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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today I fucked a guy who I had zero chemistry with. It was a weird experience. He pursued me pretty hotly online-- after last week's fuckfest I wasn't evenreally all that determined to hook up today. He lived waaaay uptown in Manhattan and I knew it would take him forever to get here on the train. I hate being put in that position because if someone travels all that way to me, and they get here and there is no click, I feel bad about sending them away. But these feelings are trumped by someone who is seriously, seriously jonesing for my dick, as this guy was. He looked pretty handsome, actually bordering on pretty, in his pictures. So I said OK.
He somehow got lost in my neighborhood for a while, which seems impossible to me unless you can't count, and then when he showed up he seemed a little remote. I was wondering if maybe he wasn't attracted to me, so I did a little "Everything cool?" check and he said it was. We kissed a bit and he kissed very nicely, and he smelled good too, but there was nothing going on. We went back to the bedroom and made out a little more seriously; still no heat. He knelt down to suck my dick and did a pretty good job of it; I was getting stiff. But no sparks. I got on the bed to get more comfortable, and he got between my legs; he certainly knew how to work a dick over with his tongue, but he held the shaft tight with his hand, not far down from the head, as if preventing my dick from going into his mouth too deeply. His ass was Not As Advertised and I just couldn't bring myself to eat it. I was getting that sinking feeling that I was going to have to stop the festivities right in the middle, which I've done before, and it's awful.

But he kept at my dick, and he would kiss if I leaned down into him; he was just really incredibly spacy. He seemed to need to be on his back to enjoy anything; eventually I was just feeding my dick to him from the side. If I got on top of him to grind into him he would touch my back, my arms, wrap his legs around mine, but very slowly, very abstractedly and tentatively. I didn't know if he was on drugs or inexperienced or in his own little private sexual universe which only incidentally included me, or what.

At one point, while he was beside me sucking my dick, I slicked up my hand and stroked his dick, and he kinda woke up and made small, quiet noises. And then he turned over and presented his ass to let me slide my dick in. I can't remember the last time I fucked someone on his side, but I thought, well, OK. So I slipped it in very easily. Then he was definitely more excited, moving faster, moaning, and talking about how good it felt to have it in there, but at that point I pretty much just felt like a dick on a stick. He pushed me back, hopped up on me facing away from me, and rode my pole up and down-- a position that is pretty much completely useless to me typically, but he did feel nice inside, and it was keeping me pretty hard. He slammed himself up and down with impressively long squatting strokes and then exclaimed that he was going to come. And he did.

Then he laid back beside me as if to Officially Receive More Kisses. I made out with him a little more, stroking my dick, and wondered if I should let him go and save my load for someone better. But I had a lot of work to do and just figured I'd let it go so I could focus-- I would be seriously nutty and needing to get off after that. So I stroked myself off, and ended up shooting myself in the mouth with the first, gloppy, high-pressure squirt. I really, really don't like the taste of cum very much, so I was like "Gaahhhhhh ugh I hit myself in the mouth," but he was delighted and watching the rest of the shots with wide eyes. He ran his index finger through the cum on my dickhead. Just an index finger. He was so fuckin weird.

Hard to know what to make of this one. I've been with guys who are very hot to trot online and turn into limp fishes in person. He might be inexperienced or he might really just not have been attracted to me, although taking a dick from someone you're not into seems like quite a commitment to me (though I'm not a bottom, so correct me if I'm wrong). I feel robbed of my load! I hope the next guy deserves it more.


  1. Hot blog! Just curious: are you interested in Asian at all?

  2. It depends on the guy, of course, although my favorite traits in a guy (hairy body, big straight nose, heavy eyebrows, beard, cut dick, etcetc) tend not to be common among Asians. But handsome is handsome, so you really never know. I've certainly fucked my share of Asian dudes.