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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Holy Fuck

Today I fooled around with a guy who was just head-spinningly hot; I'm still in something of a daze with an occasional shit-eating grin on my face thinking about it. I've been in a real slump lately, either too busy with work or personal commitments to fuck or, if I was free, unable to find anyone suitable. I've spent much of the past week feeling depressed and unhappy with myself for various reasons, and was particularly down today, so I called in to work asking for a mental health day. I really just wanted to crawl back in bed and read and feel sorry for myself. I did take a spin around the sites I belong to and nothing was going on at all. So I did some errands and thought maybe I shouldn't be cruising at all; I beat off yesterday after saving up a giant load that I couldn't find anyone to catch for me, so I wasn't out of control horny and my mental state probably would make any hookup that did happen a disaster. I checked back in one more time, and was hit up by what turned out to be sex on wheels.

This guy and I have tried to hook up many times before, for a few months now, but he always has weird slices of time free and lives way up on the upper west side, so it would take something like 40 minutes to get to him on the train. It just never worked out. His pictures looked pretty nice-- he's hispanic, tan skin, very lightly hairy, with an appealingly meaty body. He didn't have any direct face pictures except one with sunglasses on. But the body looked just my type, and he seemed pretty into the schlubby daddy type, i.e., me. It was nice that he kept pursuing me, as most guys give up pretty easily, but I didn't really want to hear from him today, to be honest-- he looked too good for me to waste a depressed blah day on him. But I figured I had the time, he finally had the time (promising me a free hour after I got there), and I had nothing else on my plate except whimpering under a blanket. So I asked for his address and hopped on the train.

When he opened the door, he was not at all what I was expecting. I knew he was muscular, but the pictures just made him look nice and thick and proportioned. I was not expecting to see a giant 5'9 slab of prime meat in a tank top, with shoulders the size of small hams and a tiny waist. His face was very handsome, with large features, black eyes, a strong nose, and lips that rubberized the bones in my legs. This was pretty intimidating; the whole way on the train I'd been looking at myself reflected in the doors and feeling old and wondering why I was doing this. I kept on a game face, took off my hat and my glasses and threw them aside, and begged God to please let him know how to kiss.

And fuck, did he.

He was a perfect blend of slow/gentle and hungry/urgent, occasionally biting and sucking my lips hard enough to sting, but slowly and sensually, something I've never experienced with a guy (though I think maybe I do that to other guys?). His body was so fucking beautifully shaped and hugely muscled, and his skin so smooth and clear, that it was like he was not even the same species, or not made of the same material as me. I kept running my hands over his curves and bulges and we just kept sucking each others face like that; I could feel him getting hard. I was still a little intimidated and had a serious performance anxiety, so I decided the best thing to do was take the bull by the horns. I pulled out my still not very hard dick, put it in his hand, put my own hand on the back of his head, and let him knead my meat and fill it with his warmth while I sucked on those meaty lips some more. He seemed a little hesitant, maybe because I wasn't rock hard already, so more assertion was needed; I pushed him down on his knees and told him to suck me slowly. I watched him tongue and swallow my meat in his handsome mouth, and could not believe my good fortune, looking down at this hulking specimen of sex on its knees before me, just for me, for me to touch however and wherever I wanted. My dick was finally swelling inside his warm wetness.

We moved to the bedroom and he worked my tool, spread out before me with those wide shoulders and that thick neck flexing with each movement of his head up and down my shaft. I pulled off the tank top, and his chest was lightly fuzzy and his nips were firm and protruding. I told him to pull off his shorts, and his ass was almost completely smooth, with just peach fuzz maybe, except in the crack, and the skin was a paler color than the rest of his body. His thighs were absolutely massive with a long crease in the muscle running down the side to his knee. I could not believe this sex bomb was slobbering all over MY dick. And he had me hard as a fucking rock at this point.

I slid down the side of the bed to eat his ass and could have wept. He had a side view of it online and it looked nice and meaty, but nothing prepared me for the view from below: two towering perfectly arched mounds atop those powerful thighs, with two ample balls hanging down like ripe fruits. He particularly liked having that smooth, soft skin between the balls at the very bottom of his sac licked, but I kept circling up around his hole, licking up under those thick tendons in his groin on either side of the nuts, all along his inner thigh, and at some points inside his knee, which made him gasp. It was like a whole other world down between his legs and I wanted to stay there as long as I could.

But I had to stand up and just admire him. His back was the widest I've ever seen in person, flanked by amazingly meaty lats. But his muscle was not hard, stony, and plasticky, like some body builders I've been with; it was beautifully supple and had just the right amount of give and malleability to make the overall firmness stand out. I gripped and manhandled him everywhere, his thick ankles and calves, the crease between thigh and assmeat, along his waist and his lats, his wide round shoulders; then turning him on his back, ran my hand over the coarse hair above his dick leading up to his thick chest and prominent collarbone. He was fuckin beautiful. I got on top of him and pressed my whole body against his and he groaned and panted and held my ass, held my thighs, held my back, pushing his groin into mine. His dick was oozing precum like crazy, forming a small slick lake between our bellies. I fucked his mouth some, but then had to suck his dick too. He was uncut, and it pointed down; not as big or thick as me, but his precum had an incredibly arousing sweet/salty taste and the sight of his hairy groin, thick dickroot disappearing into my mouth, and the monster flanking thighs is seared into my brain. I took him all the way and sort of mouthed against the root so he could really feel how deep he was, and he bucked and whimpered.

