautifully thick thighs supporting them, much thicker than I expected given his frame. I admired this for a while as he sucked on my fat, fleshy, engorged dickhead some more, and then barked, "Stay like that" as I swung my legs out from underneath his arms and slid off the bed to go inspect him.

This is when things got real. This ass was fucking fantastic, completely unexpected; even his pictures online had been ho-hum. The ass before me was a wonderland of inverting curves and bulges, expanses of tender shapes just begging me to kiss and lick them. I put my face between his asshole and balls, and stroked my lips there, inhaling his clean scent. A soft stubble indicated that he had completely shaved for me-- his asshole, his taint, his balls, inner thighs, everything. I reached up under to feel the parts of this area I couldn't see: hip bones placed just so, soft sensitive flesh where the thigh meets the testicles, and a rough patch of pubes. He was just shaved where I would be eating and fucking. I liked it. It was a non-verbal invitation that had my dick swell fatter than a missile. I ate and ate and he sighed and sighed. I fought conflicting urges: lick him more! stick the fucking dick in! Lick more! IN already! And my dick was so hard and oozing, the veins were so ropy and hard in my hand that I couldn't leave it out. I had made the whole area extremely wet from my attentions, and my dickhead was slimy with precum, so when I stood up and placed it there it slid in without any resistance.

And basically I fucked the living fuck out of this fucker.

For twenty minutes his back was to me. Sometimes I put all my weight on him, and he wrapped his calves around mine, gripping my feet with his, while I held his head in my palms and drilled my bone into his gut relentlessly, feeling the wicked contrast between the silky, sensual, affectionate play of our legs and feet together against the mindless hammering of my hard tubular inches against his prostate. And then sometimes I reared up-- and he always matches his body motions to mine perfectly, following me so my dick never disengaged from him, not once-- and fucked him on my knees, holding his hips tight, his body spilling down onto the bed from my grip, arms wide and gripping the covers while I let him feel all my inches, all the way in to the hairy root of my dick, and all the way out to the tender pink glans on the end of my dick, just kissing against his asshole before the next plunge.

We were having the time of our lives. "Use me all you want," he kept saying. "It feels so good, just keep using me." "Give me your whole body," I would grunt into his ear, circling my hips so my dick knifed inside him back and forth. And he said "It's yours, it's yours, just fuck me." And I just fucked him.

I pulled out to eat him more; the beauty of that ass had to be enjoyed visually as well, I had to have my face in there as well as my dick. He was oozing a viscous fluid after I pulled out; he lubricated for me brilliantly and I didn't need any extra spit after I'd gone in. I had to wipe it away to eat him more; it was too thick and salty, but it was exciting too; to what my tongue rejects my dick says yes, yes, yes. Beautiful thick gooey insides to fuck. I ate him some more, chewing his round buttocks, sucking his small dick into my mouth, sucking his balls, licking every surface and shape. And then plunged my dick back in, pushing in as hard and deep as I could go, with my face in his ear, telling him to give it to me, give me everything, and his face contorted desperately with pleasure, saying it's yours, it's yours.

The fucking was getting too hot; I thought I'd either cum or get overstimulated and lose my boner. So I asked him, "Will you suck me some more, or is that too much?" He turned his face to look and me and grinned, and said, "I will suck you all you want," and I got off him, lay back, and he positioned himself back in my now extremely fragrant, sweaty groin, and sucked my dick clean, giving me a different sensation, keeping my rod hard as bone. He truly worshipped my dick, the adoration for my manhood was written all over his face. I felt emotion swell in my chest, intense pleasure at what a top and a bottom can do together, and pulled his face up to mine, kissed him intensely, then pushed him on his back and hovered over him. He gripped my body with all his limbs and pulled me down into him; held my ass with grasping, greedy hands, gripping my bicep, hitching his legs over mine, feeling all of my bulk, and humping against me violently as he kissed me. He wanted me and I wanted him. I pushed him back on the bed, pulling up on his legs to expose his asshole, and gripping his ankles and holding him high, I aimed my dick with my hips, and the head settled into the hollow around his hole naturally, and a push with my waist was all it took to enter him. No resistance, no effort. His ass guided my dick in with its own hunger, and I buried myself with no guidance or effort. This is the most beautiful thing in the world. A dick going into another body on its own, guided only by desire and how well the bodies fit together. He was meant to be fucked by me.

