web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Pip Pip Cheerio

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pip Pip Cheerio

Tonight I hooked up with a British dude who promised good head but couldn't deliver-- the usual litany of wiggly tongue, constantly taking my dick out of his mouth to jerk it quickly, flicking his tongue over the verrrrry verrrrry tip--- just all the wrong things. He was shorter than I expected and a little chunkier too-- his frame was nice actually but he was just a guy. He did, however, have a giant schlong between his legs for such a little guy, so when I despaired of getting any pleasure in my dick from him, I sucked on his dick instead. I give pretty nice head I think, and he was rock hard after a bit of ass-eating. I tried 69 and hoped that like a lot of guys he would suck my dick in imitation of how I suck his-- kinda like how people walking together come to synchronize their strides-- but every time I took him deep he just flopped around as if he'd lost control of his body. I guess he's just unusually not in command of his body. Maybe the British thing? I dunno! He did have an awfully Northumberland-granny manner, even asking if he should make me tea when I came in, and making rather gentle exclamations during the sex, all of which was 100% not sexy. I decided it was best to take what I could so I sucked him and humped him and allowed myself to pop when I wanted. He made no show of wanting to get off himself but did lie there plastered with my goo for a rather long period while we chatted about this and that. Finally he cleaned up but we didn't stop-- somehow I spent something like an hour there naked on his bed ranging far and wide over all kinds of topics from why guys are the way they are online to his marriage and late coming out to differences between the north and the south in the US to what Latins tend to be like in bed (he was rather prejudiced I must say). The chat was actually quite enjoyable and a lot better than the sex. Predictably he said no less than three times that he'd like to do it again, maybe fuck him next time, each time saying "you don't have to say yes now, I know how it is, yayaya" but asking over and over. I don't think so, but it was nice that the trip to the Upper West Side wasn't a total bust. A big dick and a nice personality is enough I suppose.


  1. It's not a British thing I can assure you. Maybe you should hop over the pond some time and check out what London etc has to offer!