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Friday, January 31, 2014

Off My Game

Today I shot a premature load in the mouth of a very cute, very tight, very sensuous, very slender 24 year old, dammit. Sometimes I hate my dick. He hit me up out of the blue on Adam4adam, and was not too far out in Bushwick and sweet-seeming but very hot to trot. I have been out of sorts all week and was just on the site checking email-- the Beautiful Lummox and I have struck up a pretty lively conversation on there so I just wanted to see what the latest he had to say was-- I was not looking to hook up at all. But the 24 year old texted me a face picture that was just extremely cute; I think I'm turning into a dirty old man, wanting to deep dick all these willowy kids. He had just enough hair on his chest and scruff on his face to make me decide to hie over there. He was fine with me slipping it to him raw but was clear he wanted to taste my load. So feeling a little apprehensive because of my low mood, but completely compelled to fuck someone that cute, I ran over there for a lunch break. And after just the first kiss all my circuits went kind of haywire and I couldn't recover.

He had said he'd leave the front door to his building AND the door to his apartment open, so I thought this was going to be one of those pre-lubed-ass-in-the-air kinda dealies, but it looked like his crappy building on a dingy street in Bushwick-- perhaps a redundant statement-- didn't even have locks or an intercom. So I trudged up to his place and pushed the door open and walked slowly down the long hall, footsteps echoing loudly on the hardwood floor, only to turn the corner in the kitchen and see the cute little critter standing there in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, looking kind of sleepy. I made a little noise of surprise and he smiled at me, and said some basic hello kind of thing and turned as if to go into another room. "Well, don't run away," I said, grabbing him by the waist and pulling him to me. I can be a little apprehensive with these young kids, because a lot of them are not all that skilled, but the kiss was beautiful; he had pillowy lips and leaned into me hungrily while we made out a little. I was pleasantly surprised and feeling a little less uptight. He led me to his bedroom-- really a cell crammed with a giant computer screen, midi keyboard, and a single bed wedged in the corner-- and we made out some more. His shorts were obscenely distorted by what looked like an insanely huge dick poking to the side; this had to be at least 8 and a half inches. On his 5'10, 140 pound frame, it seemed like there was a whole other dude in there or something. The quarters felt cramped to me and while I was very into the kissing I couldn't help but feeling like I should have waited to do this when I was in a better mood. His hands roamed around my groin a bit but he flitted away when he saw that I did not have the GARGANTUAN THROBBING ERECTION down there that he did. I just kept feeling him up and down-- his body was so tight, so warm, so little in my hands, and his ass was a firm split cantaloupe behind him. I kind of wished we could just touch. I just wanted to touch him.

He was hot and ready, though, and began tugging at my belt while trying to keep up the pace of the kissing. I pulled my pants open and pushed them down to help him some, and he sat on the edge of the bed and awkwardly began sucking me. He gave the kind of barely-there head I expected from him, given his mannerisms, and my heart sank a little more.

I couldn't get back on top. We got totally naked and his dick was just beautiful but truly unholy. Uncut, fatter than mine, beautiful even color, almost 50% longer than mine at its hardest-- I think this was truly 9"-- it was like he was some kind of parasite on his own monster organ. It was big enough that lying on top of him was almost uncomfortable; it was so hard and so big and he was so small and supple and yielding that it felt like some kind of chastity device between us. His little body was so exciting to me that even though I wasn't hard yet, I got that feeling that I might cum. I had to stop moving against him and just kiss him, thinking the intensity of the pleasure in my dick would harden it, but no.

I soldiered on, grinding into him and then flipping him to eat his ass. He beat his dick furiously while I did this-- I can't blame him; if I had a dick like that I would beat it furiously while waiting in line for the ATM-- and I stroked myself slowly, wanting desperately to get rock hard so I could poke this beautiful young ass and feel his body heat from the inside. But the feeling that if I touched it too much I would cum returned, and never went away. I was thick and hard enough to give him another shot at sucking me, and when he saw it engorged like that he lunged for it, and moaned happily, fisting himself all the time, especially when I fucked it into his head. His tongue fluttered around it but did not quite give me what I needed.

I got back down on the floor and just decided to enjoy the feeling of his hard meaty assglobes in my bearded face. He finally quit beating himself so hard and let me hike his ass in my face, pushing his body down into the bed, and I devoured him, feeling his penis root twitch between his legs as I probed his hole. He was very tight, I could tell. I would have to be my hardest. I couldn't stop thinking about it, so it didn't happen; I relaxed and just enjoyed his ass from this position, and he seemed relaxed and happy too, and I thought, if I can just forget about it, it will happen. And I tried to forget, and I fucking loved his ass, and I touched my dick a little.