And I fucked him. Long slow strokes, fast furious ones, my body pressed hard against his, my body held away from his so I could watch the spectacle of tubesteak burrowing into assmeat. Finally, with one thigh pressed hard to the side and into the mattress, and the other bent at the knee which I gripped hard with my other hand, I sliced into him without mercy, and when I got close enough to either cum or pull back and extend this mind-erasing pleasure, I was weak. I could have fucked him all afternoon and not gotten tired of it. But I had seven full days of cum production stored up in my balls. My tubes ached from being full of fluid from my prostate. My skin was flushed, I was sweating bullets, every hair on my body was standing up. It was time to cum.

"I'm just going to fucking cum in you," I said calmly, looking into his face, and he flew into a fit, holding my body so hard it hurt, begging for my cum, "plant it deep, cum in me hard, cum in me deep, cum in me deep," and I only said, "Look at me when I cum in you," and he became still, and watched my face as he felt my dick spasm inside him and eject the warm thick fluid. I pushed in deep as I could go, just as he asked, but quit fucking, and felt my meat expand and contract against his warm, slick walls; I felt some muscle down there sucking me in deeper, deeper, and after I thought I was done ejaculating, the warmth of his limbs all around me and the heat radiating from his insides onto all surfaces of my dick, buried so deep inside, made me have one of those secondary orgasms that are so elusive, so intense. I almost blacked out as his greedy bottomy body sucked a few more drops of semen out of my body, overwhelming me with a sensation of warmth and touch. My whole body felt like a dick, enveloped in a yielding body. I came out of the fog and just collapsed onto his body; his arms were still wrapped around me tight and he then circled his legs around my waist and I sweated all over him. I felt my dick slowly sliding out of him, heartbeat by heartbeat. Every time it moved a centimeter, he gasped, as if being slowly fucked in reverse. I just breathed in his fragrance and let my body come down.

We held each other like this for a long time, and finally I rolled back to get fresh air. We both exclaimed that this had been one hell of a fuck. And then, it seemed, we both almost felt a little embarrassed. We lay there quietly for a bit; after such an intense experience with a stranger, what do you say? I asked if he wanted to take a quick shower but he smiled at me, with very white teeth, and said, "I'd rather go home reeking of sex." All I could do was smile back at this. He thanked me genuinely and sat up, looking around for his clothes. "I really needed that. That's not something I can do for myself," he said rather obviously, and I laughed. "I mean, like, I'm not even into toys or anything." We talked a bit about inane things and I got him a glass of water, and slowly we warmed up to talking about what we do and so on. But again, after this intense primal experience we shared, everything else seemed faintly ridiculous. But he was not awkward or anything; we just let there be periods of silence while he got bundled back up for the cold. On his way out he thanked me again, and I told him, "Take good care of that load. Keep it with you." He smiled, and said he'd like to do it again sometime. I told him to keep in touch, but I already wonder, can it be duplicated? He's very smooth, not totally my type, blabla. The chemistry of the body is alien to the machinations of the mind. I can still feel the intense sensation of ramming my dick into him desperately, wanting to never stop feeling what I was feeling, and know how rare that is. But I am already thinking of a hairy dude, a dude with a big dick, a dude with a beard, a dude with hipster hair, a dude with dark eyes, other dudes, other dudes, the dudes I want in my head. There is so much fucking left to do. But this guy is a treasure of a bottom… if only they could all be like that.


  1. Wow.. What a story.. Three months ago I met a man of my dream. He has a boyfriend but that doesn't bother me. Each time we hook up he will give me all he can. Every time we see each other, it's as if we are lovers. But..

    Would you mind taking a look at my latest entry: http://hiddenjay.blogspot.com/2014/03/keep-getting-fucked-or-not.html
    and give me your thoughts?

  2. just fucking brilliant writing! One of the best written fucktales I've read. every detail, feeling, sensation superbly described. Thanks!

    1. Aw thanks, hunkyguy! I'm glad when I have an intense experience that it comes through for you, too. My fuck lives on in your mind!