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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today I squirted half a pint of jizz into the willing gullet of a guy I've been chasing for what seems like a year. His pictures showed an extremely cute face, with dark eyebrows, scruff, and a very attractive little smirk that I wanted to ram my dick in every time I saw him online. He told me he can suck for as long as I want; he would never get bored or tired. He gave me his number and we played text tag for a ridiculously long time; something always got in the way of us hooking up. After a while he stopped replying when I asked if he was free, so I gave up on him. But today he reappeared online, on a different site this time, and I couldn't help but just say hello to him. He told me he never minded the texts but just got tired of having to say "no" all the time (I guess he has a ridiculously exciting social life; something I haven't had since long before I got hitched, though I do remember how hard it could be to fit a little fucking into my schedule when I was younger). I told him I had the place to myself for an hour or so after work tonight, and he hemmed and hawed about having a big package to carry on the train. I told him I'd drive him home, and he hesitated noticeably, then came back with "I know it's crazy that I'm so willing to go swallow your cum, but the idea of taking a ride in a car with a stranger makes me pause." I told him he could think about it, and a bit later he asked for info about how to get here, and after work, he showed up.

His face was just like the pictures but somehow I'd pictured a little cubby guy, maybe 5'7. In reality he was actually pretty tall and a bit more overweight than I like them, so that was kind of a disappointment. He was also extremely sweaty from schlepping around the box, I assume-- it's pretty hot out today and the box was awkward-looking. I gave him some water and cranked up the AC to help cool him off, and he admired my apartment a bit as he drank it, but we pretty much had to get right to it. I wasn't sure how well this was gonna work out-- he was too tall, too big, and too sweaty, though he kissed pretty nicely. The only thing to do in this situation is whip out the meat and see what the boy can do, so I did, and the boy definitely Could Do.

For about 40 minutes he worked my dick like a pro-- very close to being too rough for me, but never going past it, and keeping me hard and thick the whole time. He had me on the edge after about 15 minutes, and was not like the best cocksuckers, who alter the pressure depending on the signals they get from my dick and balls about how close I am. He was pretty much nonstop Hoover, with an awesome tongue but pretty intense. So there was a lot of stop and start I had to do to keep from popping too fast. But he would quickly get me back to the edge after a few minutes each time, so I got that fuzzy-headed, intense-pleasure feeling in bursts. At one point he was on his knees between my legs with my feet on his thighs and his face in my groin and I started thrusting up into him and he matched my rhythm and every inch of my dick was getting exactly the right kind of stimulation, and even though it was too soon, my nuts started overflowing with juice and the tubes in my groin started squirting it out furiously without much warning; all I could do is mutter a helpless little "Oh no" before I was seriously unloading more cum that I thought I had in me today into his mouth. He grunted and greedily licked and chomped at my dick as jet after jet pulsed out; at one point he overflowed a bit into my pubes, and I was still cumming. He didn't want to stop but I got very sensitive and pulled out, jerking the end; he kept lapping at my dickhole greedily and when I stopped and let go he slurped it right back down again. I told him to take it easy and he did, just milking whatever I had left out of the thick cum-tube running along the length of my softening bone.

We both laughed and he said, "Worth waiting for?" It was. He decided against the ride home-- even with my genetic material plastered all over his gullet he still didn't seem to want to get into a car with me! I conceded that sometimes at rush hour it takes just as long to drive as to take the train, and off he went.

I feel ten pounds lighter! A good long blowjob really clears the head in a way nothing else does.


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    1. Thanks Mr! I'm glad that hearing about dudes getting me off gets other dudes off, too. Sex is fantastic and I love to share the wealth.