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Monday, September 24, 2012

Promiscuous Fool

Today I fooled around with the incredibly hot, handsome, stacked, built, muscular guy I got with earlier this year. He had recently re-appeared on adam4adam after a trip to Europe for much of the summer and immediately started hitting me up again, asking me to fuck him. This is extremely flattering, since he could clearly have just about anyone he wanted. He is so beautiful and so sensual but also so intense, athletic, and affectionate in bed that I know it would be heaven to get my bare bone in him and fuck myself silly in him raw, but he is very strict about safety and won't even swallow, so it's not to be. And he is a little inconvenient to get to. So in the past few weeks I've sort of put him off. It's sort of ridiculous to me that I have this unbelievable stud on the line, who improbably likes hairy bearded daddies like me, and yet half the time when he hits me up I'm like eh, because of my constant need to plow someone new. But today when he hit me up, on this beautiful clear crisp fall day, I decided I'd hop on the train for the long haul, put on the rubber, and fuck him with the infuriating barrier, just so I could get my hands on him again and know that I put my dick in that incredible body. I was on my way to him within 10 minutes of him saying hello, with my chronically unused travel condom and some lube in my bag, and in another half an hour I had my face buried in his ass so deep I could barely breathe.

I gotta wax some more on how amazingly sexy this guy is. He's close to body-builder built, but has the good proportions of the merely mortal, and his ass is simply a gift from God-- fleshy, pliant, firm, round, manly, very lightly hairy, deeply clefted, fresh and musky. And he loves having it eaten. We did some perfunctory kissing when I arrived but he did like most guys on a second hookup and started ripping my clothes off and grabbing my nads right away, so I told him to go to the bedroom and assume the position, and he cheerfully hopped up there and laid flat to display his rear to me in the low light of the room, with the curtains drawn and just a dagger of light between them illuminating the very edges of the ideal curves of his dark-skinned body. After about five minutes of head-in-ass I came up for air just to tell him that I could do it all day, and he just moaned and pushed it back closer towards me. He loves being licked up beside his balls, over that tight tendon that pulls your legs together when they're open... and the feeling of my tongue sliding over that ridge, with my beard stroking his balls and my nose practically up his asshole, is heaven for a rimmer like me. He'd been wearing a cockring when I showed up but at this point popped it off and threw it on the bedside table so I could get better access to the lovely sensitive skin beneath his nuts... I love it when dudes eschew sexual paraphernalia because the natural sex is good enough. He certainly wasn't using it to get hard-- his dick, which is uncut and bends down, was like steel and oozing sweet precum the entire time.

When I flipped him to hump him we kissed like wild animals, biting and sucking each other's lips, and roughly manhandling each other to feel the solidity of our bodies as intensely as possible. I laid back and watched him suck my dick-- now so hard it felt like it would take off from my groin, like a rocket-- with his incredibly shaped musculature snaking back from my groin, across wide shoulders, down the back with its snaking central trough cleaving through the muscles, to that supernatural ass, and those ultra-thick thighs (I think he must have been seriously working those out since last time, they were bigger than I remembered). He took my dick all the way down, over and over, gagging a bit but not wanting to stop. And I flipped him again and ground into him, the snaked my dick between his thighs and along his ass crack, and fake-plowed him, getting him ready to take me in him. I propped myself up on my arms and looked him in the face; he slowly opened his eyes and looked at me. "Do you want me to fuck you now, man?" I asked.  His face turned a little coy. I said, "We can keep fooling around like this, it's fun, man... but I gotta get my dick in you, you're so hot." He smiled and said, "Next time. But don't stop eat my ass." (His accent is very thick, and I'd kinda like that sentence printed on a t-shirt or something, it's great). So I flipped him again and ate him out more. And he sucked me more, and we 69ed, and he pushed me back, rammed his ass in my face, and made me eat him while he blew me.

I laid back with arms spread to watch this specimen service me some more. What a fuckin privilege to be a fuckin top getting your fuckin dick sucked by a fuckin stud. After a bit he asked, "Do you want to cum?" I knew he didn't have all afternoon; he'd said he only had till 4 and it took longer than expected to get there. "I wanna do this as long as we can!" I said, and he laughed and strained to look at the clock. "Like, ten minutes," he said. I pointed back at the dick and he went to work on it again, going deep, sucking the head, rubbing it against his face with eyes closed, with his big meaty hand planted on my hairy thigh as he worked. Fuck it, I did just want to cum; there is only so much visual stimulation you can take before it starts driving you crazy. I pushed him back again, hiked his legs up to me, ground my dick into his, sucked his lips, held his face close to mine, and ground and ground away until my body began to tense up and cum started to erupt from me. Then I sat up and pumped it out mostly onto his groin. My cum looked spiritually white against his dark skin. "You really don't need a lot to make you cum, do you!" he exclaimed, making jerk-off motions with his hand, as he admired my goo. He seemed surprised and happy about this. I laughed, slapped his monster meaty thighs, still spread open below me, and said "Not with you underneath me, big guy! No way!" and he laughed too. And we got up and cleaned up a little, chatting about his travels to Spain, a country I really love myself. And then I got myself out of his hair so he could do whatever it was he had to do.

On the walk back to the subway a crisp fall breeze was blowing, and everyone on the Upper West Side was dressed in long dark coats already. The breeze hit my beard and released a strong whiff of his musk right into my nose; as I walked down the block it was like my face was still buried in his hindquarters. Fantastic.

If only I wasn't such a dirty promiscuous whore, I could fuck him all the time. But I need some new meat.

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