web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Melting

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


To break up the long drive home from my hometown to Brooklyn, we stopped off Sunday and Monday night in DC-- the bareback capital of the world, seems like. Even half the safe-only guys there just need a picture of me shooting a geyser-like load and a pinky-swear promise that I'm really negative to open up for the deluge. Despite a busy schedule of seeing friends and working remotely from there, I felt confident I would be able to find one last cute guy to manhandle and squirt my ejaculate in for 2013. I forgot, however, that DC is *also* the flake and nut capital of the world. I can't tell you how many guys who are exactly my type led me on, got my dick hard in my pants, and then wouldn't follow through, over and over, for two days. One guy with a sweet hairy little body who was barely half a mile from where I was working hit ME up, did almost all the talking about how hot my dick and cum looked, how much he needed to be plowed and seeded, and then when I asked where he was and when he was free, he blocked me! WTF! One guy with a perfect body responded to my advances, saying, "It would be rude not to take a top's cum if he asks"-- SPROING-- but then begged off till a time later when I couldn't hook up. And on and on. It was also amusing how many guys are still on the same sites with the same pictures from long before I moved from there, over four years ago. But finally, in maybe the last two hours I even had available in town, an adorable 28 year old appeared on BBRT, was only a few blocks away from the coffee shop where I was working, and was actually ready for me to come dick him down. I packed up work for the day and headed over and this kid basically made my dick melt inside him. It was a fantastic end to a year of fucking.

He met me at the door wearing a tank top and tight little boxer briefs. His body, as in the pictures, was slender, rather dark-skinned, and beautifully, lightly hairy all over, with soft pitch-black hairs that just invited a long slow touch. He didn't seem to mind that I had just finished a late lunch-- I kinda wanted to borrow some toothpaste or beg some gum off him first-- but instead just leaned in for a kiss and wrapped his little body around me and made my dick begin to swell. Some guys just kiss in a way that makes you hungrier and hungrier for more kissing, and this kid had it. He was sensual as a cat and I wanted to put my dick in him so bad I could taste it.

While we made out in that intense, sensual way, he reached down and began working my belt to free my meat. As he wrestled with it and the buttons on my pants, I groped his sweet little body. He was not hard or muscular, and seemed like the kind of guy who might have lost a lot of weight recently, with that quality to the skin. His little ass was not as voluptuous as I might have liked but fit nicely in the palms of my hands. And incongruously on this rather soft, languid body, he had a hard, meaty, very ample chest! This was actually a real turn-on. He pulled my pants down to my knees, and knelt on the floor, and sucked my still only just-hardening dick into his mouth, and from then on, I was not in control of my own genitals. They were totally his.

He bragged in his profile about how orally skilled he was, and he was not lying. With each suck of my dickhead, blood pumped into my shaft, and I know he enjoyed feeling his mastery over me. It was obvious. He had pulled me out of my pants mostly flaccid, and knew that each millimeter of length added to my dick, each degree of hardness pushing through the shaft, was totally his doing. He gave such beautiful head that my balls were instantly aching to cum in him-- as soon as my dick was completely hard, my nuts were really to release. I fought the urge and kept pulling his face up to mine to kiss him and give my poor, excited tool a break. I hoped that eventually I could get used to the pleasure of the oral so that I could slide into his sweet, sweet, SWEET fuckeable little body and get all the pleasure out of it I could. I kept telling him to suck me slow, and he would comply, but he loved my dick, and inevitably sucked me harder and deeper and faster, just from natural pleasure in working over my meat. So fuckin beautiful.

I pulled off his shirt and held those weirdly meaty, hard, hairy pecs in my palms while he worked my dick over. And then I pulled him to his feet, ripped off the rest of his clothes and then mine, and led him to the bed, pushing him on his back, and lowering my bulk onto his unbelievably inviting little body. He hitched his legs around my waist tight and wrapped his arms around my neck and I sucked his lips, nuzzled his neck, and held his face while my body melted into his. I couldn't keep this up for long, though it was completely delicious to us both-- I still could barely control my dick. Sometimes the pressure to cum is so great you can feel it behind your eyes, like you might actually start to tear up with the intensity of the need shooting from your nads to your brain. I could barely register everything that was happening. He had completely overwhelmed me with desire.

