web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Patience

Friday, July 13, 2012


Today I deep-dicked a nicely built Filipino I've spooged in a couple of times before who has an unusual amount of patience. As I've mentioned before, every time we fuck, he routinely hits me up again within a week or two, wanting more juice shot into him. I've told him I don't work that way, that he has to give me some time to miss him a bit, but I guess my bone just hits his little bottom hot spot in just the right way, and he can't help himself. He expresses his disappointment but never goes away for good. He resurfaced again a few weeks ago, and was starting to look good to me again, but not yet, not yet. And he hit me up again earlier this week, but I gave that load to a beautiful new ass in Chelsea. Today, however, is Friday, and for whatever reason it's just about impossible to get laid on a Friday. A cute cocksucker who calls me Daddy and wants me to spooge all over his face and ass was supposed to swing by today, and though I doubted him, I did save up a nice big load to slather him with. He's young and predictably flaked, despite months of rhapsodizing about how beautiful my ejaculations are, so when Filipino Hotbod appeared yet again, with another patient request for my tubesteak, I asked him to travel to me. He was here an hour or so later. Two minutes after that, my dick was in him.

He's totally smooth and, while actually quite handsome, not totally my type in the face, but his body really makes me hot. Especially, paradoxically, when he's dressed. I love making out with him and running my hands over his clothes, feeling how closely they cling to his meatiness, and it makes my dick slowly swell up with hot blood, lifting my balls as it stirs. Like most guys he's in a bit of a rush to get to the meat, but I like to make him wait while I feel him up, run my hand up between his legs over his shorts, hold his lats in my hands and squeeze them through his t-shirt. When I unbuttoned my shorts, my boner came springing out, and he knelt on the floor at serviced me long and slow, just like I like, with an attitude of complete worship of the Penis God in me.

We got on the bed and he serviced me some more but I had to get my face back into that beautiful ass. I'd forgotten how big his balls are, very full and round, hanging very low in a sack of smooth velvety skin. Beautiful to heft and suck up between rounds of slipping my tongue up his ass, licking his inner thigh, his taint. I was hard as steel and oozing clear slime from my pisshole, which means it's time to do some serious fucking, but I was just enjoying that wonderland of curves and meat too much, and his moans seemed appreciative, so I didn't rush. But I also didn't want to get myself too hot before I even got my dick in him, so before too long I stood up soon and went to push in my tool.

He was rather squeaky inside-- we always fuck with spit but this wasn't going to work this time. He took hit after hit of poppers but today my dick was too thick for him, for whatever reason. After a few more rounds of eating him out and gently coaxing him back onto my prong, I took out an almost-empty bottle of lube, slicked myself up with it a bit, and then managed to sink into him up to my nuts. It was warm and silky and very tight inside him, as if I were fucking velvet stretched over bone. To get comfortable, I fucked him up to the center of the bed from the edge where I'd been rimming him, jostling him further with each thrust of my hips. And I put one hand on each buttock and drilled him good, long deep strokes without getting my dickhead too close to his sphincter on the out-stroke, which would totally have made me start firing out sperm. I love fucking his body and even though one of my favorite sensations is that of giving someone every single millimeter of my dick, from fleshy head to rough hairy base, I had to keep control.

I flipped him over and he held his legs back all the way, so I could thrust into him freely, without obstruction, while still holding my hairy, sweaty torso close against his, and look into his face. I heaved and heaved against him, again dying to pull my dick almost all the way out, so we could both feel that pleasure of the wide ridge of my dickhead popping past his asshole, then popping back in, but having to deny myself, only doing it once every ten strokes or so. He was in a trance, just enjoying the sensation of being run through with a rod of hot meat over and over and over and over. When it felt too good I would stop, tell him to put his arms and legs around me, and he would, and I would just slowly rock my dick inside him as we felt that intense closeness. Then I would push his legs back again, hold his shoulders down, and plow him deep.

We fucked for about a half an hour-- not bad for a day when my nuts are full of three day's worth of cum. And just like with the guy on Tuesday (when an orgasm nipped my spine completely unexpected and made me involuntarily start pounding the bottom's body to make the thick jets of semen squirt out), I suddenly was long-dicking him with the force of my full body, feeling the wet pulsing between my legs and all the stress of the day draining into the whirlpool of ejaculation-pleasure. God, it's good to be a top.

