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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Today was another one of those flabbergasting experiences that I feel like I can't explain: I got blown by a good looking, hugely stacked and muscular, beautifully proportioned 31-year-old black guy-- or maybe he was Latino and middle-eastern? It was hard to tell from looking at him, but his accent sounded lightly tinged with the cadence of black speech, and his skin had the chocolatey undertone, and his ass had the ampleness, and his pubes the rough, very short-curled texture, of a black guy. No matter-- he was one extremely beautiful man, and he hit me up Monday on Daddyhunt with the charming greeting, "Fuck me?" His profile wasn't filled out much, so I didn't know where he was or even how tall he was and stuff like that. But the body was undeniably my kinda body-- huge chest, huge shoulders, huge guns, thick neck, big ass, big legs, willowy waist, no fat anywhere, beautiful masculine proportions. I asked if he took it raw and he said no. I had really, really wanted to fuck on Monday, so I told him maybe he could suck me off sometime and mentally put him in the "no" bin, turning to other possibilities. And then the begging started.
He was really insistent, sending me a barrage of wheedling emails and pictures of himself sucking dick and getting fucked, which is actually a little bit of a turnoff for me, and they weren't as good-- the typical trashy, bad-quality pix most people have of dicks getting shoved in their orifices. Perversely, the more he begged, the less interested I was, but I told him, "Look, if I can't find any good raw ass today, you can get me off with your mouth. But I really want to fuck today." And he said OK and left me alone, until yesterday evening, when he was back, saying "Do you want me to suck you off yet?" I just kinda let that go.

Today I was full of two-days' worth of cum; a twilight realm between when my balls are light enough that I think I could fuck someone for an hour or so without popping, but heavy enough that I hanker for the feeling of the slow, adoring drain that those good cocksuckers out there can supply. I had a really busy morning and couldn't really look for anything till late afternoon, which didn't leave me much time to shop. Super Stacked was online, and I figured he'd be an easy target, since I really just wanted to get off so I could get back to work. So I hit him up, and he leapt on it. But then he told me he doesn't swallow, either. And I was like, egad, what a goody-goody with all these trashy pix! I let him go for a while, tried some other dudes who've been after my cum from craigslist and stuff, but got nowhere. So after an hour or so of working and waiting for replies, I asked Super Stacked where he was. He was 5 blocks from me. God was clearly saying, "Go to, and permittest thou this humble supplicant to suckle thy member." So I told him to get his ass minty fresh cuz I wanted to eat it, and come over. He was here in 10 minutes.

He was taller than I expected-- about 6'1 maybe-- and much bigger built in person than in the pix, and his eyes glittered black, under strong, black eyebrows, in an oval face with that otherworldly, flawless skin some people have, which makes them seem like members of another species, and makes you yourself feel like a pimply, sallow little Hobbit. He told me he had to "get away" from his boyfriend and couldn't take a shower without arousing suspicion. I wasn't sure if this was his entree to a "I gotta go" thing or just a friendly warning to stay away from his ass; hoping it was the latter, I smiled and patted said ass through his nylon jogging pants (it was verrrry meaty) and said "OK, we'll just let you do your cocksucking." He nodded, still a little shy. "Everything cool, wanna get to it?" I asked, trying to keep chipper. He still seemed a little evasive but said yes. And we went to the bedroom and made out beautifully-- his hands were all over me and didn't seem fazed by the extra padding around my waist; in fact he seemed to like it, so I let my guard down. "So are you poz?" he asked in a break in the kissing. I told him when I got my last neg test, and added, "so you should be OK." And he said, "Should!" and I was like well, that's all I can tell you, you know my habits, but I really did get a neg test a few weeks ago. And he mumbled something about "I mean I'm thinkin, this guy is fuckin other guys without condoms!" and then he unceremoniously dropped to his knees and took my meat in his mouth.

Unlike most stacked, handsome guys, he gave *awesome*, silky head, with just the right kinds of pressure and variation. He seriously knew his way around a dick. I told him to undress and he did the "Yes sir" thing (which always makes me feel a little like Peppermint Patty being addressed by Marcie, but I roll with it) and revealed just an eye-goggling physique. The ass was actually a little *too* big, but not enough to throw off the overall symmetry of his beauty. I hopped back on the bed and he got between my legs and I watched him get me hard as steel with a shit-eating grin on my face.