I flipped him over and put my face in his very hairy ass. I must admit his ass smelled extremely assy. Not dirty or anything, but this was clearly an ass I was delving into, and not some antiseptic ice cream sundae. My tongue found his hole in that dark thicket of hair and it was velvety, liquid, yielding, and squeaky clean. Licking his nuts made his whole body convulse electrically, and he grasped my body with his legs every time, like the involuntary motions of a crab's pincers. He shook with pleasure and I couldn't believe my luck in finding such a young, cute, perfectly sexually tuned creature. I had to get my dick in him.

But first the need to somehow, somehow get my shrieking cock under control. I couldn't even stroke it while eating him out-- I would have shot all over his box spring. I climbed back on the bed, and leaned back against the pillows, laid my thighs open wide, and pointing my dick at him. He jumped to attention, clambered over, and sucked me back down. He was so beautiful with my dick in his mouth. I stroked his jet-black eyebrows, I caressed his sweet stubbled jaw, and he just kept up that perfect tonguing of all the best spots on my dick. Time stopped. I wished I could lay there forever with his face in my lap and my arms sprawled across the pillows, getting my fucking dick sucked so perfectly.

After a while I felt a little less urgent about the need to shoot my wad in him. I put my hand between his shoulder blades, pulled my dick out of his hungry little mouth, and slid around behind him. I hitched his ass up to my face and ate him out some more, still delighted by his exquisite sensitivity to my tongue in his ass. And then I put the tip of my dick against his hole, and very gently pushed.

He moved like he was sleepwalking, looking back at me, looking down at the bed, and as slow as in a dream, he pushed his body back against my prong. I felt the head  S L O W L Y  sliding into his hole, millimeter by millimeter; his little round asscheeks covered with that black fur looked so beautiful impaling themselves on my glistening white ramrod. But he could not take me quickly, I think my thickness hurt him a little, and he had to pull away, but then immediately felt the need for my dick again, and slowly backed onto me again. I knew I could not fuck myself into him; I had to let him come to me. I very gently held his hips-- a bottom loves to feel a top's hands on his hips, and this made his hole noticeably open to swallow me a bit better, but he kept getting stuck on the very widest, fleshiest part of my dickhead. Needless to say this teasing of my throbbing glans was fucking heaven. I knew I would be in him soon. I knew already how insanely perfect his velvety slick innards were going to feel. I melted and melted all around my rock-hard tool. My dick was hard and the rest of me was a puddle. But I focused.

I put my hands on each side of his sweet little torso, and with gentle fingers I lightly stroked backward as he again tried to take my inside him. I made gentle, gentle "come here" motions against his body, very slowly stroked down his sides and then up under his thighs. "Come here, little body," my touches said. "I will not hurt you, I want it as much as you do, but first you have to take me in. Come here, trust me, I am only going to give you pleasure, come here." And he came here, and my dick popped past the last of his resistance, and I let it sink naturally into him, slithering down into the deepest spot inside him without any force on my part. It was just a case of cock fitting into hole, going where it was most needed.

And slowly I drilled him. He grimaced and winced and I felt him begin to pulse all around me involuntarily. I pulled out very very slowly and he gasped and nodded with his eyes closed. I asked if he was ok and he said he was. "But can we use some lube?" he asked. "Just let me fool around a little before that," I said, and pulled all the way out and ate his ass some more. He completely lost his mind, and vibrated all around me with desire. I wanted to taste him naturally before we involved anything artificial. I got him ready for more dick, and slowly sank into him again, and pushed in deep this time, and a jolt shot through his body. He loved my dick and I loved his hole and this is how it should always be, top and bottom, cock and hole, in and out. I pulled out and let him slather himself up with some gun oil. And then put my dick back in and now it was just unbelievably slick down there, we formed a well-oiled machine together and I fucked him good.