Something in him clicked after I shot in him, I don't know what. I felt him spasming inside, sucking my cum-slimy dick into him deeper with each throb. This was interesting, and he was whimpering a bit; maybe this was some kind of internal orgasm of his own? I pushed my groin into him hard, so my dickhead was in him as far as I could get it, and he grimaced and spasmed inside even more, forceful sheaths of muscle deep inside him milking out the last drops of liquid that were stuck in my penis's cumtube. We held each other close and felt our hearts pound, until his inner throbbing subsided.

He made a face when I started to pull out. "It's going to be wet," he said, "I can feel it." I knew full well how much semen I shot in him, so I wasn't surprised, and eked my dick out of him little by little, till the head popped out of his hole. He was clean though, and nothing dribbled, which is nice. I like for a bottom to dispose of every drop of my ejaculate and absorb it all, wasting none of it. It's now on its way to Time Square, apparently, to entertain a friend of his from school who is visiting.

Before he left we had some water and talked a bit and I kept kissing him and feeling him up. I am a big whore and love fucking as many new guys as I can, but there is definitely something pleasant in the familiar-- a body that always feels good under your hands, a mouth that always coaxes hot blood into your groin, a hole that is always willing to accept your member and its secretions. I like that this guy is patient and keeps after me and keeps giving me this pleasure. I wonder how much of my cum he will absorb before we're done?


  1. There's no better feeling for me than that internal muscle spasm inside a boy that sucks the cum right out of your dick. God, that gives me such a thrill as a top to know that hole needs my cum so much that it involuntarily milks it out of me. You're absolutely right, it is great to be a top!

    1. I remember fucking a guy whose ass did something similar to this to me pretty much the entire time I was inside him. He was very, very attractive so I was close to cumming even before I got in him, and I kept telling him to stop "milking my dick" like that, but he said it was involuntary. And when he said that I instantly unloaded in him. You're right, those fucks where something happens to make you think the bottom was just made to take your dick are the best ones.

  2. I don't know if I'm not big enough or if it's just that we've been together for so many years that things are more routine than they used to be, but I rarely get that reaction from my husband's hole anymore. With him, I like to edge myself pretty close and then tell him to get himself off while I do those little tricks to flex the dick and make him gasp. When he orgasms, he's guaranteed to milk my dick with his spasms.

    I can still get him to do certain other things against his control though. Those gasps and moans and "oh god!"s that I know are involuntary and only appear when I hit it just right... Those are what I live for. That instantly gets me harder than I think possible and excited enough to shoot in seconds.

    By the way, with all the fucking you do, I'm always surprised to see that you've had time to respond to a comment. I figured you were out there buried deep in a wet hole and too busy to keep up with silly blog comments from your fans! Glad to see you can do both so well.

    1. Sounds like you guys have really nice sex, to me. There's no guaranteeing hot sex anywhere, even with a new beautiful guy every time. The reason those special things are so exciting is because you can't take them for granted.

      As for the commenting-- I don't fuck THAT much! I average maybe two or three hookups a week. Writing the entries takes a good chunk of time, to be honest, but the replies are quick and fun. And I like to encourage people to keep reading. It's still kinda trippy to me that hundreds of people are reading about my dick every day.

  3. By the way, we did have amazing sex last night, but I have to confess that my mind may have been filled with images you've provided and my bone may have been just a little bit harder because I was replaying some of your adventures in my head. He had a good Valetine's Day and was none the wiser, so it's all good! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Very cool.... now what are the odds that he secretly reads my blog too, and he was playing scenes from here from the bottom's point of view? Maybe I've turned you both into my own personal vicarious sex-puppets!

      But what you say is pretty ironic, because while you were boning away thinking about me boning on Valentine's Day, I was cooking my partner's favorite dinner for him, eating the cake he brought home from my favorite bakeshop, and shopping together for a dining table online. So you were getting more action than I was, fueled by action I got months ago!