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Friday, October 31, 2014

Kill Me

It's Halloween, and my sister is visiting, and it's Friday… and I'm home, working on something ridiculous that must be finished this weekend that just! won't! work! A lot of it is just babysitting a computer while it does stuff automatically. And then fails. After an hour. So I am here, chained to my desk, and outside the window everyone parades by in their fun get-ups. But I had one solace, at least: Ultra Meat sent me a text saying "Let me suck you" right after I sent my partner and sister out to have fun without me. As I was mostly just waiting for shit to fail and restart, I asked him over, and he made me cum. So there is that! His body is definitely getting bigger than ever, seems like-- he's almost at that point where he is just TOO muscular; his arms are supernaturally thick and hard. It's very exciting to touch them-- that alone made my dick hard as a rock-- but he's hard to mount and grind into now, because he's just too thick all over: his ass, in particular, is just ridiculously big and round and muscular now. But it's an impressive sight there between my legs, this big muscular beast reduced to helpless pleading for more dick even though he's already all full of it, and it's surreal when he's on his back, watching me kneel between his legs rubbing our dicks together, staring at me, saying, "I love it when you rub our dicks together. I love looking at you." So! There's that. But… kill me. I think I will be up all night working on this nonsense.

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