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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Girl Can't Help It

So after yesterday's intense suck-and-grindfest, my dick was feeling a little sore. I am *hoping* to fuck my load into a big hairy ape of a bottom who I've been chasing for a year or so on various apps tomorrow. So while I felt pretty horny today, I wanted to sort of preserve my tender meat for what is sure to be an onslaught tomorrow, if it happens-- the dude's ass, like his whole body, is covered with thick black hair. Frequently in the past year or so I've gotten myself into the mood just to suck a big, beautiful dick, preferably one attached to a handsome, hairy, bearded guy. I'm kind of picky about dicks. Many of them are really just not pretty to me. When a dick looks good, it looks mighty good. When there is anything wrong with it, no matter how big it is, I couldn't care less about it. These cocksucking moods are pretty frustrating, because most of the dicks on display online are just not that appetizing to me. Or they are attached to very short guys, which I'm not too interested in blowing (but I will gladly fuck them silly). When I *do* find a good guy with a good dick, or one who is hot enough that maybe I won't care so much about his dick, he's so far out of my league that I just get ignored. Today on a4a I found a guy whose profile I've cruised a few times. He lists himself as a few years older than me, has pictures showing a nice, naturally meaty physique on a rather slender frame, west-coast hair and a really nice, partly-hard schlong, supposedly 8" long. He claims he's "not into average", is versatile/top, and is all about the safe-only thing, so I never really hit him up before. But today, I thought, what the hell. I offered him no-recip head for as long as he wanted it. I even fancied that maybe I'd leave all my clothes on, not even beat off, build up a big load in my nuts, and drink this surfer-dude's load but save mine, and then shoot mine into the ape-bottom tomorrow. I do love to suck dick so this wasn't *hugely* far-fetched. Surprisingly, he was into it, despite my being wholly average indeed, and I thought, this ought to be fun, I haven't done this since I was in my 20s! Suckin dudes off! I ran over there thinking of the pleasure I would take in feeling my testicles swell with unreleased semen production, and how much fun it would be to let it all loose tomorrow in the bottom. But this is me...

About 50 minutes later my raw dick was buried to the balls in this genuinely beautifully hung dude's ass while he beat that giant fuckstick of his to orgasm and then watched helplessly as I fucked myself to the edge of mine, only whimpering, "Don't cum in there." I just can't help it! Even when I *want* to be a submissive cocksucker, I'm gonna end up on top.

It started out harmlessly enough. Perhaps predictably, when he opened the door, he was older than he'd said online. The full, plump musculature was gone; he was probably well into his 50s and had begun to lose that tone. His face was much thinner for sure. I'd texted him on my way out, asking him to wear some tight briefs if he had them, and so he was wearing some; they weren't very sexy (strange, maybe euro-style boxer briefs that were way too gay for me) but they DID show off an ample package-- his long dick was distorting the fly in a truly tell-tale way-- and an ass that did not seem to suffer the same fate as the rest of his musculature; it was quite peachy and round, in fact. I kissed him and ran my hands over the briefs. He liked to kiss and was one of those guys who kind of goes into a weird trance during sex. He went into his trance and I felt him up, especially the tubesteak, which was at the beautiful only-half-hard state that I really love to encounter them in. So I felt happy. We went to his bedroom and I got to my knees and started my work.

I gave him the kind of attention I like paid to my own dick, which honestly I don't often get. I'm not sure if everyone is greedy, or thinks tops are impatient, but I like for a guy to get to know me a bit before he takes me into his mouth at all. So I got to know the guy. Pull briefs down only to reveal pubes; smell them, graze them with my nose and lips, let briefs back up, stroke over the fabric and down his legs and up the inside. Feel the meat in the briefs react, hear the breath quicken. And when you do pull the briefs all the way down, don't go for the prize. Go for the nuts, suck the hairy nuts into your mouth, let the dong bump against your face, rub your face in it, only graze the length with your lips, let him have something to anticipate, let him know it's all about his dick, let him feel each stage and be tense for the next. And don't just hoover the meat when it's finally time. Build up to it and let him know how it's going to be. If when you slide it into your mouth and over your tongue, his dick hasn't hardened in a fast jolt just from being teased, suck it in and slide your tongue around the head and down the front of the shaft and it will get plenty hard for you. No rushing.

And that's how it was. He was firm but not totally there until I steadied myself and took his entire length down my throat and buried my nose in his pubes. Then I felt it magically become completely rigid-- an absolutely beautiful straight shaft.

He wasn't 8", of course; almost no one is and everyone thinks guys are. But he had a true two-handed erection, well over 7", and it looked huge on his big frame. Any more length and I would not have been able to take it all the way to the base. Any thicker and it would have been uncomfortable to open my mouth for it. It was a great dick for sucking. His precum was extremely salty but otherwise pleasant to taste-- you really knew he was enjoying himself, you could taste his pleasure.

