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Friday, June 15, 2012

I Need Hair (or Meat)

Today I fucked a handsome, fairly meaty Asian guy, but the encounter sort of fizzled out in a disappointing way. We'd been talking online off and on for quite a while, but he was always jetting off to someplace or another. So when he popped up today (which is a beautiful, sunny, breezy day, perfect weather for sticking my dick in someone), and told me he was free but just needed to take a shower after the gym, I chuckled, thinking of a reader comment I read this morning on yesterday's post, gave him a half an hour, and ran over. Unfortunately, I came back almost an hour later with today's load still swinging in my nuts.

He was handsome, like his pictures showed, and his little body looked nice and tight under his t-shirt. We made out some before I had to take a leak, and things seemed flirty and fun, so I was in a good mood. His body felt nice in my hands, though he kissed with a little too much Crazy Tongue for my taste. After a while, as I kept sucking his lips (which feels nice and also makes it harder for dudes to stick their tongues out like baby birds waiting to be fed worms), he seemed to get the message and knock it off a bit, another good sign. He sucked me really nice and his smooth, shapely body looked awesome spilling out from the bullseye of my groin-- I will never tire of the sight of a man with a muscular back and round ass sprawled out between my legs and head-down in my lap. He was very into sucking me, and I was hard as a rock. I left him there on the bed and slipped down beside the bed between his legs to eat his ass. The carpet was a punishing thick-knotted berber, which basically scraped the living hell out of my knees-- on the subway ride home I was convinced the people on bench across from me knew exactly what I had just been doing from the big red marks. His ass was a beauty-- not as firm as I'd like, and totally hairless except right in the very crack, but very full. His hole was extremely responsive and accomodating; he seemed to have a way of actually sucking my tongue into it, which was very exciting. He kept whining over and over how good my tongue and my beard felt on him. We hadn't done all the stuff I wanted to yet before fucking but I just had to see what my bone would look like sliding in and out of that bountiful specimen, so I stood up, planted my dickhead in his crack, and slowly pushed it right in with absolutely no fuss.

He was squeaky clean-- literally, my dick was not really gliding slickly the way I like, but sort of catching on his insides like your finger does if you rub it on a balloon. But he sure looked awesome nailed by my tool. I pulled out and ate him a little more, slicking up my dick even better with my spit while I pressed my face in his rear, and mounted him again, higher on his back this time so my dick would ram straight down against his man-gland. It felt nicer this time, and he was loving it, thrashing his head two and fro and yelping. He wanted to kiss me while I plowed him, and turned his upper body back to suck my face, and we started getting sweaty. He twisted even more, wanting to be on his back, and I popped out. I put it back in, held his legs in the crooks of my arms, and rammed it home.

But at this point the chemistry was fizzling for me. His body was meaty and nicely shaped but really just totally, totally smooth and soft. There were not really strong pheromones coming off him. And I kept wishing he had a patch of hair somewhere for me to stroke, some scruff, or a hard hunk of meat to hang on to. I felt my dick starting to go a little rubbery inside him. So we made out a bit more and I tried the magic solution-- more ass-eating.

But this wasn't working either. His ass was beautifully shaped but not very firm. I don't know how I managed to stay hard for and ejaculate in that beast who serviced me last night, but not this very nice looking young guy who I had been banging satisfactorily only a minute before.

I laid back and let him suck me some more, and it felt good but I knew the magic was gone. All I kept thinking about was hairy guys, how much I wished I was with a hairy meaty guy right now! ugh.

He valiantly tried to get me hard again, and I tried jerking it with some lube, but eventually he lost patience (and I don't really blame him). I got dressed fairly quickly, we talked desultorily, and then I left, patting his cute little torso as I went out the door.

So now I've a that weird, trembly, Wait-you-made-me-thrust-but-you-didn't-let-me-squirt feeling in my groin. But who knows when I'll get the chance to unload again; this weekend is busy and next week we're taking a much-needed vacation that promises to be low-key and restful. I just hope I can find a hairy meaty guy to fuck when I get back!

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