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Monday, June 25, 2012


Today I wasted a whole week's worth of Grade A cum on a big, thoroughly dumb, and completely inept latino guy.

I'd hoped to find a good cocksucker to edge it out of me today, as I went all last week without getting off. But I didn't have a lot of time today, and in the last possible moments I had free for setting something up, I ended up with that horrible Sophie's Choice between a very enthusiastic but only sorta cute cub with wacky clothes and facial hair, and this very handsome latin guy. Of course I chose the latter. He'd hit me up well over an hour before, said he was up for slow servicing, had to email a pic, blablabla... and then asked for my address in another email. I asked for his number because I didn't like giving out my address with no way to get in touch. He said something dumb back, like, "I know! I'm in Union Square!" But no number. Annoyed, I sent him MY number and told him I'd text him the address if he texted me back. And I didn't hear anything. After 40 minutes or so I gave up on him. I was In Negotiations with Wacky Cub, who was very close but had apparently never edged anybody (a bad sign), when suddenly Estupido pops back into existence, and texts me saying he's at the subway stop I told him I lived near. I'm stupid myself, and forget that conventionally handsome guys, regardless of how nice they look with my dick in their mouth, are often lousy in bed, especially if they're so dumb they don't know the basic rules of communication. I also didn't want to deal with the drama of telling him no after he took the train here, even though it was idiotic of him to do so without having my address or a confirmation that I'd even still be here. So I decided to go with Estupido.

And the sex was also estupido. He gave pretty good head but was one of those guys who thinks flitting around like crazy, and wiggling his tongue in your mouth, and standing on the bed masturbating and saying "Look at me, look in my eyes!" is Hot Sex®; it was nothing like I told him I wanted, for sure (at one point he tried to cram his fingers in my ass), and was lame no matter what anyone would have wanted, I think. I did eat his ass a bit, and fondle his admirably hefty balls and bone-hard erection, and for a while positioned The Missle of Manhood at The Portal of Pussy for a while admiring the view, which seemed to make him nervous-- he asked for a condom, and I told him I didn't intend to fuck him anyway. But nothing much could save this session. I decided to just spray all over myself and get him the hell out of here. It was not very impressive because I was more annoyed than turned on. And then he came all over the comforter. After we got dressed and he left, I found three or four emails from Wacky Cub saying he wanted my cum wanted it wanted it changed his plans to spend more time on me wanted it please please wanna swallow a week's worth of cum. Even if he wasn't experienced, he probably would have been better. Lesson still not learned! I'm dumb, too!

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