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Sunday, October 12, 2014


Ultra Meat's abiding attraction to me remains an absolute mystery. I've been tutoring him in algebra for a few weeks now, and while he pays me and seems to loathe the class and need lots of help, I always feel like it's all just a ruse to get next to me. "You think I'm giving you fifty bucks every week just to suck you dick?" he asked me on Thursday night, when I teased him about it before the lesson. And yet somehow I think he is. After the lesson was over-- we do it in a common area of my building where there is a table and it's quiet-- he grabbed my groin and begged, "Isn't there somewhere we can go so I can blow you?" Of course there was nowhere, and I had to get back to my partner. He had brought a bunch of trash from a sandwich and drink he ate on the subway over, and there was no trash can in the common room, so I paused down the hall at the trash room to throw it all down the chute. He followed me in there, and unzipped my fly as I threw the stuff away, kneading my dick with his hand. Being discovered in the trash room with my wang down some other dude's throat would be the height of indignity-- and this was actually the evening of the day I fucked the last dude, so getting head now have been gilding the lily-- so I just laughed, let him feel it a bit, then pulled his hand out and did my best to zip up with my one free hand. He left frustrated, I'm sure, and then yesterday afternoon he was texting me, "I want your load." I was home alone that day, stuck doing some work while my partner went out of town for a family thing. I had an hour before a telephone meeting, so I told him, "If you come now you can have it." Twenty minutes later his huge black meaty bulk was spread out in front of me on the bed, his head buried in my groin, his mouth full of my dick and his eyes full of imploring me not to take it away. I let him have his fill.

I just can't express how impressive his body is. Thighs I can barely get my hand halfway around, like tree trunks. Trapezius muscles like porterhouse steaks against his neck. Shoulders like cannonballs and arms bulging with biceps and triceps. And all helpless and mewling when I held his scruffy chin in my hand and called him a good buy for pleasuring my genitals. The sight is unbelievable. When I tell him he is beautiful and makes my dick feel good, he only grabs my legs, my feet, my hand with more ardor, and sucks me in deeper. That's what he wants to be. My big beautiful cocksucker.

He sucked me for a good half hour till I had to ask, "Do you want me to cum?" and he just melted into a puddle and nodded, tugging my erection this way and that, and I shot off in his mouth. He made himself cum all over himself as I unloaded into him, then let me go, jumped out of the bed, and ran to the bathroom like a (very muscular and black) little girl who got mud on her dress, practically waving his arms. I heard him spitting me out and rinsing me down the sink for a long minute. He's still afraid to keep my load inside him.

Back in the room, we both slowly got dressed and chatted. I had to fight back the strong urge to blurt out, "What is up with you? Why are you so into me? What is the appeal?" Because that isn't attractive, but I'm just dying to know. Instead, he told me about his partner, who is older than me and I presume also white, though maybe I'm wrong, and whom he is no longer attracted to and who seems to make him feel smothered with attention. I wonder what the guy is like. I wonder what their lives are like. I wonder how this is even my life. And I hope things don't somehow get fucked up.


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    1. So far things are ok, Jack. He seems to be a pretty level-headed person, and I know he kind of has a good thing going with his partner for rather non-romantic reasons, so I think the drama will be minimal.