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Friday, October 10, 2014

Still Alive!

Somehow I am surviving the onslaught of bad luck and stress aimed at me. My colleague left for good early this week and preparing for and adjusting to that has taken all the energy, time, and attention I have. I haven't even had time to feel horny or care about the fact that I could never take time to get off. Late at night I might sign into Scruff on Adam4Adam on my cell phone and see everything I was missing. But pleasuring my dick just hasn't been high on my priority list. One of those nights, a hot tight torso I had solicited for oral servicing on Daddyhunt months ago suddenly woke up, declaring my penis "delicious". He unlocked a cute/boyish latino face with olive skin and lots of stubble. I told him he could suck on it all he wanted, and he pointed out we hooked up once already, and he still remembered how much cum I squirted into him. I realized I recognized him, and I think there is a post about him on this blog, but the memory is all very hazy and dim, like he was some ancient king, Ætheræd the Unræd or Wilfred the Hairy or something, an almost forgotten tale of conquest and pleasure that I don't even think I could locate in these archives to put a link here. We talked about possibly hooking up the next day, but of course that day came and went full of stress and endlessly multiplying tasks and calls, and my delicious penis went unsucked. And then another old bottomy admirer resurfaced on Scruff-- a beautifully hairy-chested little latino kid I fucked my sperm into last time I was in DC. He has moved back to NYC and lives not far away, in Greenpoint, and wanted more of my dick inside him. I told him about the cast, and he said he was happy to service me. Yesterday afternoon there was a sudden lull; I had actually called in sick with allergies, but was out of bed by 10am and ended up working till 10pm (with one break in there for lunch and another to tutor Ultra Meat, who spent half the time grabbing at my crotch and asking me where we could go so he could suck my dick). I hadn't had any emails in hours. My partner was out on a job interview. I thought, maybe that kid is around. I texted him and he replied instantly and was here in 20 minutes-- "I am running!" he texted on the way, and indeed he showed up soaked with sweat. I may be one-armed and completely over my head at work, but my milkshake still brings the boys to the yard! But the bonus is, the kid went home just as soaked as he arrived-- but soaked *inside* his body this time, warm and slimy in his ass from the release of almost three weeks of pent-up ejaculate I'd been stewing during this crazy period. Ah! Still alive… alive and orgasming!

He's a little pretty and boyish for my tastes, really, but his little body is so appealing, and his chest hair fucking DOES something to me. He's not tight or muscular but the flesh of his chest swells just so, and then is dusted all over with jet black dashes of hair that fan out over the swelling shapes in a way that basically magnetizes my balls and makes me want to pound him into the mattress. We kissed a little and I realized I needed to take a quick leak; I sent him to the bedroom and told him to get comfortable. It was cute that he actually RAN to my house for a chance to ingest my ejaculate, but I am not so into running my hands over a sweaty body; that's something you work up to. By the time I finished he had stripped down and the cool air in the apartment had dried his sweat. We kissed and I stroked my beard up and down his neck and he trembled and sighed with pleasure; just this small stimulation had my dick throbbing and thickening and bouncing like a teenager's. Nothing reacquaints you with you own virility and potency as going three weeks without shooting your wad. He very gently brushed my meat and cradled my nuts with his hand and my whole body ran through with that warm, helpless feeling I remember from the first time I ever opened a Playgirl magazine in 1983. My gasp made his own dick jump a bit, and he held my genitals more tightly, like a religious idol, and we just stood there in anticipation, not moving. I reached around and held his meaty, round asscheeks in my hands, and growled into his ear, "God, I want to fuck you." He melted into my arms. "I wanna fuck you so bad." Then I kissed him more, very deeply, very slowly, and we got in bed.

The head was fantastic but it may be that putting your dick in any warm wet hole at that point feels like heaven. Somehow I didn't instantly get to the point of cumming; in fact we went 45 minutes together before I felt that urgency. My nuts were probably completely shellshocked in their hairy sack, like, wait, what? What do we do? A cute dude is sucking the dick. We forget what comes next. Let's just hunker down and wait. The kid was very greedy and I kept having to tell him to slow down. I just wanted to luxuriate in becoming reacquainted with the feeling of bend inside another dude. When he had gotten my dick hard as a rock, and I felt very smug and full of pleasure at being so thoroughly serviced, I said, "I really want to eat your ass a little." He seemed more than thrilled. I walked around the bed, inspecting his rear from all angles, then settled into lapping long strokes of my tongue up from the bottom of his dangling, hairy balls-- licking that one hairless spot that makes dudes shake and shudder-- up over his gooch and between the assmeat loaves and then diving into his hole, and then lapping up in the clefts between his legs and his groin, and then back down to the dangling balls. He held himself taut on all fours, feeling this, looking around, craning his head back to look at me, his top. I held my bone in one hand, gently fondling the thick ridge of my dickhead while I licked, and time seeped through our bodies like a drug.

