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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Unexpected and Rare

Today I sorta (see below) fucked one of the rarest species out there-- the guy who's cuter than his pictures. He only had one picture on his profile, actually, which honestly looked just about nothing like him and was extremely unflattering and a weird pose. It's an insane choice to try to reel in guys with. I'd turned him down the first time he hit on me, months ago, but he came back at me a few days ago and emailed me a body shot and a (typically useless) crack close-up. Dudes, no more crack close-ups. The body shot showed a nice natural masculine build with a little bit of hair, but was so dim and unfocused that I wasn't sure it was really him; it didn't really match in the face. So I put him in the "maybe" pile. Today he came at me again, and everyone else wanted to get fucked like "at 5:30" or "next week" or some other nonsense, and I really wanted to get off, so I decided to bet on him and ran over. With one little bit of unluck, I got lucky! He was awesome.

I say "sorta" fucked because while I got my dick in him all the way to my balls and he rode me for a while, before any serious dicking-down could happen, there was an unwelcome Apparition from the Great Deep, and we had to do an emergency cleanup. This is also pretty rare-- most guys take good care to prevent this-- but to his credit he had told me well before I put my dick in him  (or *he* did it, really; I'd gotten him super hot with my ministrations and decided to just climb on) that he'd only planned to service me orally and was not "super-prepared." But a little rinse and some dutiful (no pun intended) scrubbing let us go back to the festivities, with further ass-eating and fucking off the menu. He had awesome lips for kissing, some scruff and dark eyebrows that made his face fun to look at while I ground my dick into his pubes, and a much, much nicer body than any of the pics let on. We had started making out standing up, and his extremely bouncy dog, a dachshund with one eye missing (yes, he had a literal one-eyed wiener), was all over my legs even as the cute guy pulled down my shorts, kneeled, and worked away at my swelling knob. Once serious sucking began, the dog was yapping like crazy, but the apartment was just a studio, so even though we moved to the high bed, the dog kept jumping up the side, his head popping up over the edge over and over and over as this guy did a fantastic job getting me hard as a rock. I did my best to ignore it, but I'm easily distracted, so I had to say something. The guy said, "No, just ignore him and he will calm down." And he did, after a while. The cute guy spread out between my legs and showed off a creamy, very nicely muscled back and thighs-- very thick thighs actually, with a nice crease in the muscle running from the hip to his knee-- and a verrrry cute, ripe butt. He had a huge hard tricep on each arm that bulged out as he held my tool and feasted on me. This was gonna be good, I thought!

His body was perfect for manhandling, and inspired me to be rough and intense. We were both having the time of our lives, and halfway through the head he sat up and looked me right in the eye and said "OK I am *really* enjoying this," and I agreed and said we could go all afternoon if he wanted, and we laughed; it was that kind of hookup, just nonstop fun whatever we did. He was bouncy and bubbly like his dog, first kneeling between my thighs, then sitting up and holding my dick against his balls as he jerked off (he really seemed to like feeling my meat on the soft smooth skin under his very sizeable nuts), then laying back and letting me pound my hips into his while I bit his neck and he held on to my back, wrapping his legs around mine and wrestling me closely, then flipping over to let me eat that sweet round ass. For some reason, the ass-eating pose made the dog upset again, and turn into a cyclopean jack-in-the-box at the edge of the bed all over again. And then he climbed up on me and took in my bone hungrily, and I fucked up into him a bit, and then he turned around for a bit of reverse cowgirl. Both of those positions are typically useless for me, but the way our legs interlocked and the wonderful shapes of his body kept me hard as a rock and entertained. He slid up and down on my pole in that position for a while, and I knew I had to get him on his back and pound the hell out of him. It was an athletic good time, his body was amply meaty and smelled fantastic. But when I pulled out we had the apparition, and he was extremely annoyed. I took it in stride, washed up, had him wash up, and said, "We're not done." He looked and me and laughed uncertainly, hovering in the doorway of the bathroom, and I said, "I'm not one of those guys who runs away when something like that happens; get back in the bed." And we laid full length beside each other and made out with hungry lips and slithering tongues. The curves of his bones and muscles under my hand's pressure made my dick swell again, and he was instantly back to gobbling it when he felt it moving against his belly.

And we spent the better part of an hour just enjoying the hell out of each other's body, till he started asking for my cum. I laid on my back, and he knelt in position, and I told him "don't try to hard, just suck me nice and slow, I'll cum in you just from that," and he followed my directions. A little fucking up into his mouth, a little relaxing and letting me work my dickhead, and I felt my nuts contracting and that fantastic fall over the edge of orgasm began. He kept sucking aggressively as I squirted and it was too much; I had to grab his head to hold it still and just slowly circle my hips while he swallowed. He liked this, and drank all of me. Then he got back in that position, kneeling beside me with my slimy dick sliding up under his big fat nuts, and beat himself off, spritzing lightly all over me (I tend not to like to have guys cum on me, but this was OK, I really liked this guy).

When we finished it was raining pretty hard outside, and I hadn't brought an umbrella. So I sat on his couch with him and we talked about our lives a bit, and the conversation went on and on. I was starving, so I asked him to get some lunch with me, and he agreed, and we went to a mexican place around the corner and kept talking. He's a lit-tle on the queeny side and very talkative but it was fun. When we were done, he asked me on the corner if I wanted to go back to his place and fuck some more. I grinned and hesitated a bit, but told him, "You're making my dick hard just asking that, but I have to go do some errands. Let's save it for next time." And he said "My dick is getting hard too, but it's cool." I paused a bit and told him that I'm not really the fuckbuddy type-- he'd actually popped up for air during the blowjob and told me he was in the market for one and I'd just laughed. He looked a little deflated, and I tried to do a little damage control, telling him I definitely wanted to get my dick back in him, but I'm just not the type to hook up with someone every week. I hope I didn't upset him, because he is gonna be a fantastic screw with some preparation, and I know I'll enjoy doing him several times. But during lunch he kept looking deep into my eyes as I talked, and I didn't want him to get any illusions (he already knew I had a bf). It's a fine line when yer married and fucking single guys. But I'll be back in him. We gotta do it at my place, though... I really don't need a one-eyed dog jumping all over me while I'm trying to get my rocks off.


  1. As usual that was a great post. A honest to god one-eyed wiener? That's fucking priceless! I love your blog.

    1. Thanks big guy! Ironically, his *actual* wiener had *two* eyes-- he had a Prince Albert piercing (not my favorite thing in the world, but his tool was nice).