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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kiss Kiss Kiss

Today I got blown by a 27-year-old med student who showed up in scrubs. ("I haven't been to the hospital yet," he said, "so I'm not like contaminated or anything.") He was a very nerdy-looking Jewish guy-- the kind Bubbe wants you to marry-- about 6'2, legs for days which looked very nice bent below him when he was squatting down in front of my tool with his scrub pants around his ankles. He was extremely awkward, tripping over himself trying to get his shoes and scrubs off, with apparently only vague control over his limbs-- but gave really good head; something he said in a text ("I've been wanting to do this for a while") makes me wonder if he is inexperienced with hookups like this. Or maybe it meant he's seen my ads before and has wanted my dick specifically for a while (he did follow that up with "Your dick looks awesome"). Either way he was pretty talented, that's for sure. I could tell he smokes, however, and had popped an Altoid or something, which always makes my dick sting, go numb, and feel like it's freezing off when it comes out of the mouth-- not something I enjoy. He didn't want to kiss but leapt straight for my goods as soon as we got to the bedroom. And I just can't tell you how much a difference kissing makes for me. It's like taking the protein out of a meal-- this had all the trappings of a good hookup but I'm left still a little hungry and hollow-feeling.
I liked his body a lot even though it was really too tall for me, and his dick was a real beauty-- same thickness as mine but about a half inch longer, which magically puts him in the "hung" category with all the attendant mesmerizing powers emanating from this magnificent tubesteak-- and the head was shaped perfectly, enough to make even a top like me feel his mouth water. After he sucked me for a good while, and I ate his ass a bit (it was incredibly tempting swelling generously there at the bottom of his lanky back, tight with thick cords of muscle running down the middle), and I got in the position on his back and kneeling over his head to fuck his mouth from above, that fantastic schlong was just staring me in the face, so I dropped to my side, grabbed his thigh from below with my left hand and held his torso from above with my right, and fucked my dick into his skull while I forced his dick into my own. He wiggled and yelped a bit, muffled some by my choad down his throat, but I think it meant he was surprised and liked it. I have to be in the mood, but when I am, there is nothing better than 69, and no better proof than God designed men to suck each other off.

Eventually I decided I didn't care if he wanted to kiss, and hopped up on him, pressed out dicks together, held his arms back by putting my weight on his biceps, and sucked his lips as much as I liked while grinding into him. He let me, but it was rather like kissing a wooden Indian. My fantasy is that he wanted to kiss more intensely but wasn't letting himself, that he was hot for me but wasn't sure he wanted to do it. Whatever. It got me going enough to feel like I was going to cum, so I got off him and let him suck me from the side, with his long legs spread wide so he could stroke that beautiful tubesteak. He truly did worship cock, it seemed like. If I pressed it into his face, with the dickhead oozing against his eye, his muscles all went slack, and he received the pressure as if I was pressing a holy relic to his skin. He loved looking at it and holding it and running his thumb over the hot spot on the dickhead, watching for precum (which really only flows when I'm excited at the connection, as happens, not to flog a dead horse, only when guys like to KISS).

After about half an hour, he took my dick out of his mouth and looked up at me like a puppy who just did wee wee on the carpet. "What's wrong?" I asked. He looked at my dick. "Do you want me to cum?" He looked almost ashamed of himself. "I mean, I don't want you to think I'm not putting in effort, and we said like an hour in email..." I laughed a little at how childlike his submission was. "Do you have to go?" I asked, knowing he'd said he would be going to school afterward, hence the scrubs. "Well, I *should*," he said. I told him to suck me some more and I would cum. He also hesitated about swallowing, which was clearly spelled out in my ad. But I'd had fun with him, so I didn't mind his hangup. "Where do you want me to cum?" I asked, and he said, "On me." "On you where?" I asked. "On my, you know, on my chest, and, you know, my face." "You want me to cum on your face?" I asked. He said "Well, you know, around my mouth, like, my lower face." I laughed again, stuck my dick back in his mouth, and told him to suck me some more and get me off. He got me there pretty quick and I came all over him, bit fat spurts with a lot of volume but not much pressure because I wasn't as excited as I usually am at the point of orgasm. But it was enough to give him apparent ecstasy, and he couldn't take his eyes off my slimy, gooey meat. He clearly wanted to get off while covered with my spooge, and told me to sit here, now squat there, put my dick here, then there, and he furiously beat off while holding my dick. He was having trouble coming, I could tell, but I told him to take his time. I think what got him over the edge was me taking a big swipe of my spooge off his chest, slapping it on my meat, and making him stroke it with that as lube. I fucked his one hand with my weight on his bicep and I guess watching my still-engorged dickhead pop in and out of his fist made him lose his shit. And he finally came.

When I'd sent him off, I had two or three guys who also answered my ad wanting to suck me off, and I was a little sorry one of them didn't get to me first-- following up with them to see if any were worth keeping on call, they all said they were into making out. Ah well. Sometimes you just gotta get off.


  1. Love the story. There's not enough tall lanky well hung young cock suckers in this world, if you ask me.

    1. Heh have I hit on one of your favorite types there, Jack?

  2. I like a little geeky and uncoordinated! I like to see the transformation from awkward to horny to sweaty cum soaked mess. They look at you like, "I can't believe you just did that to me!" Cracks me up.