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Monday, April 16, 2012


Today I unexpectedly hooked up with a handsome young guy, in his late 20s, who had been after my cum for a while but only recently moved anywhere near me. This was fairly short and sweet, as sex goes for me. Maybe because it is unseasonably warm in NYC today, I found myself feeling extremely horny all of a sudden around lunchtime and knew I had tedious errands to run this afternoon that were going to keep me from getting anything useful done. As the devil makes work for idle hands, I decided to try to find someone nearby to get me off. And this young guy hit me up and we made arrangements pretty quickly. I took the train over to his place in Bushwick to see what he could do with my meat.

His apartment was a new building of the kind they put up there, quasi-nice but bizarrely laid out and chopped up. He led me down the stairs to a dim bedroom where a yappy little dog jumped up on my leg and sniffed me while I made out with his owner. The guy was blond and blue-eyed with closely buzzed hair, pale creamy skin, a bit taller than me, not conspicuously muscular, but with really thick, firm limbs that were exciting to touch. I hate to think I'm going to turn into a skeezy old dude chasing youngsters, but there is a definitely quality to a younger body that is starting to appeal to me, though I still prefer the overall look of a guy around my age.

The place smelled skunky, though it didn't completely reek; so I could tell he had been getting high before I came over. But he was lucid and acted normal, and the pot seemed only to make him unusually sensual. We made out slowly and his lips were muscular and unbelievably soft and smooth. His legs and arms were hard and thick. We moved to the bed and he writhed with delight between my thighs while my dick got harder and harder in his mouth. His body was that clear, creamy pale color all over and his ass was smooth as a baby's. His dick was thick and hard as stone, and shaped and sized almost exactly like mine; we could have been twins. So I had to suck his dick some as well. When I get on top of him and ground into him the feeling of my body sliding against his, and the strain of wrestling against his meaty limbs was heaven. I was getting too excited too fast. I reared up on my haunches and he did the same, and we looked at each other and stroked ourselves and admired each other's meat and kissed. Then he stroked my dick while I cupped his big balls. There is something primal about cupping another man's hairy nuts, especially when they are large... I can totally see why ancient Romans swore on their balls (the original meaning of "testify", if I'm not mistaken). But it was too much and I felt the cum rising in my body so I quickly slapped his hand off me; he seemed taken aback so I apologized. And I got back on him and we just held each other feeling our bodies close together, making out, squeezing each other's muscles. Even though it was this quiet idyll, I was incredibly turned on, and I really couldn't hold back any more, so I quickly said "Do you want my cum, you wanna swallow it?" and he snapped out of his reverie and sat up and I aimed my dickhead at his mouth and fired one shot right into it. He grabbed my dick and greedily huddled over it and sucked everything out of it, licking my dickhead just right as I came. He laid back and made motions like he wanted my dick in his mouth while he beat off, so I obliged, and he squirmed and squirmed as he jerked himself, but seemed to want more, so I fucked his mouth with my rubbery post-coital erection and this set him over the edge. He came in small drops but he seemed very excited, and kept sucking the last bits of semen out of me as his dick went down.

We talked a bit about music afterward-- he had a pretty impressive synthesizer set up on the other end of the room that I had somehow missed. He was a nice guy and sometimes it's nice to have someone just get you off.

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