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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Today I spent a long, hot hour tangled up with a meaty asian guy who sucked my dick like he was starving and kept begging me to stay longer. He was also high as a kite-- because I was in Chelsea, of course, and everyone in Chelsea is on drugs. I was working in a coffee shop in the neighborhood because I had an errand to run there at the end of the day. I initially ignored his overtures after he announced he loved "sucking dick and being a boTtom" (ugh), but as the hour of my errand grew closer and I wasn't getting any other good offers, I decided to give him a try. I'm not usually into smooth guys but his body was very nicely built, and he had large handsome features and said his nipples were extremely sensitive. I tried to scare him off by saying I like guys with stamina who will suck my dick for as long as I say without getting bored or tired, but this only made him relentless; he asked how long I had, said he wanted as much time with my dick as possible, asked even before I got there if I could spend more than the hour I promised him (I couldn't), and I decided to give him a try. And he certainly drained my nuts dry, though I came all over his body in thick, gooey streaks that completely coated his belly and chest.

I got to his place and it was very dark inside; he was sort of hiding behind the door as he let me in because he was already naked. He wanted me to leave my shoes outside but I didn't hear him at first and dragged my filthy shoes halfway across his living room, like a bestial long-nose. I took them off and felt him up a bit-- he really was beautifully shaped, if not ripped; his shoulders were fantastically wide and thick, and his nipples were fleshy as pinky fingers on his well-defined chest. I took a quick leak and came out and kissed him and touched his body-- he kissed very, very nicely but was pretty spacey already; I assume he had already started the drugs before I got there. He pulled out my dick and sucked on me greedily, but with perfect suction and tongue action; I knew he'd have me hard as a rock in no time. He asked me again how much time I could give him. I repeated that it would be an hour, and he seemed both excited and disappointed. And then he wanted to go smoke his pipe.

I pulled off all my clothes and lay in the bed with my legs open and my dick hanging down, and watched him bend over the low table and manipulate all the paraphernalia. It was quite dark in the room and he bent over the flames and it lit up the front of his body. I thought, what the fuck am I doing here. But it was weirdly also like some kind of religious rite, the care he was putting into this nonsense. A religious rite or something satanic. Finally smoke rose over his head and he put the stuff away and took a big drink of water, and slid up to me, kissed me again, and then went down to my dick and sucked me back into him. And as I had expected, he managed to coax a firm, throbbing erection out of me in barely a minute.

And sucking on his nips was like manipulating a whole other set of fleshy, responsive sex organs. He liked gentle flicks, he licked heavy sucking, he liked being chewed a bit, he liked it all. His body was both slender and extremely meaty, so grinding into him had me repeatedly feeling like I would cum. His asshole was very, very tight. I did manage to work a finger in, and I simultaneously stroked his prostate and sucked hard on his nip and he writhed against me and clutched me to him and told me I was sexy and driving him crazy. And I liked that. And then he wanted more drugs.

Again I watched him and wondered, what the fuck is the matter with me. He twirled the end of his pipe in the flame and breathed in and a cloud appeared over his head, and he said in his slow way, "Have you ever done this?" "Nnnnnnnnope," I said. "I don't do drugs." "Nothing?" he asked, almost incredulous. "All-natural," I said. "I was just curious," he said, perhaps worried I would run off thinking he was going to try to get me high. He came over and wanted to lie beside me and kiss and hold my dick and let me flick his nips. So we did. "Are you, like, undetectable?" he asked. "I'm negative, actually," I said, and he seemed surprised. "Are you on PrEP? I take a pill a day." I told him I was not. "Just still negative after all these years," I said. I felt vaguely weird, being lectured on keeping myself healthy by a crackhead. But he quit talking and sank back into the bed as I sucked his thick lips and then chewed his chest. "I love getting fucked raw," he began again. "I'm addicted. It's so good." I told him I wanted to fuck him. And we went back to doing what we were doing, but I knew his ass was too tight for my dick today. His body felt so good to buck against that I was dying to get inside him. We kept trying to force my rock-hard dick in, and occasionally I felt I was grazing into him gently, only to be pushed back out. But eventually I gave up, and just let him suck me, and manhandled him, and rubbed my dick all over his, which was, predictably, limp from all the drugs. But he was still in heaven. He went back down into my groin and sucked me till I was dizzy. But I began to worry about how late it was; the opium-den atmosphere there made it feel like I had somehow lost days pressed up against his skin. While he inhaled my dick like my nuts were full of life-force, I nimbly stretched my foot over to the coffee table, where my watch was lying, and managed to pick it up with my toes without disturbing his idyll in my pubic area. I clicked on the light in the watch face. Almost an hour was gone. I could go a bit longer, and push the errand back maybe fifteen minutes, but I'd have to draw this to a close. I told him gently that time was almost up. He kept saying no, no, why, where do you have to go. He told me he loved my dick and wanted more. But I told him I had to go soon, feeling vaguely like I was talking to a child. And I pushed him back on the bed and climbed on top of him one last time, and we both sweat profusely as I manhandled his body and he held his hands against my hairy chest and stared into my face. And then I popped all over him.

He stared at my pearly secretions with a kind of awe, and finally said, "So much cum. So much cum. Imagine if it was inside me." I just smiled beatifically into his face. He stroked my chest and then held my biceps and said, "You're so sexy, you're so sexy." I've heard it enough now that I don't instinctively recoil, and just smiled again indulgently. "Lie down beside me for just five minutes," he said tenderly, with great longing. But I told him I had to get up and rinse off and go. And I got off the bed before he could suck me back into his drugged-out endless bliss. He got up after me, found me a clean towel, and got into the shower with me. My ejaculate was still clinging thickly to his body as he stood beside me in the dry end of the shower; he honestly looked beautiful covered with my orgasm. I rinsed and just admired him. He kept saying I was sexy and asked if I would come back. I told him I would, and then said, "Let's switch places, so you can wash off, and I can dry off." And he got under the water and my goo slid down his body, and I dried off and got dressed.

When he got out of the shower he was back to his phone, presumably scanning for someone else to fuck. I got myself composed, gave him one last kiss, and went out. It was pouring rain. I did my errand, which was mercifully close to his place, and then ran to the subway, soaking wet from the sweat my body was still pumping out, despite the quick shower, and the rain. I grabbed a croissant and ran into the subway. A train was just leaving so I rushed to it, sweating even more. I ate the croissant while the train lurched through the tunnel, chewing it out of the bag it was in so flakes didn't fly everywhere. A nattily-dressed, handsome black dude with nerdy glasses watched me closely, looking a little appalled. I realized at that point that I'd never actually eaten on the subway before. After living in DC for fifteen years, where eating on the Metro is strictly forbidden and you will seriously get a ticket for it, I felt completely illicit. And then ridiculous. I just spent an hour ejaculating all over a dude with a crack pipe,  trying to force my naked dick into his guts, and a croissant on the subway is what made me truly feel I was transgressing. I thought back to the Beautiful Rebound guy, who was so annoyed and disgusted with all the guys on BBRT who are high and want to get high and will only fuck others who are high. I guess you have to be nuts or high to constantly fuck strangers without a condom. I guess I'm nuts.

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