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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Today I felt horny but was very into my work. I posted an ad on Craigslist, thinking I might be able to reel in someone good there, but got I think a total of two replies. TWO guys in New York City wanted to suck my dick and swallow my cum! Pathetic! But I didn't despair too much; my nuts were horny but my mind was very into what I am working on. Suddenly, a tall, extremely thin, very hung toppish dude hits me up on Adam4adam and says he is admiring of the force and volume of my ejaculate. I make him jump through all the hoops to prove himself-- his pictures are only marginally cute, he's way too tall at 6'3, and isn't the big muscular type guy I normally like to see between my legs with my meat in his mouth. But his own dick looked awfully, awfully tasty. I haven't sucked on a really nice piece in a long time. He was ridiculously eager to make me spooge all over his face and said he would spend some quality time edging it out of me. I figured, I can say yes and get off now and get back to work, or keep looking for someone ideal all night and end up with nothing. I decided to take the sure thing. He said he'd be a while, so I took the opportunity to eat a glazed donut that was on the counter. And then he came over and I glazed him.

He was verrrrrry thin but a lot cuter than his picture, owing to his very scruffy bearded face, which was clean-shaven online. He had that dirty hipster air about him which I sort of like. We kissed a bit and I smelled on his breath that he'd probably smoked a bit of weed before coming over. I kinda like the smell of smoke on a dude's breath, probably owing to a guy I had a crazy crush on in my mid 20s who smoked. This guy tonight had a very breezy west-coast manner about him, and when I said we should just get down to it, he laughed and told me to lead the way.

He sucked pretty dang nice for a top, I must say. Once we got comfortable on the bed he began using his hands a bit too much-- it felt good but that kind of thing will make me cum too fast without even really getting to enjoy it much, and owing to what he was after, maybe that was his aim. I kept chiding him for it and he'd let go for a while but then the hands were back, twisting, twisting, twisting my tool. I decided not to be such a control freak and go with it. I had him take off his pants and his dick didn't look like the 8" advertised online-- 8" is a huge dick, no matter what any deluded homosexual online thinks, so I should not be surprised, but it honestly looked barely bigger than mine, though it was extremely handsome-- my dickhead is rather fat and blunt, while his was more missile-like, still very fleshy as a dickhead should be, but more elongated, more fluted on the edge, just a really camera-ready dickhead. I kept an eye on it while he worked on my dick and got me close. He'd been wearing a backwards cap this whole time but I took this moment to flip it off his head onto the floor; the sides and back of his head were shaven but long floppy locks attached to the top of his head appeared from under the hat, and I gotta say I like hipster hair, so that only turned me on more. His long tight thin body was kind of exciting, snaking away from me on the bed like that, spangled with the occasional inscrutable tattoo. I was getting really turned on.

I figured the only way to really make this last would be to get his hands off my unit and get my hands on his. He had just pulled his pants around his ankles, which was extremely awkward, so I got up, pulled them off-- they were hipster-tight so it took some doing-- and then I settled us into a 69. I realized he was not fully hard, which might explain some of the variance between what he claimed he had and what was currently oozing precum on his belly. I sucked him and he sucked me and I took him all the way down to the rough hairy base, held him inside for a long few seconds, closing my mouth around the base of his dick so he would really feel how deep he was in my mouth. He moaned, did the same to my dick, and he noticeably hardened to a very fine length maybe a tad over 7"-- still a big dick, all you internet greedmeisters who think 7" is average. His shaft was beautifully formed with a thick cum tube and he had nice thick tight nuts. He did, however, have a ridiculously stanky butt. Lately I've seen a lot of profiles online saying "TOPS GOTTA WASH THEY ASSES TOO YO" and was always a little mystified by them, but after this, I must say, yes indeed they do. I hope my ass is never this fragrant down there. But I soldiered on because he was moaning like crazy and his dick tasted mighty fine and I love feeling a dude harden in my mouth or hand. "You've got a really hot mouth," was all he managed to say when I came up for air, with that drunk tone in his voice that guys get when they're really enjoying themselves sexually in a way they might not have expected.

After a bit I decided I wanted to lay back some more and let him work on my on his own, again, and I guess my sucking seriously energized him, because he went after me with real gusto. We'd only been at it about 15 or 20 minutes, but he was already begging for my load. He clearly wasn't the kind of cockhungry epic cocksucker I like to have work on me, and there was no reason to fault him for something he wasn't, and I figured that I could deliver a fine spermatozoic spackling after not having unloaded since Saturday, so I fucked my dick into his bearded mouth and felt the intense need to squirt build up in my testicles, and when I knew it was time, I pulled out, pushed his head back on the pillow, and knelt a bit above his head in one swift motion, and I watched proudly as my fat fuckstick squirted copious jets of my liquid pleasure right into his mug-- his nose, his dark beard, his eyebrow. "Ooooooooooooooh DUUUUUUUUDE!" was what I got for this, "awwww MANNNNNN that's a lot of cum!" I kept cumming on him and he said, "Put it in my mouth!" and I did, feeling the last, more feeble pulses sliding against his tongue. It was too sensitive the way he was sucking it, so I pulled out to jack myself out of orgasm completely, and as those last drops sprayed his neck and chest he said, "God, you just…. CAME! MAN! That's AWESOME!" And I looked down at his dick and I swear at this point it had at last strained itself to a true 8". It was longer and harder than it had been before, and I touched it, and felt that beautiful pointed dickhead slick all over with his precum. I appreciate nothing more than a true show of arousal. He liked it, and it showed. What a tool this kid had.

He lay there looking like a calf born with a caul, hooting his delight. I tugged his ear, the only non-gooey part of his head I could get hold of, and said, "That's what you came here for, big guy!" He laughed and said "Aw MAN!" I stood up and called over my shoulder, "Let me get a washcloth to clean you up with. Unless you want to go out like that." "Ha HA!" he hooted. "That would be… well, I wouldn't get past your doorman without being shamed, anyway!" I half think he liked the idea of walking around with the tendrils of my sticky orgasm engulfing his face. Luckily the hot water actually came on-- it hasn't been lately without a long wait-- so I got the washcloth wet for him, and he cleaned up and cheerfully told me about recently moving to NYC from Napa, and really enjoying being here despite the crazy pace. It was nice having this bouncy, 28-year-old energy around for a while; he recently moved to my neighborhood and was overflowing with enthusiasm for it. I got him bundled back up and he went out into the arctic blast, and I'm going to go back to my work, with a nice warm, buzzing, relieved feeling in my groin.

It's great that giving someone exactly what they want can be so pleasurable for me, too. Ah, it's good to be a top.

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