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Friday, September 28, 2012

Dusk Fuck

Today I fucked Little Beard Big Nose again. I recently got an iPhone, opening me up to the wonderful world of grindr and scruff, which had been unavailable on my stupid old smartphone. But I don't seem to be very popular on either site. And of course it is Friday, a/k/a No One Is Gonna Fuck You Day, and it's raining outside. So when I saw Little Beard Big Nose on scruff or wherever, I hit him up, saying "Wanna fuck? I'm horny." He told me a friend was coming over and he couldn't get away, but then a few minutes later said the guy had cancelled on him. (I wondered if HE cancelled on the FRIEND.) It's getting dark early now, and it was gloomy outside so the light was low, and I had several hours free after work. So I asked him if he had some time to spend, if we could take it slow and really get into it. There is something really sensual to me about fucking at night, when the lights are low and the fall is coming; I do most of my fucking during the day so this was a bit of a treat that I wanted to savor, and I knew he wouldn't disappoint me in the pleasure department. He said sure, and was over in about 10 minutes.

His pheromones or whatever were working their usual magic-- he really is just a weasely little guy but he turns me on so fuckin much-- and we were having an awesome time just making out, putting our hands on each other, getting into each other. I humped his body and ate his little ass and taint, all beautifully composed of full, round flesh that is endlessly entertaining to my mouth, and then slowly began working my bare bone into him. He's tight and not very slick inside, so I had a bottle of lube ready, but wanted to see if we could do this naturally, and just took it slow, getting it in a bit, then eating him some more, and getting it in again. And eventually it all sank in, and he was fully impaled on me, flat on the bed face down, with his arms and legs splayed helplessly, like a frog about to be dissected. But my big fat steely tool was too much for him, and he began to wince, and jumped up and ran to the bathroom for a good while. I guess I took it too fast. He came back and apologized, saying he doesn't get fucked much. "You need to invite me over more often," he joked, but I could tell it didn't feel good for him. I petted him a bit and he stroked my dick, which I'd lubed up hoping he'd let me back in when he got back. But he said maybe not, and we just made out closely pressed together, intensely intertwined with each other, his legs wrapped around mine. His little body felt so good beneath me, but I had to be INSIDE. So I asked him if I could try again, and he said "OK give it a try." And I got it in and we fucked really nice for a while, me holding his legs back and looking into his bearded face, pale with submission to my penetration, but if I went in more than halfway he winced. I like for my dick to make bottoms feel good, not wince, so even though I was feeling fantastic, I pulled out for him, and we went back to humping intensely, closely. I asked one more time, and he could only take a couple of strokes. My dick was turgid and purple with excitement and frustration, but it wasn't to be.

An hour went by with us blissfully feasting on each other's lips, dick sliding firmly against dick, increasingly sweaty bodies pushed together so hard you'd think they'd meld. He asked me to cum down his throat. But my dick was all lubey... so I just humped the load out, sat up when I was close, and blew all over his dark beard. He grabbed me and stuffed me in his mouth greedily, sucking me well beyond that point where it's good and into oversensitive territory. I pulled out, but he rather brusquely put me back in-- he wanted all the cum, to help him shoot. So I let him suck the dickhead a little more, but had to take it out again, and jerk it hard from the base. I don't know what it is about that little guy that makes me so crazy-- watching him beat his ridiculously meaty tool turned me on so much I kept beating my own, even after I was done shooting, and I felt another rapid-fire orgasm coil up and spring open, and more small spurts shot out. He saw it and yelped and pushed his face down so the newly gooey dick touched his lips, and he unloaded all over himself too. It was a lot of sweat and cum.

He showered and we chatted a bit; he seemed a lot more relaxed this time than previous times and didn't scamper away quite so quickly. My nuts are now actually very sore, not sure why; then feel like they've been through the wringer.

I wish I could have screwed him long and slow tonight-- he is in so many ways the ideal bottom for me. This is so amusing given his looks in comparison to these amazing studs I've been getting lately. But I'd trade all of them for a good hour of ramming Little Beard Big Nose's ass as hard and deep as I wanted...

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