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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Today I fucked another regular. I almost didn't fuck anyone. I feel like I've been getting blown a lot, which is of course plenty of fun, but there is just no substitute for that sensation of feeling the muscles in your waist and groin and ass and legs make those thrusting motions that pound your dick into a warm, willing body beneath you. I was completely craving it. A very handsome guy who said he loved to kiss and suck dick and get fucked for hours responded to me online, and acted as though he were very interested and wanted to come over; at the point where he asked if it was OK that he'd been partying I should have said no and moved on, but I was just taken in by his face and kept hoping he was for real. A couple of other guys who have been after my cum in their bellies for a good while appeared around the time I *thought* I was sealing the deal with Party Handsome. And something told me to go with one of them, even though they were just offering blowjobs. But I wanted someone new and I wanted to deep dick for as long as I could stand it. So I put my eggs in the wrong basket and was completely blown off an hour later. There is nothing like that frustration of thinking you've got something going on but you end up with your dick in your hand! But then luckily one of my favorite cocksuckers appeared; I've fucked him before but it is not his favorite thing to do. And he didn't want to get fucked today. But at this point I had to get off or go nuts, so I hopped in the car and drove over. And I'm glad I did.

This guy is almost a shaman with my dick. He is clearly enthralled by a man's meat. He sucks beautifully and always gets me hard as a rock, but he also loves to stroke it and feel all its contours and admire it. When you're with him you feel like a king and your dick is your scepter. He actually has a pretty nice tool himself, with a big fleshy head, so sometimes we just slick each other up with spit and twist each other's dickheads and shafts with our hands, making out or staring into each other's eyes. It's extremely erotic. Or I just lay back with my limbs helplessly sprawled out while he gives me the most intense concentrated pleasure on my favorite few square inches of my body. He definitely gets me in the zone, and he is incredibly greedy for cock; he will suck me for as long as I say and never complain.

He's a short, slight little guy. His pictures online, and some pictures around his tiny cell of a room, which could not have been more than 8x6, were pretty old and show him much meatier and healthier; he's a little older than me and seems to have lived a little hard, maybe. But he's actually still handsome and I don't mind the slight build, as he is tight and has a beautiful hair pattern on his torso. It would be fantastic to fuck the guy in the pictures, for sure. But it's always a little sad when a guy doesn't embrace who he is now. He has a nice face and I love to kiss him. And he makes me so fucking hot that I always have to flip him on his back on the bed and just grind my meat into him. It's so good when I can feel my cock and his sliding against each other and each other's bellies, as I pin him to the bed. The closeness is so intense it always makes me feel closer to coming. This time he was clearly getting overheated by my grinding, and he said, "Just fuck me, I want you to fuck me." Music to my ears. But after a first attempt I could tell he was really too tight and I don't like to invest too much ceremony in getting my dick in someone. If it doesn't slide in nicely, there is always other stuff to do. So I told him to relax and he went back to worshipping my cock and making me feel so good I was dizzy.

I had to get back on top of him. I kept breathing into his ear, "You make my dick feel so fucking good, I love what you do to my dick," and he seemed like he could not catch his breath, whether from the excitement of my weight on him. I slid my hand under his ass from behind him and poked a finger against his slick little hole and felt it open right up for me as he cried out: bingo. This time when I pushed my dickhead against it he just kept shaking his head and saying "yes yes yes" and so I pulled his legs apart and aimed my dick straight into him and it slowly, slowly let it sink in, little by little, lubricated just by our spit and my precum. I didn't actually push until it was more than halfway consumed. Then I would just give short bursts, a centimeter or so at a time, and it seemed like I was going deeper into him than would ever be possible.

And then we just fucked ourselves silly for the better part of an hour. Kissing like we were drunk, staring deep into each other's eyes, holding each other's body, entwining our legs, so much skin touching so much skin, so much intense pleasure from touching each other this way. I never wanted to stop. Sometimes I stroked his dick, which was hard as a rock, or rubbed my thumb over the hottest spot of his dickhead and watched his squirm. When I got into a position that allowed for long smooth velvety strokes, giving and taking back every inch of my tool, he closed his eyes and whined with pleasure. "I want you to cum inside me," he told me, more music to my ears. I said, "Let me get to the edge, I want to stay on the edge," and I kept up that long forceful deliberate dicking motion until I felt that particular urgency start to creep up my spine. I slightly adjusted myself to be able to keep up the stroke mechanically without making myself cum, and for about two minutes there was nothing else in the world but my dick melting in his body. "Look at me, look in my eyes while I cum," I said, and he did, watching my face intently for what he wanted to see. And then I knew I had to let go, and I fucked him so hard the bed slammed against the wall, and didn't let up when I felt the salty jets shoot out of my balls and into his body, warming and slicking up our point of contact. I couldn't keep my eyes open, and my head was spinning, and my mouth was open and slack with helpless pleasure, and he kept touching my lips.

I kept thrusting. My dick was not getting soft. I could tell he wanted to cum too but was not close enough. I kept fucking and even though I was done, electric zings of excitement kept running from my dickhead down the insides of my thighs and up my back. He stroked his dick and forcefully put my right hand on his chest, flat; if I moved it he would grab it and put it back. I laughed but have been with guys who have these odd sensitive spots that help them cum like this before, so I left it there. With the other I stroked his body up and down, and did my best to keep my now softening dick still in motion sliding along the walls of his inside. And he came.

"I'm sorry I made you fuck me," I joked, after we rested a bit. He said it was awesome and was glad we did, and I said great, because I know it's not his favorite thing. He told me my patience had helped. So take note of that, boys; you can't just ram your dick in everyone you want to fuck and give up right away if he can't take it. You gotta work your way in there and make them beg for it. Every bottom loves to feel a heaving top's body on top of them, every bottom likes to feel like the top wants nothing more than to be inside. But you gotta make him open to it.

Can't be greedy! But then, after you're in, take as much as you want.


  1. so fucking hot how you bred him.

    1. I've cum in hundreds of men, Anonymous, and I intend to leave my mark in many, many more before I'm done.

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