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Friday, September 21, 2012


Today I didn't even want to get off; I wanted to have lunch with a friend who works in the neighborhood at a place with outdoor seating that makes an excellent fried chicken sandwich-- it is an incredibly beautiful clear day today. But my friend had to pick up her kids from school early and didn't have time for a languid outdoor cafe lunch. So instead I fucked someone.

He and I had talked before online-- he hit me up and looked cute and  vaaaaguely hipster-nerdy (which I really like) with a cute little average body. We agreed we should have lots n lots of sex sometime, but subsequent times when I hit *him* up, I got no replies. I think he's about 26 and I find the kids to be too flaky for my taste-- people don't even feel the need to reply to messages to people they like any more, even just to say "busy now, talk later". But today I did admire his profile and wonder what it would be like to ejaculate inside him (his profile said safe only). I guess he saw me check him out, because he said "What's up" to me, and I told him not much and maybe we should fuck, and he said cool, and I asked if I could fuck him raw and cum in him, and he said cool, and I said can you come over right now, and he said cool, and a half hour later we were sucking face. He was a little boyish for my taste but had a nice beard and very nice lips. His body was completely average, rather soft, but shaped pretty cute, with a nice badonk. He gave fairly nice head but a little more deep-throaty than I like so I ate his ass while I held his gigantic tool (this was certifiably big-- at least 8") and my dick got hard, so I mounted him, pinned him, penetrated him, and plowed him from behind. He turned and watched my face, with his ass jutting out and his hands pulling my thighs to him hard and tight, then rested his head on the bed with eyes closed and said my name over and over while I dicked it into him deep. And we stayed close like that, close closed-circuit, pressed hard together, kissing and watching each other through a mist of pleasure generated by my thrusting tool, until I popped in him. He felt my dick throb and reached for his own truly, truly impressive tool and jerked an orgasm out of himself; I felt him pulsing all around my spent meat as he shot it out all over the sheets.

Conversation was a little awkward after-- something tells me we may actually have stuff in common despite the age difference, but it wasn't happening. He dressed, I washed my dick, we shared some iced tea, and he hopped back on his bike and went back into the bowels of Brooklyn.

An unusually efficient, quick fuck, but I feel very spry now.

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