Somehow, after more head, after fucking his skull with one hand on his neck and the other in the air inside this ridiculous cast, after I noticed that drilling his throat was making his dick stiffen to its full length and ooze precum, I was fucking him. There's almost no pain in my arm any more, though I'm still in a full arm cast with a bent elbow and thus very awkward-- somehow I had gotten him on his back, his limbs wrapped around me, grinding my hard fat meat into his sweet manscaped little crotch, feeling him rub his hands all up and down my hairy back as I mimed plowing him, and it just wasn't enough. I sat up, looked into his eyes as I spit-lubed my cock, hoisted his right thigh with my good arm, exposed his hole, aimed my tool at it with my hips, and slowly pushed. He stared at me hard; my dick was not very slippery, but I wanted in. "Relax," I cooed "just relax and let me in," and his eyes dilated along with his asshole; I pushed firmly but very gently and the velvety skin of my dick slowly slid through him, millimeter by millimeter. "I want in, let me in, take all of me," I said quietly, and he kept his eyes fixed on mine like a mongoose in front of a cobra, and my dick continued its relentless penetration until my balls were resting between his ass cheeks. I was incandescent with pleasure, and just said "Oh God thank you… so fucking warm and sweet inside you. Oh God, I need this." And I began fucking in and out of him. And he beautifully slicked up inside, natural and pure, easing each stroke until I was gliding in and out of him with no resistance and pure pleasure. We held our mouths close, tongues slithering and lolling against each other as my body heaved in and out of him. I don't even remember the last time I went seven weeks without fucking. The feeling was incredible and I never wanted to stop. My arm was a little uncomfortable, lying useless beside his head, encased in fiberglass. A strange contrast between being confined there and absolutely free inside his body. I wanted to touch him all over with my right hand but it lay there useless and heavy. "I hate this fucking cast," I said, laughing at the pleasure I was getting from my dick, and he expressed concern that I was hurting myself, saying he didn't care, he just loved feeling me inside him.

And then the balls woke up.

"Oh yeah," said the balls, "we have about a quart of juice in here, we gotta get this OUT." And I felt the pressure mount, and my fuck-drunk dick said "noooooo" as it slid up deep into my bottom's warm welcoming body and I cried out to him, "I'm sorry, I gotta cum," and he said "Do it, let me have it," and I pulled out one more time and pushed in all the way, and felt the beautiful spasming between my legs, and put my face into his and sucked on his lips as I rammed my orgasm home. Spurt after copious spurt issued from deep inside me and came to rest deep inside him, and I felt the hot spot on my dickhead slipping in an increasingly wet, frictionless corner of his guts, perfectly melded to the shape of the tip of my cock, and I felt completely milked and drained by him.

He held each other close with me still buried in his body for a few long minutes. I was so happy. He was so happy. God, what is better than fucking.

But then reality also woke up; my arm felt funny in the cast, rammed up into the end by all the pushing and straining. I had to somehow get my dick out of his tightening hole without spilling my manly issue from his ass, and also balance my body and raise up with this thing on my arm. I made it, and my fat dickhead came out of him without dragging any of my goop along with it, and we were all tidy and clean, so I lay back on the bed and he flopped beside me. He told me about how he felt he needed to leave DC and move back up here with family, and the friends who had expressed excitement to see him again before he left were suddenly mute and busy when he got there-- something that actually happened to me as well, making the same exact move. He is a very sweet kid-- even sweeter when I know he is all juiced up with my private sexual fluids inside him. We talked and kissed a bit more, but it had been almost an hour with us naked and enjoying each other, and that was too much time already. We dressed and held each other a little longer, and off he went.

My cast should be coming off Monday if all goes well. Then it's heaven knows how long with the physical therapy. I'm told my arm will look like a withered ET arm from disuse. Lovely. But I'll build it up and get back in the saddle and fuck some more dudes, and all will be well.

Still alive!

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