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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Tonight I went another round with All American Bottom, who was one of the people whose interest seemed to reactivate when I posted some new pictures of myself on the hookup sites. This was a very nice development, as last time I felt like he'd taken what he needed from me and was immediately done. This is probably fatuous coming from me, who rarely wants to hook up with anyone after the fist time, either. But I do think of the guys that I have good, connected sex with very fondly. And when they look like this guy, I feel extremely gratified when they tell me they want more. And he wanted more. And I definitely filled him with more.

When he hit me up I told him I was happy to hear from him again, and we made plans a few days in advance (another thing I rarely do) to meet up after a volunteer stint I have every week in midtown. He only lives about 6 or 7 blocks from there so it's an easy walk. I'd spent all day pretty excited about getting my dick in such a good looking guy again, and my meat and nuts felt tingly every time I thought about it. I looked at his pictures online several times, hoping he wouldn't notice and think I was a stalker-- he's so freakin handsome and nicely built, I couldn't help myself. But by the time I was free to go over, I was pretty wiped out from a very stressful day of work and the always taxing class I teach for three hours. I trotted over to his place a little worried about performance again. I figured at this point I knew he was into me, so I didn't have to worry about that. But all I really wanted to do was go to sleep. I dragged myself up to his apartment feeling fatigue in my muscles and coldness in my penis. If there was any horniness in me, I couldn't detect it. Ugh.

But then he opened the door, and I looked into that face, and I quit caring about my worries. I put my bag down and said it was nice to see him again, and he said the same, and we made out a bit in the foyer-- just feeling up his hard body over his white wifebeater and sucking on that beautiful mouth had my dick heavy and thick in my pants. My blood was coursing hot and hard in my veins and a sudden release of hormones flushed all the fatigue out of my muscles, replacing it with a full-body hunger. I took a quick leak, and we resumed when I came out. His kisses were meaty, passionate, liquid. "Oh man, just get on your fucking knees," I told him, pushing down on his wide, thick shoulders. He pulled me out of my fly and sucked on me and felt up my thick hairy body under my sweater and undershirt till I was hard as a rock. He was in hog heaven with my dick in his mouth and my hands on his nips, and for the moment there was nothing in the world but my cock and his body.

I pulled off my clothes and hopped on his bed with my legs open and my engorged dong hanging between them. It was fairly dark in the alcove where the bed is... in my memory, somehow, it is like a canopy bed, but can that be? I don't know. He hopped up between my thighs, hooked his hands up under them, and feasted at the fruits of my groin. I felt his rock-hard, round shoulders, his taut back, his stubbly chest with the protruding, tightened nipples, which made him weaken in my hands. I pulled his face up to mine and we kissed and kissed each other hungrily. He was so handsome. I had to get inside him.

I flipped him on his back and pushed my body into his; we were as close as two people can be, with his legs wrapped tight around my waist and my arms up under his wide, firm torso, our dicks and our faces pressed together. Those lips, that brow, that fine straight nose! My dick oozed percum as I stared at him in the dim light and felt his muscular little body push up against mine with a desire to feel me against him, hard. I sucked his ears and his neck and his lips as I felt his asshole with one of my fingers. I had to get in.

I slicked up my dick with spit, and pushed his legs back, and tried to push my way in. His asshole was unusually far back-- I actually had to feel for it to find where to aim. And I pushed my hips into him, but my bone didn't go in. I didn't remember him being this tight before; he grimaced and I felt for him. I figured I should get him ready. I commanded him to flip over and slid down beside the bed, and opened him up with my mouth, sucking down his balls, licking all the sensitive skin, probing at his opening with my tongue. I felt him relax. I ate more, I wanted him to take me freely with nothing but complete pleasure. And I finally felt that complete acceptance in the center of his ass that I was waiting for.

I stood up, pulled his ass over the edge of the bed, put my dickhead against his hole, and pushed. I was more gooey-slick from precum now than before. He was still tight; I only barely went it. I gazed at his round buttocks impaled with the tip of my fleshy prong. I gently stroked the sides of his flared buttocks with my fingers, making small come here motions against his skin, and said, "Come back to me, beautiful... take me in. Come back to me." And he slowly, slowly pushed back to me, taking a little more, a little more. And then I pushed, and he yelped as every inch was suddenly shoved inside him. I clambered on top of his haunches and pounded my dick into him. He pressed his upper body against the bed, with his head to the side and mouth open, hands flat on the bed, whimpering with pleasure and surrender to a bigger top. I fucked the hell out of him.

But then I said, "Get on your back, I want to see your face." And he did. I fucked him for a half an hour, staring into his beautiful features, just barely illuminated in the gloom. His body was electric under my fingers. My dick was hard as diamonds and yet also liquid in the warmth of his body. I fucked him and fucked him. We kissed and kissed. We both felt the same. We both felt incredible, mind-bending pleasure. We fucked and fucked and fucked.

Finally I couldn't hold back. I said I was going to cum in him, and he closed his eyes and said, "Oh shit," and I stopped my thrusting after the first jet shot out, holding my dick still deep inside him so he could feel the pulsing as my nuts shed all the liquid they contained, so he could feel my pleasure gushing against the inner walls of his body. He held me close to him hard, whimpering with a bottom's sense of completeness as I squirted all my semen into him.

I stayed inside him after the orgasm subsided, chewing on his nips and listening to him moan. I wished the fuck could have lasted longer but the pleasure was too much. He sighed and sighed but eventually I slid out of him. I rolled over beside him and he curled up against me. We agreed it was fucking awesome, and were quiet together for a bit.

I broke the silence, pressing my nose against his and my lips against his, and laid back down, murmuring, "You are just crazy handsome, man." He clearly liked hearing this, even though he must know full well that this is true and hear it all the time. I felt his body heat up and his smile was 100 watt in the dark. I felt him start fisting his dick, which had not been hard during the fuck, and his body tighten with excitement. Clearly he likes being admired. I pulled on his nips and stroked his torso while he pleasured himself, staring at his beauty and thinking, my seed is inside him and his body is shiny with my sweat. And now his blood is full of the heat of my words, and he is making himself cum too. He shot all over himself and we kissed as his orgasm ebbed. And we held each other a bit.

My dick is getting hard just typing this. He's very exciting bottom, dear reader. I want to fuck him again.

I took a shower and we talked idly about his dog, who behaved herself better this time, and let me pet her. And before I left we kissed again, not perfunctorily as many guys will, but with the same delight in being that close as before he got off. I do believe I will fuck him again.

I love beautiful men. How lucky I am to get to enjoy this.

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  1. Wow! That was unusually hot for a repeat performance.