I sucked him like this, with all my clothes on, for a good while, and then slowly stripped article by article of clothing till I was just in my own briefs. He kept raising his legs high off the bed so on a visit to his nuts I let my tongue glide over his asshole. His whole body electrified. His hole was very open, very wet, very slick-- a great ass for fucking but not my favorite for eating; it was very much like a pussy down there. But he clearly liked it, so I licked all around, the taint and the balls and the area between his thighs and his groin, and then I gave him my tongue, and damn if he didn't suck it into him, like a small wet dick.

And that's when the switch was thrown and the blowjob turned into a fuck.

I pulled off my briefs; my dick was hard and oozing and feeling that in my hand while my tongue was buried in his hole was too much. I stood up and pulled off my watch and my socks as well, to be completely naked and show him my hopelessly chunky, average body, and then climbed on top of him, laid my dick alongside his, pushed his hand away, barked out "Put your arms around me", and when he instantly obeyed I bucked against him, pushing him into the bed with all my weight, and let him know how things were going to be from now on. Of course, he had only said he was "top/versatile" online-- I originally searched for total tops but I guess they really are pretty rare here in NYC-- but this movement of my body put him completely into the bottom mindset, as surely as grabbing a kitten by the scruff of its neck turns it into a limp, submissive rag.

I easily slipped a finger into his hole while I pounded against him and fingered what felt like an extremely large prostate. I felt his dick strain against mine when I did it. His insides were so slick and inviting. I knew I was going to put my bare dick in him, and he was going to like it. I just needed to work on him a little longer.

I switched back and forth between manhandling his body from a dominant position and sliding off the bed, onto my knees, to suck on his truly magnificent cock. When I straddled him and rubbed them together, I admired all that meat in my hand, and said, "Yours is longer… but mine is fatter." "Yeah!" he said with glittering eyes. "Let me feel that fat cock!" and he stroked my dick and we made out and he asked me to finger his ass some more.

Slowly I worked my way into him. First just teasing him with the back of my cockhead. My fingers, my tongue. Once he had enjoyed all these things there was just that one last step. I had my dick against his hole in a wholly ambiguous way: could be just teasing, could be demanding entry. He wiggled in a way that could only be read as an invitation to go in. I slid into him fairly easily-- my saliva was so mixed with his precum that it made an ideal lubricant-- and I fucked him with half my dick, rather tentatively. He stared hard at me while I did this, then tossed his head back, groaned, and then pushed me off his body. I went back down to his groin and sucked him some more, and then got back on top of him, and his legs flew back in a reflexive submissive gesture. We did a few rounds of this-- he would let me put in half, he would let me fuck him for a few delicious strokes, then signal I had to get out. But then finally, he gave in. "Stick it in me," he said, almost like he was daring me to do something I was afraid to do, like he was calling me out. I clearly am no chicken. I stuck it in him.

I fucked him with all my inches, and he was writhing crazily, twisting and twisting the head of his big long dick, and then I felt him spasming all around me, and saw impressive fat blobs of cum appear all over his body. I took this cue to step it up so I could cum too-- I fucked him hard and fast, eyeing him with a steely gaze to let him know I was going to use his body to get off and not to push me off again. All he croaked was, "Don't cum in there," and I didn't-- I just jackhammered him until my nuts levitated into my trunk and then I pulled out and let it rip. The first jet went over his head; the second landed on his cheek and neck; the rest splatted in the viscous pools of his own orgasm. He was seriously covered with goo.

I laughed and said, "This was supposed to be a blowjob!" I climbed off the bed, holding my slimy dick, and told him I needed to wash it off. He told me where the bathroom was, and then muttered, "You are a talented guy." I didn't know if he meant the cocksucking or the fucking but I took the compliment graciously. He asked me a bit about my neighborhood-- unlike many Manhattanites he's actually come to Brooklyn and knew a couple of the events that go on in my hood, so we talked about that a bit-- and then he wanted to show me the art and maps on his walls. He was very talky and a little spacey; I don't think he was high, I just think he's from California. I pulled my clothes on, made appropriate ooh and ahh sounds at the stuff he showed me, and then honestly praised his beautiful dick, and thanked him for inviting me over. And then off I went.

Ah well, I tried! It leaves me wanting to suck a dude off even more-- exactly the right kind of guy, and really only suck him, and really swallow his cum (something I never do, but the right kind of guy can cum down my throat all he wants). But dudes just gotta get my dick in them, damn it.


  1. I would have no problem trading suck with you! I would also save up a huge load for you to gulp down. lol.