He wouldn't let me near the ass, which was frustrating. But he loved it when I lay on top of him and pressed my body into his-- I felt the broad, firm flatness of his torso against my body, and his skin covered with prickly body hair growing back after a shave (something I actually kind of like when the body is that firm and muscular). Everywhere I touched was thick, abundant, swelling muscle and soft, taut skin. With my dick pressed against his, and his arms holding my ass tightly with each hand, pulling my crotch into his, I licked his sturdy neck from collarbone to ear, and he sighed and turned his head to expose the skin better, and as I repeated the motion he groaned, "You're so good..." And then he whispered out his pleasure in a long stream of exposed desires: "I would love to feel your raw dick in me, I can tell you know how to fuck, I love getting fucked," and we spoke quietly to each other like this about how good we felt, how good it would be if I was inside him, breathing each other's breath and soaking up each other's quiet words. His lips were thick, again almost too thick, but something you could really feel when you kissed him, something to really hold onto when you sucked them. He put his arms around my neck and pulled me down and said, "I hope you let me come back." I like hearing this, even though I'm a dirty promiscuous whore who never does, and I told him I would. "I really want to feel you again," he said. "I need to eat your ass," I said. "I have to have it." He nodded. I hiked his thighs up, hooking them over my elbows, and fake-rammed him like I would if I was inside, with my dick slicing over his balls harmlessly. And his eyes rolled back and he shouted and yelped. "That's how I would fuck you," I said. He shook his head over and over. "You would fuck me so good," he kept saying.

I didn't try to push my way into him-- he was far too skittish and seemed to want to keep his ass completely off-limits even to me putting my dick down there to stroke it over his hole. And that's OK. I just couldn't believe I got access to this body for as long as I wanted, for as long as I could hold back the cum. I sat back to let him suck me some more, completely helpless with admiration for his long muscles. He sucked me with a look of complete bliss on his face. And then, with his eyes closed, he took my dick out of his mouth and said "I! Love! White! Dick!" And then put it back in.

Of course everyone reading this blog knows I'm always puzzled why any of these beautiful dudes lets me stick my dick in them-- I am really nothing to write home about and these guys really, really are ridiculously hot. This guy had been all over me, stroking the hair on my rather thick belly, looking me square in the face as he blew me. I rather wondered if maybe sucking off older white guys was just a fetish of his, and I would do as well as any other old white guy. It's nice to think someone is into me for me (whatever that means when you're oozing precum all over someone whose name you didn't quite catch), but in the end I don't know that I care. We were both having a pretty incredible time. If I have to play the part of fat old whitey to get a specimen like this between my legs, say hey to Uncle Cracker.

I honestly was ready to cum about 2 seconds after the put my dick in his mouth, before I was even fully hard. So it was a real effort to keep my pleasure at bay for the 40 minutes or so I managed to last. He had said "I could suck your dick all day long, it's perfect." And I think he really could. I jokingly said, "It's just like yours," because it was-- we were the same thickness and length, though I have the bigger dickhead and he oozes more precum. He smiled at me rather knowingly-- I assume he likes his dick as much as he likes mine, and said "Yeah but I can't suck mine!" And I laughed and said "Well get back to it, then!" and he did. And I decided then that if I couldn't eat his ass I was going to suck his dick too... and I did. It was fuckin beautiful feeling him work my tool just right beneath me as I was splayed across his body, gripping his massive buttocks from each side and stuffing his tool all the way down my throat, chewing slightly at the thigh, rough, hairy base. This was fucking SEX.

Finally, after we were face to face and grinding into each other again, he looked into my eyes and asked for my cum. I asked him where he wanted it. "Where do you want it?" he asked. "You know full well where *I* want it!" I said, and he smiled and looked away shyly. "But it's your cum, you can have it wherever you want it, my gift to you." And he said, "Cum all over my chest." So I pushed myself hard against him, putting my full weight on him, pushing back his knees, which rolled his hips up into me, a motion which for whatever reason almost instantly makes me want to cum. I held back as long as I could, savoring the last moments of my closeness to him-- maybe 10 seconds-- and the eruption started. I reared up, jerked hard, and shot him in the cheek first. He looked at me with awe when he felt it pelt him. The next shot hit the pillow, I think, but the following ones landed squarely on his chest, each subsequent one landing closer and closer to his own dick, till my balls were empty. And then he shot all over himself too, adding to the pool of goo. "Just like in your pictures!" he said, the awe still in his voice.

My cum is my secret weapon, I think. I probably wouldn't get anywhere near as much ass as I do if I dribbled.

He cleaned up and ran off without doing much talking; it was quite awkward and he answered the basic questions I asked with short answers. I thought maybe the passion of the moment, when he's begging to come back before we're even done, was already over. When he went to leave he extended his hand, and I shook it but kissed him too, and said, "Keep in touch, if you want." He nodded, dashed to the door, and as he went through it, turned back, and said, "I hope you let me come back!" And I told him of course, and he was gone with a grin. If anything, I just have to eat the fucking ass. But maybe he'll let me in him... we shall see.

When I went to Daddyhunt to log out a little while later, he had already written me. "That was HOT!" he said. And I told him I agreed, and thanked him for letting me have my way with him for a while, and signed off.

This would be a real prize of a guy to cum in. If I'm enough of a fetish object for him, I just might get it in there! Stay tuned.


  1. I love to see a hot guy hoovering my dick. I also envy your sperm production. It surely isn't like that for me. I've even tried to save up for days, but still, only dribble.

    Nice story Uncle Cracker.

    1. Is it not like being king of the world, laying back and watching that spectacle? All that effort just to get you off! I love it too.

      Thanks for the compliment!