And I instantly jumped up. Just like that, I knew I was going to cum. "Come over here," I said in a guttural, commanding voice that surprised even me. He went instantly from blob on the bed to attentive cumsucker; he was sitting up in a flash, demurely poised there with his mouth open, and I pushed my dick into him just as the first squirt shot out, hard. His lips closed tight around my dickhead and I jerked my shaft hard, groaning with pleasure and dismay at the same time, and he closed his eyes and just took everything I had to pump into him. He held my spent dick in his mouth and worked his own monster prick harder and harder until I felt him shooting all over my calf. I felt relieved that at least he got off too.

"You just got me too excited, kid," I said, and he smiled and jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I heard water running for a while, so I assume he didn't swallow me. I shook my head at myself and began putting on my undershirt. He came back grinning, and said, "You really came a lot." He was a very quiet, borderline fey dude. I was bending over to pick up my shirt and pull it on, and he stood in the doorway, watching me happily; he didn't seem uncomfortable, and I picked up on it instantly. I buttoned my shirt and he asked me, "So you have to go back to work now?" "Well, I work from home, so I am pretty flexible," I said, frowning at the buttons that I'd misaligned. I undid them and tried again. "So I'm not really in a hurry." I looked up at him to see his reaction. He came over to me as I pulled up my pants and turned his back. I reached out to touch his ass, and he leaned back into me again. I pulled his body to me, back to front, and ran my hands up and down the front of his body. I felt him melting in my hands. We were quiet for a minute, then I said, "Do you like being touched?" He said "yes" very quietly and I said, "Get back on the bed," pulling my pants off again, and I slid up beside him. He was face down, displaying that heartbreaking young ass. He was covered with tattooed words down there, one in Spanish, and one in Arabic. "What does the Arabic say?" I asked, stroking it with my fingers.

"It's a protection prayer," he said. I ran my hands gently over his mounds and up his crack and said, "Well… it definitely kept ME out of there." And he laughed and sank into the bed and I stroked his back for several long minutes, kicking myself half the time, thinking how nice it would have been to fuck this body. Finally, I said, "Roll on your side."

He compiled, and I stroked the front of his body, from nipples to pubes, in a slow circle, then over his tight waist and bony him and down his thigh. He nestled his buttocks in the bend in my groin and I felt myself stir a little. I knew I wasn't going to fuck him this time, but feeling him luxuriate in my attentions like a kitten made me feel good. I put my beard in his neck, just under his ear, and hiked my thick meaty thigh over his hip, and he stroked the rough hair there. And he found my hand and stroked the hair on my knuckles.

I began to feel like I would fall asleep, when his phone, right beside our heads, made a very weird, piercing beep. It startled us both, and we laughed, and he asked me about what I do, and said he was a music producer, and we talked a little about music and such. I finally realized I'd drive us both crazy if I didn't pack up and leave or fuck him, so I began to get out of the bed. He said we should get together again, and I told him we could take it slower next time.

Honestly, I'm very put off by guys who don't suck my dick right. I realize this is my bag. And a lot of guys take direction well, but some don't; some panic. You just gotta do what you can do. The conversation lingered as I finished dressing-- he admired my jacket and my watch rather tenderly, and kept pushing his body against mine to get more touch in before I left. So while this wasn't the sweaty mattress pounding I'd imagined when I saw his pictures, I feel a bit better than I did when I was driving over there. Sometimes a surprise sensual session from a receptive bottom is what I need.


  1. I have the opposite problem, its very hard for me to cum. I think I think to much sometimes when having sex.

    1. I know the feeling. Sometimes things flow and you can get out of yourself, and other times you can't get out of your head and it fouls everything up. This was one of those times. Although I've never had trouble cumming, ever. My dick wasn't even fully hard this time, and I still came! So I guess I'm lucky I get that, at least.

    2. I remember having that problem when earlier in life... I had to have things go just right before I could cum. Then it got in my head and made things worse. But then I think I became enough of a man-whore to appreciate the different ways things can feel good and knew what to watch out for to get myself over the hump... Same thing with oral. It took one guy to get me off through oral to make it easier for the rest... It's like, oh that's what'll bring me to the edge?

    3. It's interesting to me how common the I-can't-cum problem is, reading various blogs. (That Rawtop guy is always talking about this; seems like half the time he can't cum or can't tell whether he did cum or not, and it's impossible to relate to.) I did have a problem cumming the first few times I slept with my first boyfriend, in my early 20s, when I was very new to sex at all. I can have trouble getting hard, when I'm in a bad mood, feeling insecure, or with someone whose skills aren't doing it for me, and in a way maybe that's a worse problem, especially since a lot of guys expect you to have a boner just because you walked through their door, and nothing is more of a turn off than a top with a limp dick. But I can cum even if my dick is limp!