I wanted to fuck him, but he had told me to bring condoms; I haven't used them in ages and they were in my coat in the other room. I didn't want to interrupt this to go get them, put one on, fumble around, and lose my erection. Subtle probing with my finger indicated he was extremely tight anyway; I wasn't sure he would be an easy fuck, but man I wanted to see him with my cock in him. I ran my now slick dickhead up and down in the cleft of his ass a few times when he was on his stomach and he moaned with pleasure, and the sight of my bone nestled in his buttocks almost made me cum. On his back I pushed him into the bed with the full weight of my chest, reaching around under his thigh to hold my dick firm up against his hole, and bucked against him like that, knowing he was feeling the ridges of my dickhead sliding over his hole and wanting it inside him. If I stuck it in at that point, I would have popped instantly. Instead we just held each other tight, looked into each other's eyes, and sucked each other's lips hard. He told me I was very hot, which I am not, but I will accept that from a beautiful bodybuilder who is currently underneath the full weight of my body and covered with my sweat. I told him he was making me feel incredible, and he stroked my dick but I told him it would make me cum too fast. He didn't want me to cum yet. So we did another round of ass eating, and mutual sucking, and I laid back and watched him service me beautifully, slowly, feeling like the king of the world.

Now he did want me to get off... "Cum on my chest," he said. He tried to beat me off but that rarely works, so I mounted him again, held each buttock with one hand, and rammed my crotch into his, feeling my prick sliding into his over and over. My balls tightened and I felt my body keen and I sat up and unloaded all over his chest and his belly. He watched me shoot and moan and whimper and black out a little into my own private orgasmic universe; when I opened my eyes he was watching my face intently, rather than my dick, and I liked that. "I won't cum," had had told me earlier, when I told him I thought I would and to slow down. "Not at all?" I said, and he shook his head. Not sure what was up with that though I've been with guys who don't want to cum like this before. I would have liked to get him off and see what his ejaculate looked like. Would he shoot, or dribble, would it be a lot or a little, very white and thick and globby or thin and grey and wet? I am not sure I'll ever find out.

I was sweating like crazy because I'd gotten so excited, and he asked if I wanted the AC on. I said no, that it was just because he got me so turned on. He was a very nice guy. He got me a drink and we talked for a while as I drank it; he's from El Salvador and just came here to study English (thought as far as I could tell, except for the accent, it was perfect). He wasn't sure he'd be able to get a job or if he'd have to go back home. Didn't sound like he was going to be around much longer. If he had been willing to take my bone raw I would be sniffing around him again, harassing him endlessly to let me come back and get it in him. But I think he's just going to have to remain in my mind as he was today, an unexpected, perfect experience. I fuckin love being a homo.


  1. very hot story man. I love them tight latin hotties. What they see in middle aged white guys is a mystery to me too.

    1. I'd say a high percentage of dudes who I'd normally consider totally out of my league (i.e. the really built, handsome bodybuilders) have been latino. They're definitely less uptight and cagey than white guys can be, that's for sure. Not always better lovers, though! That's so individual. But more very hot latinos are good in bed than very hot white guys, who are almost always totally useless.

  2. Ah, I was wondering if you were going to ever run into a bottom that wanted you to use a condom? I just figured you must find most of your fucks on bbrt or else make it clear up front what you prefer. Another hot story, hope you're out of your funk.

    1. I'm totally up-front about what I want; I hate rubber so much that a guy would have to be really, really hot like this guy to make me want to try that, so I like to get it out of the way as soon as possible if a guy is not comfortable with raw. If he's not, and I really want the guy, I typically ask if the guy would rather just service me or whatever; a lot of guys are cool with that. Honestly bbrts is useless for me. A lot of the guys who say safe only on the normal sites ask ME to unload in them, without me suggesting it. I guess they like my cumshots; I shoot like crazy and capitalize on this since otherwise I'm pretty average.

      This beautiful guy, and the beautiful weather at the end of the afternoon, definitely cheered me up. Back to work today!

    2. Since I'm married (to a woman), I have to play it safe majority of the time. Not my favorite either, but I made my choices in life. I've played with guys that prefer bb too and we've just done oral or "dry humping"...or I've given in to temptation more times than I'd like to admit.

      I think there definitely is a draw for a bottom to get filled up by a big cum blast, so I get where they're coming from. They likely list "safe only" to prevent being stigmatized by the safe sex guys that they do actually want to have sex with as well.