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Monday, February 24, 2014


I'm back down in my hometown for a while to celebrate my mother's 75th birthday (and for those longtime readers who know how things went down last year and are curious, she's doing great-- much better than I would have imagined then). My partner is with me, but he is much more gym-focused than I am, so I dropped him off at the fancy-pants gym down the road and found myself with an hour or two of free time on my hands. Considering that there is just about nothing worth doing here except sticking your dick in another dude and letting your ejaculate fly into him, I signed on to apps and sites and looked around. I got hit up in short order by the same cast of knuckleheads who hit me up every time I'm here and tease my prick, often even giving me their phone numbers, but never come through on meeting up. But then the Opie Taylor/Rick Astley/Junior Samples lookalike who got me off last year when I was in great need sent me a little hello. He was a mile away and when I suggested he suck my dick, he said, "Come over." So I did.

I hope I'm not turning into the quickie dude, but I sort of liked this. I drove to his place, took a quick leak, made out with him for a minute, pulled down my pants, sat on the couch, and he went to work. He sucked and sucked and sucked and I went from completely limp to swelling and thick to hard and edged to firing forceful jets of thick, salty juice down his throat in probably fifteen minutes. He's a little paunchy, smooth, and boyish in the face for me, but he has huge thick firm biceps and shoulders, which gave me something awesome to manhandle while he focused all his energy on my bone, and once he started he never let up, never took me out of his mouth, and when he felt me start firing he greedily gobbled me but kept up that mind-bending stimulation of my dickhead's hot spot with his tongue, sending me completely over the edge. Given my usual proclivity for long, drawn-out, diffuse pleasuring, this felt like some kind of electroshock therapy. My mind was very clear afterward and I felt full of energy. I really feel for straight dudes in a way. Only a gay guy like me can just snap his fingers and have someone completely devote himself to getting you off right when you want it and need it, just how you like it. We chit-chatted a bit afterward as I got dressed; he'd said he had thought about looking for a top with my cum in his belly, but decided to just take a nap instead. Curled up under the covers with all my warm sexual fluid inside him! Awesome!


  1. Oh, you'd be surprised. My coworker (female) basically told me that her husband is the trick that just never went away. Other former coworker has had enough girls in his roster to never eat the same fish twice in a month... But then again, he broke down and cried and came out as bi last year and a part of me kinda wonders if he's just trying to sample more from the menu and is incredibly lazy about it... Which kinda contradicts my point so nevermind... =)

    1. Well it would be nice to think that there are blowjobs for everyone out there! I sure got mine!