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Friday, October 24, 2014


Still flying rather high from Tuesday's fantastic fuck, I found myself feeling very horny for more yesterday. Just washing my dick in the shower had me all tingly and hot to stick it to someone else, soaping it up, feeling it swell in my hand from the touch, and thinking about the various dudes who have hit me up this week. One was a really cute bearded latino kid who said he wanted to spend serious quality time sucking me off, as long as I kissed and touched him a lot-- a man after my own heart for sure! Thinking about getting him drunk on my dick and caresses and then feeding him my cum had me very excited. He'd said he would be free Friday, and work is still too busy for me to get much action, so I didn't try to hook up too hard yesterday. Today, though, the kid was of course nowhere to be found and didn't reply to my texts. Harumph. But yesterday, another kid waaaay over in Lefferts Gardens had hit me up on BBRT, with beautiful body and ass pics, and a really cute face, but that neighborhood is an hour away by train; maybe half an hour by car, which would be doable any time when work wasn't busting my ass. We traded a lot of hot texts and he begged and begged me to go fuck him, but I had to put him off. When the cocksucker didn't come through today, I hit up the cum hungry bottom, telling him I could only spare so much time and would have to leave pretty much right away. Happily, he replied quickly with his address. "You have to leave by noon?" he asked, seeming disappointed. I promised him I could fuck him for an hour or so, as long as I could leave right away. He seemed happy with that. "Will you cum in my mouth?" he asked, and I said yes, as long as I could fuck him raw, I'd pull out and unload down his throat. So I rushed over-- or tried to; the traffic on the way was unrelenting and instead of 30 minutes it took more like 40 to get there. I found a parking space very close to his building, feeling lucky, and really looking forward to getting my face in his incredible-looking ass and kissing that super handsome face and cumming deep in his nicely toned body… but the good luck stopped as soon as I got to his door, and ended barely 20 minutes later, with me ejaculating like a teenager after five strokes in his very tight ass. You just can never tell!

As I was walking to his place, he texted that he had left the door unlocked for me, and I expected to walk in to the pre-lubed ass-in-the-air scenario-- honestly not my favorite and already a bit of a disappointment-- but when I walked in, he was not in fuck-me-whoever-you-are position, but rather lying in bed, under the covers, playing on his phone. He barely looked over to say hello and ask me to lock the door behind him. WTF! It was like he was very stoned, or very unimpressed. In texts he was pretty lovey dovey, saying he loved "older salt&pepper dudes" and very hot to get eaten out and fucked, but in person he seemed suffused with utter boredom. I asked if I could take a leak, then came out to find him in exactly the same position, still on his phone. Ugh. I walked over to him and he pulled aside the covers. His body wasn't quite as ideal as the pictures, looking a bit doughier in the middle but still pretty nice. He was wearing tight white briefs that contrasted nicely against his brown, latino skin. He sat up straight at the edge of the bed and pulled my body to his, pushing his face against my chest and held me tight, which was kind of nice actually, and I ran my hands all over his body. His muscles didn't look like much but they felt fantastic and firm under my touch. I thought, maybe this isn't so bad. We kissed a little and he was verrrrry slow and languid, giving more credence to the idea that he had just gotten really, really baked before I came over. But my dick was getting hard so things were looking up.

I turned him over and completely lost myself in his fantastically round, meaty ass. Big balls hanging down, lots of muscular bulges between his legs, a nice thick ridge where his cock root buried itself into the trunk of his body. He was very sensitive and ticklish but whenever he bucked I just pushed him back down onto the bed so I could get my fill of his rump. It was really fantastic and I was hard and straight as a steel rod before very long. So I got up on the bed, sat back with my bone pointing in his face, and let him suck me. Very long slow strokes of oral delight. More slow languid kisses. Things really looking up! Getting him on his back and grinding my body into his? Verrrrry nice. Though he had a weird way of keeping his hands in front of his chest between us, with his hands on mine; maybe he just wanted to feel my chest hair while I humped him, but it felt a lot like he was also trying to push me off; but then he moved his hands to my back, and I let my dick slide down between his legs and slide up against his hole, and the sensation of fucking between those very very thick ass cheeks was almost too much. Some guys have so much ass just putting your dick between their cheeks is like real penetration (or maybe it's what it feels like to a straight guy who is titty-fucking). It got me too close, so I stopped, turned him over, and ate him out some more. And then I just had to feel what it would be like to slide my dick into his body, gliding in between those big meaty mounds. I slicked up good with spit and positioned myself to ease it into him. I felt my dickhead probe between the velvety crack in those big globes of flesh, catch ever-so-slightly on the hole, and verrrrry slowly pushed it so it would stretch its way into him gently.