I turned him on his back and pushed into him again and improbably this felt even better than fucking him from behind. I kept feeling that pressure behind my eyes, the feeling of completely unraveling from the inside out, that melting, that giving up control, that need to put everything inside him. "I have to fuck you slow," I kept whining in his ears. "I want to fuck you so hard, but it feels so good, I don't want to cum, I have to fuck you slow," and he wrapped himself around me tighter and felt the same, I know it. And a little bit of cum began oozing out of my dick into him, hard but not pulsing, just a hydraulic release of pressure. It was intense. I felt everything, I felt the air in the room move, I felt the world turning, and I felt my nuts melting into him. I held stock-still till the jet of cum had finished running through me and into him. And I knew this mini-ejaculation had bought me maybe ten more minutes of real fucking. I hitched his legs over my elbows and raised his body high and ran him through with my tool and his eyes flew open WIDE, he moaned and flailed in the air, because my prick was hitting that delicious gland inside him and filling him with the pleasure I was feeling in myself. And I fucked him with long deep strokes, but still had to go slow, and I lifted him in the air again and fucked him like that, with his body spilling back from my arms and his legs helpless and accepting of my hammering. So fucking beautiful. I pushed his legs back far and lowered my body on his and kissed him and resumed my fucking. He was jelly on the bed. My bones were liquefied. We fit together perfectly. He seemed amazed how we could fuck so close like this. He stared into my face and I kept laughing and shaking my head and he smiled too and we fucked and fucked and I said, "I have to cum in you, I can't hold back any more, I have to cum," and he said, "Let it go, cum in me," and I fucked HARD and I felt everything loosen and all that pleasure left my body through my dickhole and I felt it all enter him, I filled him with everything I had but I kept on fucking and fucking because he was so beautiful, and my dick stopped pulsing and I was sweating like a pig but I kept fucking my dick into him because it was still hard and if I had my way I would fuck him forever. I fucked and fucked until my dick was too soft to slide in and out so I just pushed it in, and sucked his nips and sweat on him, and I felt him reach for his dick and beat himself off. I looked in his eyes and he started at me as he got himself off. I worried he would not get himself there, but then I felt his muscles spasming all around my dickhead, soft right inside his sphincter, and he massaged my softening tool with his own orgasm. He came all around me and I am hard just thinking of it, why can't all bottoms make me feel this way? My whole body was on fire and full of desire even though I'd already cum.

We laughed and disengaged. "I am so fucking sweaty, I'm sorry," and he said he liked it and didn't care. "You made me so fucking hot!" I couldn't believe it and kept exclaiming.

He told me he really needed this fuck, that he was kind of seeing someone who "wouldn't put out." And he told me he was normally top in a relationship, but had to bottom for casual sex, "It's weird. Topping is hard." And we talked a bit about this, about how topping requires a certain amount of confidence that even I did not have in my 20's. He told me he still had some body issues-- I guess I was right about him having been heavier before, but he looked beautiful now. I felt rather avuncular towards him, and having stuffed him with dick and flooded him with cum I now wanted to fill his head with advice. We had a very lively conversation about dating and sex while I showered and dressed. He's a great guy. I hope I get the chance to fuck him again. He actually had been up here, in the next neighborhood up a while back, and we tried to connect here but couldn't. So maybe there will be opportunities. Or maybe this will just be a one-off, my last sexual memory of 2013, the bang that the old year went out with, figurative in two different ways! I loved fucking this kid and seriously feel like I left a bit of myself inside him along with my semen. God, I love to fuck.


  1. sheesh that was hot. how the hell am I supposed to concentrate in my krav maga class today. god I would love to take your sperm load.
    Aaron the hebrewman.

    1. Sorry to debilitate you with my sex life, Aaron! I had to look up krav maga, and I think now I would be afraid to get anywhere within spooging distance of you, for fear you would take my stomach out of commission with one kick! But thanks for the comment!