I was getting very hot and heavy, but also was having some trouble with my stupid fucking wrist. The one big drawback of fucking guys with asses that big is that the hole is so deep in the luxuriant folds of meat that a regular-sized dick like mine can really only bottom out in there with specific maneuvering to get the angle right. And I can't really prop myself up on my hands yet; it's extremely painful and my wrist really doesn't even bend that much. His bed was also covered with pillows and his body is about the size of mine, so it was a challenge. I think he was too tight to take me with just spit, so he reached to the bedside table for some lube, and I pulled out and watched him finger his hole with a gooey finger, and then I slicked up my unit with some more. It was thick, goopy KY gel-- again not my favorite-- but my dick was hard enough to cut diamonds and I really wanted to fuck this kid good, so I didn't care. I got back into position as best I could with the fucking wrist, and held my dick stock-still and let him wiggle himself back onto me, and I felt my fat dickhead pop into the tiny opening, and inch my inch he let me sink into him, turning his head back on his muscular neck to kiss me while I penetrated him in slow-motion. His body felt awesome, my dick felt awesome, everything about his manner earlier melted away and I was basically just a life-support system for my dick….

…and suddenly I was cumming.


I tried as hard as I could to still the muscles between my legs that wanted to shoot into him and shoot hard. But they would not be quelled. "YOU WANTED TO SWALLOW RIGHT" I bellowed and he startled out of his smoky haze and looked at me with wide eyes, and I pulled out my purple, turgid member and clambered over to his face and stuck it in his mouth and just fired jet after jet into him.

He primly sucked my cockhead while the salty fusillade continued, and I commanded him to suck harder and he took a bit more of me into his mouth, and I just groaned and shook my head and kept shouting "What the FUCK what the FUCK" until I was done ejaculating. Then I burst into embarrassed laughter.

"Well, that certainly wasn't an hour," he said tartly. I apologized profusely and mumbled something about my wrist, then went back to the bathroom to wash all the goop off my stupid dick. I came back and he was still lying in bed, so I sat beside him and stroked him all up and down. He very idly fingered his dick which was still thick from pleasure but no longer hard. He looked at me with a mixture of sadness and annoyance and, I suppose, marijuana-slackness. Finally I got up and said, "Well, at least I can get back to work." I kept shaking my head and saying to no one in particular, "Dammit." And I gave him one last kiss, and he said, "I didn't think it would be so fast." OK, OK, OK! What can I do? Sometimes I still prematurely ejaculate like a fifteen year old. Sue me!

Ah well. As I drove home through traffic that was of course much better than the traffic on the way down, I mused about it all. My dick has a mind of its own, in the end. A scene I was barely into at the start turned into something that gave me an uncontrollable orgasm. If every experience was like Tuesday's, I guess life would be too humdrum in its perfection. But I still wish they could be! Ah well. He got a big load, he should be happy with that, living way over there where he is!


  1. so you are actually human and not perfect! :) would love to spend time with you...

    1. Hardly perfect, anonymous! If you read through the blog there's plenty of times I can't keep it up or I cum too quick or otherwise fuck up a good thing. I have a lot of good sex but I put it all up here, good and bad. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. The way you write... I always feel I am right there with you....

    1. Heh well thanks, Anonymous… though this wasn't one of the better times to actually be right there with me :^]